Firefly Toothbrushes #StockingStuffers

I like to be straight forward when telling you all about fun, exciting new products that hit the marker. I lead with a fun reason why I decided to try a certain product or what caught my eye, but this next review has me fan-girling a little bit cause….LOOOKKK! Guuuyyyyssss!


That’s right, Star Wars toothbrushes.  Firefly produces fun toothbrushes that keep up with what’s trending to help keep your little ones excited about their oral hygiene. I remember keeping up with fun character toothbrushes as a kid and I get a kick out of seeing my boys’ faces light up when they get a new toothbrush.


As you might have guessed, Star Wars are two serious buzz words in our household right now. My oldest is in love with Vader where my 4-year-old loves R2-D2! Firefly makes a Sith and a Jedi boothbrush, one with Darth Vadar and the other with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

DSC00276These toothbrushes light up and make light saber “action” sounds while you brush! The sound effects are super true to the movies, I get a kick out of listening to my boys giggle over the sounds! Plus, the lights and sounds play for 1 minute to serve as a good motive to keep brushing for the recommended 60 second. Perfect for little guys who are often in a hurry!

You can grab these and other fun Firefly toothbrushes at your local Target or online at Amazon!

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