February Elementary Box + Giveaway

Love is in the air and if you’re a mom like me, you’re getting some stunning heart covered art work this week in your kids’ backpacks. Nothing makes me feel more loved than my (almost) 5-year-old’s hearts that truly just look like butts. For those who are teaching my littles about love and how to create this art, mad props! But nothing says “mad props” like a little gift to brighten their day and make their job that much easier. For that, we’ve got Elementary Box. If you recall, we got to dive in to their September Box last year and it was adorable! I gifted it to my son’s teacher and she was hooked! Whether you’re homeschooling or teaching or just hoping to have tools at your home to help enhance what your kids are learning at school, Elementary Box is a fun way to add tools and treats to your arsenal.


Elementary Box is a monthly curated box for Teachers or home schooling moms that features tools for lessons, decorating, rewarding kids and it also comes with a little treat for the teachers. The box is $29 a month with discounts available if you sign up for more than one month at a time. Shipping is free (and fast) and you get about $40 worth of goodies in each box! OR you can use the code “LOVE2TEACH” to get your month-to-month subscription for just $27 a month for as long as you’re a subscriber!

Because this box is for helping teachers and they know that planning your lessons isn’t something you want to do last minute, they actually ship each box about a week before the month begins. I think this is a brilliant idea!


As you might have guessed, this month has some fun products for Valentine’s Day.



Each box comes with a card that tells you the retail value and a little more about the product. This way there is no guess work. This is the Pre-K box. The boxes go from Pre-K up to Grade 5.


First on the list was this month’s treat. This is the Dalysia Coffee Dark Chocolate Bark. This thick hunk of chocolate is handcrafted in Austin, TX and retails for $8. I am in love with this rich chocolate. At first, just looking at it, I wasn’t sure what made this a bark over a bar, but it has that distinct snap of a chocolate tempered perfectly and there are tiny coffee bits sprinkled throughout. I also didn’t realize how long it’s been since I had coffee and just a few bites in, I feel like I could clean my whole house! Win.


Next was these Fancy Heart Stickers. There are 120 stickers, so plenty for the whole class to enjoy or to use when grading papers the week of Valentine’s Day. These retail for $3 and coordinate with other items in the box.


To coordinate with the cute stickers we also got these Fancy Heart Accents and the Mini Version. There are 30 of the larger ones and 36 of the minis. These would be cute to make a Valentine’s Day display and add your students’ names or to number for your calendar. The possibilities are endless! These two are a $10 retail.


Next, we got a book on sequences. This book looks complicated on the cover, but on the inside, there are pictures that I think are more on par with what my (almost) 5-year-old would understand about sequences. The words are also small and easy to follow so he could likely learn to read this book very soon! This retails for $8


Lastly, is this pack of 100 Foam Dinosaur Counters. As you might guess, my boys were the most excited to see these but I was thrilled, too! The 100th day of school for both my sons’ schools is actually TOMORROW and they are required to make a picture/poster of 100 things or bring in 100 items for counting. This is a genius item! These retail for $11 and are my favorite item in the box!

The overall value of this month’s box was exactly $40 and I really loved the overall vibe of the box and the heart products were super, super cute!

IF you wanna win the March box, enter below! A winner will be selected on February 14th! Good luck, everyone!
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