#FallIntoABetterRoutine with Acure Organics #TheBasics

You might see on Instagram that I am an Acure Organics junkie. It’s not really a secret and they make some of my favorite products, hands down! With the weather changing it’s the perfect time to step back and reevalutate your current skin care routine. As it gets colder, your skin has different needs. For most of us, that means more moisture, more exfoliation and less cleaning. While SPF is always a good idea, if you’re going to be bundled up indoors, it’s not as critical over the next few months! I got an amazing care package from Acure a few weeks ago and now I wanted to sure some of my Fall must-haves for the basics: cleansing and moisturizing!


Every good routine goes in order so, up first: cleanser.


For as many Acure Organics products as I had in my arsenal, I was actually shocked when I had the realization that I had never tried one of their cleansers.  I know this is partially because of my love of a certain, green monster goo I’m obsessed with, but still- SHOCKER! This Facial Cleansing Gel is made for combo to oily skin and is amazing! This leaves my skin feeling fresh (and smelling a little like citrus) and clean but without the striped feeling. I would say this will be too powerful for my dry-skinned friends and for my combo friends, make sure you’re hitting a good moisturizer afterwards!


On to the green goo…. The Brightening Facial Scrub is hands down, my holy grail skin care product. Yes, my #1. I’ve tried countless brands, too many scrubs to name and I always come back to this! The product is green, gritty and amazing! It features argon stem cells and chlorella growth factor and makes for amazingly smooth skin! If I’m ever feeling like my makeup looks lack luster, I scrub my face with this and BOOM, flawless, silky skin ready for any makeup routine!


After a good cleanse, you’ve removed most of the natural oils from your skin, so you’ll need to put back a little bit of healthy moisture. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite moisturizer from Acure if I tried. I’ve been a long time user of their Day Cream and recently tried both the Night Cream and the Oil Control Facial Moisturizer.


The Night Cream features the stem cell and chlorella growth factor just like the scrub I love so this was an instant hit! For anyone with oily skin, using a very moisturizing night time moisturizer is a great way to keep hydrated without worrying how your makeup might hold up or if you’ll look shiny throughout the day. I’ve noted a lot of bounce come back to my skin since using this in my night time routine.

For the days I wear makeup, I switched my primer for the Oil Control Facial Moisturizer. This has a bright, minty smell and absorbs into the skin instantly, leaving a refreshed glow which is perfect for makeup. I’ve noticed a huge drop in oil production in just a week with this stuff! I don’t know how I’ll ever wear makeup without it again! I’m on the hunt to grab another for my professional makeup kit as well because I’d love to use it on oil prone clients, too! Aside from the amazing mattifying effect, the cold mint feeling is really nice!


Lastly, you want to be sure you’re hydrating your eye area! This is something I find that younger women think nothing about! It’s so important to take care of your eyes before they start to show age. Hopefully by doing so, you can delay the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Acure’s Eye Cream is great because it’s an all-in-one wonder product. It helps to hydrate while firming and restoring all at once. Since the skin around the eyes is so delicate, it’s lovely to get a product that does it all so you can do less to that area. By hydrating under my eyes well (and drinking extra water) I’ve noticed a great reduction in my under eye circles!

That’s it for what I would say is the start of a great skin care routine! Stay tuned for a run through of some of my favorite “treatments” as well as some pro tips on how to get the most out of a face mask!

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