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It’s no secret that I’m an eyeliner junkie. Anything to draw more attention to the eye area like mascara, falsies, liner and great eyeshadows have my attention. It’s one of my favorite features so I love to “play it up”. So, when I heard about Eye of Horus, I couldn’t help but be excited! After all, the Egyptians did it first! (and arguably, best!)

Eye of Horus Mascara uses natural ingredients in the style of the ancient Egyptians to deliver cosmetic products that are affordable, non-irritating and effective. Their uber pigmented formula seem miles away from what I imagined the Egyptians probably used, but the style, and ideals ring through to offer an amazing selection of eye popping bold colors and lines.


The First thing I decided to dig into was this pair of Goddess Pencils. I received the colors Bronze Amulet and Charcoal Obsidian.

DSCN5631These beautiful pencils retail for $30. While I’m certainly one to admit that $30 is quite the investment for any eye pencil, I also have add that these are NOT just any old eye pencils! These are smudge proof, water proof and long lasting. They come with a built in smudger (*you’ll have to act quickly to smudge these babies before they are set to stay in place all day) and the formula glides on super smooth without being oil or moving at all. Even on my waterline, I found these to be longer lasting than some of my liners from more well known brands available in several chain retailers here in the US. On top of that, none of the Eye of Horus products are tested on animals.


They swatched beautifully and I had to take makeup remover to my arm the next day to remove the color! This was after I had showered and used soap.


Aside from those two eye pencils, I got to try their Natural Goddess Essentials Pack. This pack is an amazing Value and a wonderful taste of everything this company has to offer! For $59, you get $100 in Eye of Horus items!


The first two items from my kit were this cute compact mirror and sharpener. This mirror has two magnifications on the inside and while it’s not something rave about (it’s a mirror wooh!), it’s something you’ll really need! I’ve stashed mine in my purse and I use it almost every day. The sharpener is certainly an essential, especially when you’ve got new eye pencils in your collection! It sharpens the pencils smooth and with little wasted product. I like the design and that it’s self contained. These retail for $15 and $5, respectively.


Next to the cosmetics, this cloth was my favorite item I received from Eye of Horus. It doesn’t look like much and honestly, I thought “Why did they even throw this in?” I waited a few weeks to use this and then one day, I found myself with an empty bottle of makeup remover and no change of removing it with the washrag I was using. So, I took a change on this microfiber cloth, wet it with warm water and went to work. I was shocked! With no scrubbing and no makeup remover, this cloth removes everything from my face in one wipe. Also, when you put this through the washing machine, all trace of makeup is gone and it looks brand new again! This product retails for $15 and I’m dying to get my hands on a few more so I can get a rotation going!


One of the first items created by Eye of Horus as their mascara. I’m just as much a mascara junkie as I am a liner junkie so I jumped all over this one. At first I found the formula to be a little too wet, so I blew on the wand for about 5 second before applying. When I did this, the mascara applied smooth without being too wet (which creates a big mess with each blink) and lasts a long time. Because this formulation is all natural, it doesn’t sting the eyes are all or damage lashes with wear- a problem I personally have with several brands I’ve tried).


The brush is also a huge factor in the application of this mascara. It’s contoured to fit the curve of your natural lashes and features several lengths of bristles to get all your eyelashes.


This kit also features one more pencil, Natural Smokey Eye and I also snagged their Liquid Define eyeliner. This product is my absolute favorite item from the Eye of Horus Line- hands down.


This is a felt tip eyeliner and is a true, deep black color. It glides on super smooth and is just the perfect size. Not too big and not too small.

DSCN5645Both of these liners also swatches beautifully and true to color. The Smokey pencil is a nice deep, dark grey, perfect for the lower lash line.

eyeliner lookI had an absolute BLAST trying out these amazing products from Eye of Horus and there is not a single one I wouldn’t recommend. Natural, Cruelty free products are usually a hit or miss for me, but these products blew my expectations out of the water. Everything stayed put and the amazing “extras” in their kit proved to be invaluable pieces for me.

Have you tried Eye of Horus?

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