ElephanTrunk by Architectural Mailboxes!

I love running a blog and writing reviews for so many reasons. I’ve got friends who joke that I’d give my opinion on just about anything and that MIGHT be true. The most exciting thing for me as a blogger is getting packages in the mail! As a kid, getting mail was SUCH a treat and it’s never lost that luster. As you might imagine, I get packages almost daily. For so long, I was a stay-at-home-mom but recently, I began working as a Beauty Consultant at Ulta. That meant I wasn’t always here to receive packages, not to mention, who really wants to sit around and wait on the mail man? (and FedEx, FedEx Ground, DHL and UPS….)

Something I’ve never mentioned on my blog before is the amount of mail theft I’ve dealt with since becoming a blogger. I had over $600 worth of products stolen off my front porch last December alone. While some of that was blogger mail, many of those items were also purchases for the Holiday. It was devastating and it got so bad that I would NEVER leave my home! Being paranoid that my packages would be stolen followed me into the New Year and only stopped recently, when I received the best product to keep my packages safe while I’m away.
So what is an ElephanTrunk? Well, they are made by Architectural Mailboxes. Architectural Mailboxes creates decorative mailboxes for your home. While the carry a wide range of wall mounted mailboxes and traditional “by the road” mail boxes, the ElephanTrunk is their first, full-size parcel drop. It’s also the newest product in their collection and I can’t tell you how honored I was to be able to review this product!

While this might look like a beautiful box sitting on a front porch, I can whole heartedly say that Architectural Mailboxes thought of absolutely everything to keep your packages secure AND keep your front porch looking beautiful.


Visually (minus our crude chalk drawings) the ElephanTrunk is sleek and muted. While my friends and mail workers asked a lot of questions when this first showed up on my porch, it doesn’t draw any unwanted attention from thieves!  The entire thing is made of powder dusted aluminum. It’s easy to clean and resistant to all of the elements. I keep this on my covered porch and it’s held up amazingly so far, it looks brand spanking new!

It looks nice and it houses your packages while you’re away, right? Well, let me tell you why this is leaps and bounds above what you might already think you know 😉

DSCN0068Having your mail man (or woman) drop packages in your ElephanTrunk is a breeze, you simply pull down the handle and insert a package. There is a rolling drum, just like the blue USPS drop boxes! Thus far, I’ve only had one very long package that did not fit, but I’ve also had 6 packages total placed inside! While the space is not infinite, it’s large enough for even the busiest of bloggers 😉 On the inside, there is a cushioned pad that your packages land securely on.

When you’d rather not have packages delivered OR you’re sending our a package, you can use the clear divider included with your parcel drop to block packages from falling. You can also pull down the yellow “No Deliveries” tab!

DSCN0069Keeping your packages inside is easy with a 3-point locking system. Your ElephanTrunk comes with two keys and is easy to check, but NOT easy to break into. (For review purposes, I really tried!)

DSCN0071The other day, my FedEx lady asked me, point-blank, “What is to keep someone from just taking the whole thing?” While the ElephanTrunk has some weight to it, I can easily lift it by myself (I’d guess it weights between 30-40lbs). I smiled and replied “It’s bolted to my porch.” She smiled and replied “Got cha!”. That’s right, aside from the drill you’ll need to drill your 5/8″ hole, the ElephanTrunk comes with everything you need to bolt that sucker down!! The ONLY way to unscrew it from your porch is from the inside!

After realizing this, I genuinely thought that they had thought of absolutely everything and I was good to go! Then, I set it on my porch. My home is over 60-years-old so my porch is not as level as it likely should be. So, my trunk wobbled all around. I remember thinking “Oh great!” then I sat back down with my manual to make sure I hadn’t done anything wrong! That’s when I realized Architectural Mailboxes had done it again with ALL adjustable feet! All I had to do was turn the feet (righty-tighty or lefty loose-y) until I had the perfect height for each leg!

It’s great to have such a well made and useful product on my porch, but it’s the little things (and how they left nothing out!) that really set the bar for my Architectural Mailboxes experience!  With online shopping becoming a really phenomenon, I can’t imagine any home not needing this!

One VERY lucky reader will win their very own ElephanTrunk Parcel Drop box from Architectural Mailboxes! With the Holidays fast approaching, they will give you the gift of peace of mind while you conveniently shop online  this year 😉 Enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. Amberlee Cave says:

    Most of my packages end up in front of the wrong door. I swear my delivery people are blind considering it is the ONLY door without a number on it.. Lame. I hope I win this! I really need one!

  2. K. Chang says:

    Wow, that is amazing! I am always so nervous when I go out of town or have to work late. This would solve that 🙂

  3. Donna says:

    I’m luck to have a wonderful UPS and USPS delivery people. They always leave my packages in between my front door and storm door. If the the package is big they hide it my shrubs!

  4. Jessica A. says:

    My packages are generally placed below a window in an alcove near my front door. I travel a lot so this would be great to receive FedEx/UPS packages!

  5. Alison M says:

    Oh my gosh… This is a FABULOUS idea! I’m always worried my packages will go missing so I stalk the tracking information to make sure I’m home the day of delivery. An elephant box would be SO much more convenient!

  6. tami bates says:

    i get maybe 10% of my mail. my driveway is 1/2 mile from house and i cant see it, and the ups & fedex man wont come up the hill, so they leave my packages, just layingggg on the ground NEXT to my mail box. i have had it rained on, a dog tore a box of books apart, a email confinmtion it was delivered, but i never got. im just grateful for the 10% . the lady at the post office, keeps most of my packages but nothing was done, but she was transfer

  7. Noreen Plantz says:

    I’m not able to get out much, so I do most of my shopping on-line. This would be great to secure my packages until I’m able to get out and get them.

  8. Ashley Boyd says:

    I want this soooo stinkin bad! Even if i dont win I will more than likely end up buying one. We are moving out into the country and our mail box will be almost a mile away from our house, I NEED THIS!!!

  9. Rhonda says:

    Lately I’ve had to make time to run to the post office all the time because the new mail carrier won’t leave parcels on my step. Good that she’s concerned, but I don’t have time to go pick up parcels all the time! This would be an amazing win!

  10. Tabitha says:

    Some of my packages end up at the bottom of the stairs, some near the top, some near the door, & once on the picnic table . . . but rarely under the small roof covering. The problem is, this isn’t the door we use so especially if they decide to leave a package in a random place it might not get seen, especially in the winter when it’s always dark when I get home from work. Would love to have this especially for when we’re away from the house & can’t check the deck.

  11. Sonia Fernandez says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I was just talking to my sister about this and the fact that she always has packages dropped off at her front stoop. Unfortunately some have been taken over the years too. This is such a great thing to have and it doesn’t take up too much space. Thanks again for the review and the info. 🙂

  12. Dora J Crow says:

    It depends on whether it is USPS or UPS or Fed Ex or DHL. EVERY package I have got this month and last, was delivered to several houses down the street from me, EVEN signature required packages!! I have had THREE boxes come with missing/stolen items out of them. Envelopes torn open with pieces of items hanging out, or gone. Ebay sellers seem not to purchase insurance, even though, they make US pay for it! UGH. I remember when folks could leave anything outside, and no one would mess with it.

  13. Kathy says:

    Usually shoved in my mailbox or sometimes they put them on the doorstep which I really hate. I don’t like that they could be stolen. Sometimes they put the mail in one of our cars if we leave it unlocked that way nobody takes anything. I could really use one of these elephant trunks for all the packages I get!

  14. Francisca S. says:

    I live in a complex so mail theft can get pretty rampant, especially during the holidays. After getting a package stolen, I ended up using the FedEx/UPS hold service where I got my packages held at their facility so I can pick it up later. A bit inconvenient but better than worrying that my packages will get stolen.

  15. Helen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this <3
    Mine have ended up at the neighbors(we live in an apartment), on the side patio, the front door, and even at the back of our apartment. I forgot to add that we manage the apartments and I could use this for even a drop box for rent!!!

  16. Autumn Greene says:

    Well, on my porch there is a Welcome mat…and when I get packages they are placed UNDER my welcome mat. I asked and the UPS guy told me it was to “disguise” the package…I laughed because there was now a box, quite large..think small coffee table..with a welcome mat on top of it! YEP! I couldnt see the package at all!!! lol Im glad I was home that time…but There have been times I was not home and have had packages go missing from the porch…I live in a mobile home park, so anyone driving by can see whats up there waiting by my door…I have seen my neighbor walking out of her house wearing the shirt and jeans AND shoes I ordered…coincidence? maybe…probably not though. and I have also see her wearing a bracelet I ordered…which I got back thankfully. She didnt notice it was inscribed WITH MY NAME when she tore open the box and put it on…This would totally be a package saver for me!!! lol

  17. Elisa Schlink says:

    Holly Molly! This is what I need! I am a freebieaholic blogger/reviewer and am worried everyday that my daily packages won’t fit in my mailbox. Sometimes they will put the extras inside our gate, but sometimes they are left under the mailbox basically in the driveway. This is genius!

  18. Da Freebies says:

    I have a wonderful usps driver as well as awesome ups driver. They hand em right to me. in fact they both have asked me about my LACK of packages recently lol..told em no worries im bout to keep u busy again lol lol lol

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