Elementary Box!

It’s no secret that we love to dive into new subscription boxes here, but this one comes at a great time! Most of our friends have now started the school year and for us, it’s our first year in Elementry School! My oldest is 5 now and officially a full time Kindergartner. I can hardly believe it! So, as you might have guessed, I reached out to Elementary Box and they were excited to send us a box just for Kindergarten. One thing that is unique about this box is that you can get it customized for any grade Pre-K through 5th. I found the contents of our box to be right on par with what my son will be learning this year. Elementary Box is $29 per month, with discounts available with a prepaid  3 month ($27 per month) and 6 month ($25 per month) plan. Shipping is included. In each box you can expect to find over $40 in learning tools as well as a little something for the teacher. This box is great for a gift for your favorite teacher or as an at-home learning aid to keep the creative juices flowing!


So, our box arrived packaged and presented nicely. My box shipped 2-day priority so I was really happy with the shipping time!


This was their Back To School box for August.


I was very happy to get that all the guess wok was removed from this box! There is a list of what’s included, what it retails for as well as a blurb about how to use them. Since the first day of school was looming when I got this box, there is also an awesome list of books that are ideal for the first day of school!


First on the list are these stickers or “badges”. These oversized stickers all read “I was caught being good” with different fun designs. I think these are perfect for 5-year-olds who really feed on positive reinforcement! There are 32 stickers and they retail for $4.49


Next was the “goodie” in the package or the gift for the teacher. These are notes from the teacher note pads. These are adorable!

IMG_4108I especially loved this more modern, chevron apple design! This set of two retails for $10.


Next, we got a bag of 50 magnetic foam numbers. I thought these were really neat! My boys are both super into playing with magnets on the fridge so these seem super age appropriate! These retail for $9.99


Another hands-on activity with these 250 connecting links. They mentioned trying sorting and counting, aside from just linking these for fun! I love the ideas. You could even practice patterns! I would have never thought up so many uses for these on my own so I loved the guidance! These retail for $9.99 as well.

IMG_4120Lastly we got foam numbered dice. These are perfect for fun math games! Though I wish I knew a few. These retail for $5.99

We really loved this box! It was fun to open and I love how many uses each item has! We passed these on to our new Kindergarten teacher and she agreed that this box was a hit! The overall value of the box was $40.46 putting it just over the promised $40 value. I thought there was a great mix!



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