IMG_0649Let’s face it, life get’s busy when you’re a mom. I’ve got a job, my blog, my boys, my husband, my house, meal planning, etc that takes up a lot of my time! I first had the opportunity to try Dropps last year and I fell in love.


Dropps was best known for their laundry products, but I recently received these dishwasher detergent pacs in lemon. We’ve been using differed packs and pods for our dishes for a while. I’ve probably tried a dozen brands or so and I always end up paring them with an additive to keep my classes from getting spots. These were the first ones I didn’t need to add anything to! The fresh lemon scent is refreshing and these help my dishes dry absolutely spot free! Even my wine glasses. For a brand that was made in the US and never tested on animals, these are super affordable at only $17.99 for 50 loads.

We also tried the Dropps Laundry pacs again. They have a great variety in scents like their scent + dye free, their baby pacs, fresh scents and even some newer enhancers with laundry softener. Overall, I love how convenient these are and they work great!

Online, Dropps ship free everyday, on any order! So head over to their website to check out these products and the rest of their fabulous collections!


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