Cravebox “Girls Night In”! What’s inside!

I just got my box in and I wanted to share with you all! This Cravebox was $14 and was themed around a Girls Night In. There were a few states that were not allowed to receive one additional item, which was a $50 Gift Card to an online Wine retailer. I’ve checked with the site and they DO Ship to Texas so I’m REALLY disappointed that I was told I could not have this gift card. It’s certainly something I would have used. I’m a bit of a closet wine-o…which reminds me of some stunning white wine sitting in my fridge right now…ANYHOW. I’ll be emailing Cravebox and seeing what they’d like to do about that! I’ll keep you all posted!!

DSCN9334My box arrived safe and sound via UPS! As always!

DSCN9336And here is everything that was inside! I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with this box! There are a few things I’m not 100% in love with but there are several that are WOW, so I’d say that makes for a A- or so on this box. Well worth $14 for me!

DSCN9337I’m ADDICTED to New Girl. I love this show, BUT I was hoping to get a brand of nail polish I actually knew. This is a fun novelty but I’m unlikely to use either of these. The New Girl polish is far too thin (this is the shade and consistency you might use as a base for a french manicure) and the Mindy Project polish is nice, but I’m undecided on it. It’s STUNNING to look at, but it’s a glitter top coat all the way- no way my nails would ever come out looking like the bottle. The emery board is FAB and I will probably display it at my polish station. #newgirlswag

DSCN9340Two WOW products for me were the NEW (man, I love getting new or exclusive products, am I the only one?!) Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream. I love Tree Hut, I love hand cream, this smells like Spring blossoms exploded in my house when I use this and it’s just amazing! I’ll be stocking up on this for sure! Also, I’m not always a huge lip balm girl, but this looks really great! I like Neutrogena so I can’t wait to try this! I received the color “Fresh Plum”. It looks like it will add a flush of color to my lips which is nice.

DSCN9341This was a scarf (IF you can call it that) We received from the Ford Warriors in Pink. I have two issues with this, one is that the booklet we received was printed for last year…so, boo on “left overs!” and two this scarf is about 4 feet long but only 8″ across…it’s TINY for a scarf and I’d consider it for a small child. Regardless, it’s REALLY beautiful and I’m planning on having a Tim Gun #makeitwork Moment.

DSCN9343These three products interested me the least. I love Cappuccinos I just don’t know if I’ll use a powder form. It smells yummy so I’ll give it a try. They included a $1 off coupon so if I do love it, I can repurchase it at a discount- I really appreciate that! I’m over flavored water…meh. The Zaca Recovery Patches actually sound really awesome just not sure if I’ll get around to using them! Those maybe shouldn’t be lumped in here because the INTEREST is there, maybe not the need.

Overall, I’m REALLY happy with this box. Hoping to get my Wine Gift Card, BUT other than that, this box is fabulous and I can’t wait to dig in with a good show and some girlfriends!


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