Craft-n-Go Paint Station

Hey Guys! As a makeup artist and overall beauty product hoarder, you could say I’m a little obsessed with organization. I heard about the Craft-n-Go Paint Station through the face painting grape vine and instantly thought it would be an amazing case for makeup artistry as well. I wanted to give you guys a first look at this case pre-personalization and talk through a few of the buying options!

The Craft-n-Go Paint Station is a “mini” version of an already popular product from the Craft-n-Go range called the Workstation XL. The Paint Station measures  28″ x 13.5″ x 6.5″. From the outside, the construction of this case is super sturdy.

There are lockable “clip” closures and a handle on both the side and the top. I personally think the design, texture of the material and overall look give a great professional first impression to clients. If someone came to paint my face, style my hair or do my makeup with this, I’d know they meant business.

On the bottom, you’ll find 4 telescoping legs and two smooth wheels. I think (as far as the outside goes) the legs and wheels really make this piece something to add to your collection or incorporate in your job be it in face painting or makeup/hair. The wheels make this super easy to transport, no matter how much you load this case down with product and the legs make it effortless (literally a 2 minute set up time) to create your own work space in any environment. You can adjust the legs for you height or even for unlevel ground. Since I am only 5’3, I only expand the legs about 4″ past their shortest setting to make it the right height for me while I’m standing to work. That leaves another 6″ for anyone taller than I am.

While the outside of the Paint Station can only be personalized in color; you can choose between black, purple and aqua (you can personalize it after receipt with signs, or even chalk markers!), the inside is where you make your Paint Station truly yours. Each order comes “standard” with the very upper metal (see picture) 10 magnets and one magnetized pouch. Beyond that, you can purchase many add ons from Craft-n-Go depending on your needs.

I borrowed this from the Craft-no-Go website to show you some options. The image above of the open Paint Station shows on of the “Metal Bottom Tray Insert” for example. I also have the “Metal Work Surface” which lays over the section to the right of the station creating a flat work area and a place to tuck away things you might no need to grab easily.

The possibilities for organization are endless. I’ve looked at so many face painting kits for inspiration and I’ve drawn a few ideas from that and I’m still in the process of collecting all the bits and bobs that will make this station the perfect case for make makeup application appointments.

Even though this is still a work in progress, I really did want to share this awesome case with you guys. I HIGHLY recommend you check out Craft-no-Go online and on their social media like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to see some amazing completed/operational Paint Stations and Workstation XL pictures, search the hashtag #craftngo on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed!

Let me know if you guys want to see more updates and the transformation continues!

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