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As much as I love to have a nice, clean, organized home, there is one element to keeping a tidy place that I’m truly over the moon about and that is smell of a clean home. That could be in the form of a fresh cleaner or a room spray, but my hands down favorite way to keep my house smelling amazing is candles. I love the ambiance of candles and the way they warm scents throughout your house and seem to really blend into the air. I’ve tried many candle companies in my day and I’m a firm believer that NOT all candles are created equal.


While trying City Creek Candles recently, I learned a few more things: a great candle doesn’t have to come with a great, big price tag and sometimes the vessel is as important as the candle itself. I received a great variety of candles by the fairly new company and I have to say, they’ve got a little of something for everyone and every budget. The slogan for City Creek Candles is “Candles Elevated” and with those two words, I’d say they hit the nail on the head.

Aside from the beauty of these candles, what’s inside also sets these candles apart from the rest. City Creek Candles are made of high performance soy paraffin, so you can enjoy a clean, even burn and more intense fragrance for the life of the candle, both when the wax is cold and when it is burned or warmed. Their 100% cotton wicks are perfectly placed for optimal burning and are free of toxins.

DSC_2208My favorite “line” from this company would have to be their Heritage Collection. These vintage inspired vases are just the perfect mix of Shabby chic for this Texas girl! I love the rustic finish and sharp designs. The largest candle in the Heritage Collection is Fleur De Lis Basin shown above. I received this candle in the scent “Warm Vanilla”. The Heritage Collection candles are available in 4 scents: Warm Vanilla, Serene Woods, Sugared Citrus and White Flower. Each scent has a corresponding vase color that you’ll catch sight of throughout this post. Warm Vanilla gets a white vase.


I received two scents in the Vintage Urn. These are my favorite vase out of the entire collection (and website) They’re big, fairly tall and I think they will look adorable on a mantle of shelf once your candle is all done. (and you’re done pouting out it!)  The blue urn contains White flower and the yellow it Sugared Citrus. All of the candles from this company are fragrant and smell like you’d imagine each of these scents smelling in the great outdoors. There is not even the slightest hint of “unnatural flavoring” or artifical-ness to any of the fragrances.  They’re fresh, clean scents that engulf the room and linger in the best way! I’m currently burning the White Flower Vintage Urn in my kitchen and can smell it three rooms over in the TV room.

DSC_2225Here is a picture of me holding the candle to give you an idea of how large these are. They’re nice and sturdy, fairly weighted (without being too heavy) and feel like they are really made to last! I would expect something in a container this nice to go for a pretty penny. To me, these look like a real work of art! Surprisingly, the Heritage Collection ranges from $19.99 to $34.99! For a candles made with quality ingredients then poured into an elegant container, you’re getting it all for your money! It’s easy to see that City Creek Candles is a company that really takes the details into consideration. I noticed this in the smallest of things, like the small felt dots lining the corners of the vases. That way, your furniture doesn’t get scratched!

DSC_2237The last style from the Heritage Collection is the Regal Vase, I received this in the scent Serene Woods. This is a nice, woodsy scent that my husband really loved! We’re keeping this on in our room and while I’ve yet to light the wick, our room smells amazing! All of the vases from this collection will be amazing to repurpose! I think this one will be great as a pencil holder.


Up next, I tried the Classic Collection. These come in the “standard” glass containers but the scents and quality you receive are anything but standard! You get the same high quality soy wax and 100% cotton wicks as the Heritage collection but in a wider range of scents. I received Warm Vanilla, Santa’s Cookies and Pineapple Cilantro. That last one sounds crazy but it smells DIVINE! It’s hard to choose a winner, but since I’ve never heard of the Pineapple Cilantro, I found myself loving it! These candles are even more budget friendly starting at only $14 plus there are over 30 fragrances to choose from!

City Creek

If you’re a “wax melt” fan, City Creek Candles has you covered there as well! They carry both 2oz and 4oz melts in all of their current available scents- 36 in total! These work amazingly with my warmers from! The scent in these is more powerful than any “bars” I’ve ever tried and I love the option to go classic with scents like Holly Wreath and Macintosh Apple or go a little outside the box with “Fireside” which smells like a fresh fire in the dead of winter, it’s SO calming! They have a good mix of scents I can’t get enough of and even several my ever-so-picky (which it comes to candles and smells) husband has been digging as well!

DSC_2257In the 4oz Wax Melts, I tried Woodland Blackberry, Escape to Paradise and Frosted Cake! They all smells amazing, but Escape to Paradise is PERFECT for the summer time! I’m instantly taken away to a calm beach and craving a Pina Colada 😉 You can pick up the 4oz size Melts for only $5.49 or the 2oz size for a mere $3.49!

Overall, I was blown away by everything that City Creek Candles has to offer! For a new company, they really covered all their bases and are offering stellar products at great prices! If you’re looking to have your house smell amazing and look good at the same time, you can order online OR click HERE to request a catalog in the mail. Don’t forget to check out City Creek Candles on Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest from this brand!






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