Christmas with Lush Cosmetics #GiftGuide


Hey loves! I’m so, so excited to share some of the new Lush Christmas collection with you guys! Every year, Lush releases stunning seasonal products, gift sets and more just for this special time of year! I love to stock up on some that I can’t live without because I know it will be another 12 months before I can snag them again! This year, I got to try two totally new products and a fun collection of bath bombs!


One thing I was so excited to get my hands on this year not only comes with a funny name, but is just as fun to touch! This is Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly. Shower jelly has been much talked about lately on social media, but it wasn’t until I actually got my hands on this stuff that I realized just how much of a oddity it really is. This is jelly.


It looks, feels and reacts just like jell-o. It’s a serious hoot to dump out of it’s container and jiggle in your palm. When you’re done, just flip it back inside the tub and it shrinks back inside (with a few farting noises along the way).

This shower jelly is overwhelmingly apple scented and so delicious! With star anise and rose, the scent is finished off with just a touch or neroli. This is seriously one of my dream scents.
This 3.5oz size retails for $6.95 or you can get the bigger 8.4oz for just $11.95. Upgrade me, quick!


Next up is this great “reusable bubble bar” called The Magic of Christmas. For me, I get a few uses out of every bubble bar I buy, but this one comes with a cinnamon stick handle making it easy to hold the bubble bar under running water or for dramatic effect, swirl it in your already luxe bath.

DSC00390The gold coated bubble bar smells like sweet orange with a touch of cinnamon and star anise (I’m sure in part because of it’s natural handle and the dried star anise featured in the center). This bubble bar is just the right amount of spicy along with the sweet. This MIGHT be my favorite bubble bar ever. This beauty is $9.95


Every year, I love, love, love snagging gift sets! They’re so perfect for gift giving and they’re wrapped so beautifully! Plus, it’s an easy way to try new products. The Merry Christmas set is geared towards bubble bath lovers like myself! Everything inside is best served with warm running water.


There are 5 goodies inside. 4 bath bombs and 1 bath melt!


The first thing I tried from this set was Golden Wonder. This bath bomb has a fun little twist in that there is a blue core. You might think that leads to green water, but the blue is much more pigmented that the outer gold shell so you end up with a lovely aqua blue, almost lagoon colored, bath with tiny golden stars floating around. The smell is again some sweet orange, but this time with some citrus in the mix. This one is $6.95



Next was Dashing Santa. This bath bomb has been around for a while, but it’s one I still love to get every Christmas. This one has a hint of orange flower but I mostly smell delicious bergamont and mandarin. Love this one! It’s also more of a steal at $5.25 each!


The most unique scent in the mix is Lord of Misrule. Oddly enough, they released this bad boy around Halloween. It features a red core that certainly screams horror, but with the combination of red and green and the black pepper/patchouli scent, I see how this can easily carry over to Christmas. This one features a fun twist- popping candy. (Pop Rocks, if you will) The name has a fun tie in to old English Christmas traditions in that the Lord of Misrule was a nominated overseer of the Festival of Fools. He was never anyone of high status and therefor, this was a big honor. This of course, was a pagan tradition. ANYHOW, if you like patchouli, this bath bomb is awesome. If you’re not into oriental or spicy scents, this might be a hard pass for you. Thankfully, the red and green don’t mix to a brown bath water (art class, you lie) but instead you’re left with a wine colored bath. I actually really enjoyed using this one! This big bomb retails for $6.95


This colorful number is called Luxury Lush Pud. My friends overseas let me know that pud was short for pudding. Otherwise, this name makes no sense. This bomb smells like ylang ylang and lavender and is so sweet. This bomb foams in so many colors and is really fun to watch! Once the show is over, you’re left with a deep pinky hued bath. If you’re looking for a sweet seasonal treat- this is a good choice!  Again, this one is $6.95


Lastly, was this Snow Angel Bath Melt. This was my first go with a bath melt and I have to say, these are super fun! They don’t foam and move around your tub like a bomb, but they slowly melt away leaving oils, foam and in this game, golden glitter, along the way. This one has the most subtle scent out of everything I got this year. It’s a slight gardenia, sweet smell. IF you’re not huge on strong fragrances, they is a really safe smell. This beauty is $7.95

Everything from Lush is always such an experience and their Christmas releases are no exception! I hope you get a chance to show at a Lush Cosmetics near you this year, or you can snag most of these online now!

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