Carmex Moisture Plus | Limited Edition

If Fall is in full swing in your neck of the woods, you’re probably starting to scramble looking for a good lip balm. We’ve all been there and we’ve all regretted that impulse buy lip balm that did nothing but dry out our lips and make them dependent on that balm. Let’s quit that cycle and grab a Carmex Moisture Plus balm this season.


When I think of Carmex, a small white jar with yellow lid or yellow tube with a rounded red top come to mind. It’s iconic and certainly a signature of the brand! They’ve recently thrown that to the wind to introduce these fun Moisture Plus lip balms! Not only are they colorful; they come in a big range of printed labels that are sure to fit any mood, but they’re also formulated a little different!


These colorful tubes are just one part of the “plus” to the Moisture Plus line. These tubes also contain an SPF of 15, added vitamin E & aloe and my favorite part- a soft vanilla scent! These smell amazing, wear glossy and smooth and and super hydrating!

I would personally choose these over the “original” Carmex any day! Overall, I really love the modern touch and this product is a huge win in my book! You can find these online or at any store where Carmex is sold!

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