BoxyCharm February 2017

BoxyCharm is here! I got this box a little earlier than I did last month because I subscribed a few month’s into January. There were some great spoilers for the February box so I was really excited for this box! Because it’s something I seem to always get asked; if you are thinking about subscribing you can subscribe anytime before the end of this month and get THIS BOX (Or a version of this box, I’ll explain which products all subscribers got and what the other versions include). So, if you’re vibing, get to subscribing!

The biggest spoiler for this month’s box was this FULL SIZE Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion and it retails for a whopping $79. This product has been sampled in other boxes in the world’s tiniest tube and I always covet them. This, for me, is up there with GlamGlow or La Mer. You know those products work amazing and if you can get a sample or mini, you’re always down but the price is hard to pull the trigger. I did finally pull the trigger on this in 2015 and loved every drop. I am SO excited to have this. I would have happily paid the price of the box ($21) for just this one product.  Every subscriber received this beauty.

Next is 3 products, that count as two. Every subscriber received a BoxyCharm “branded” ZPalette and two Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pans.

I am a bit of a ZPalette hoarder. I’ve tried a lot of different magnetic palettes and these are just hands down, my favorite. This brings my grand total of ZPalettes to 7 and I’m proud to sport this BoxyCharm branded one. Very adorable. This is the “small” size which would hold 9 standard eyeshadow pans- including Makeup Geek’s shadow sizes. Looks like I need to get 7 more. The palettes in this size retail for $14 and they come with 10 of their magnet stickers for any pans you depot that aren’t magnetized.

I got the shades “Bitten

and “Creme Brule”. I love both of these, especially the burgundy shade. I don’t typically use shades this warm as a mid-beige, but I’m going to try this as a transition and see how I like it. These retail for $6 making this a $12 value. Every box contained two of these shadow pans, but the colors vary. I was lucky to get bitten which was the color out of the bunch I really wanted!

Next in my box, I received a two piece Omnia Eye Lit by Royal and Langnickel. There are my first brushes from this brand though I’ve known about them for a really long time. I have to say, I am blown away by the quality. At $29.98 retail for the set, I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I love the natural hair bristles and both the handle and the ferrule feels well made and sturdy. From what I’ve seen on social media, every charmer got a brush set this month, but I’ve seen sets from Luxie Beauty and Sigma, too!

Lastly, I received this Reflecting Floss in Fig by Juice Beauty. I have to be a bit of a sour puss that I got this variation because I own two of these and never find myself reaching for them. They’re a great thin, light formula and I like them, I just don’t wear gloss often. The color is somewhat sheer, but this one does offer a slight sheen. I could see this over a matte lipstick. This retails for $15. Every subscriber received a lip product. I’ve seen other get lipstick from Japonesque, Doucce and RealHer (which I was hoping for!). I think this is the only gloss option.

So, this month’s box had an incredible value at $149.98! Again, BoxyCharm is $21 a month and for that, you’re promised 4-5 full size items with a minimum value of $100. I think this box was perfect and well worth the month!


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