Blood Splatter Nails with CND Vinylux!


This has been my go-to look all month long and I’m pretty much obsessed! A lot of people say this reminds them of the show Dexter, which is also a fun take on this look! Splatter nails is often regarded as the messiest nail art technique out there, but I’m here to show you a cheap, neat, latex-free way to get the job done! (In the above image, I’m holding the Ben Nye Fresh Scab. Gross, huh?)


There are a few basics you’ll need to create this look.
As a base coat, I used my favorite Nail Envy. This one is in Pink to Envy, but any of them will due!
For white, you want a solid, pigmented cream polish. CND Vinylux in “Cream Puff” is perfect.
Now, for the red, the possibilities are endless! you can use a red glitter, cream, shimmer, even holo! They’re all going to create a different effect and look really cool! You can also go with a bright red, “fresh” blood look like I did or pick up a deep berry or burgundy color for a dried, old blood look. In this look, I used CND Vinylux in “Tartan Punk” from the 2015 Spring Collection.
I topped off the whole thing with the Top Coat by Trust Fund Beauty for a clean, glossy look!

Everything else, you can find just lying around the house! You’ll need:
A Disposable work surface. Paper plates, poster board, an old box, aluminum foil, newspaper. Just about anything will work, but the key is to have something you can wad up and throw out when you’re done.
Plastic or Paper straws. Either is fine, just something you’re not attached to! I find that I need at least 2.
Acetone Polish Remover. Acetone works better in this case, but any polish remover will work.
Clean up Brush. You want one that will hold up to acetone so I find that nail art brushes, in a small/medium size work great. Or brushes used to lay down acrylic. I used a size #6 brush. I got mine cheap on Amazon from China in a set for under $3.
Washi tape. This is where the latex-free come into play. Many people use latex nail barriers to keep the cuticle and fingers clean during splatter and water marble nail art, but washi tape is great for this. It’s not too sticky and bends easily around the curves of the finger. You can get this cheap on Amazon as well or cheap at any craft store. (in the scrap booking section)
a small scrap of paper towel or tissue.


You’ll want to lay down your base coat and two coats of your white polish, then allow the polish to dry completely. Since you’re dealing with tape, you risk pulling off a large section of polish if any of the tape touches the surface so dry is best here. Then you want to cute 10 pieces of washi tape for the first hand. 5 small 1/2-1″ pieces and 5 2″ pieces.

Take the longer pieces and wrap them on the sides of the nail and wrap them around the tip of the finger along to the other side. Then cover the top of the cuticle (where the nail grows from) with the smaller piece of tape. Your finished tape job should look like the picture above 🙂


Next is the messy part!
On your throw-away surface, create a small pool of polish and dip your straw into the polish in a straight up and down motion. I’ve seen some splatter tutorials that recommend getting a lot of polish into the straw or even dipping the straw into a bottle. I highly recommend you NOT do this. I find that this creates larger blobs that will cover too much of the nail. As an example, I scrapped extra polish into my straw for my pointer finger. As you can see, it’s more “blog” and less splatter. Not exactly the effect you’re going for!

After this, remove the tape and go onto the next hand. Because you’re blowing the polish onto the nail, it dries fairly quickly and if you do happen to smudge a spot, dab some extra red polish on it and call it art! These are going to be abstract and are honestly hard to get wrong!

Have fun playing with blowing harder or softer, blowing from different angles and of course, different finishes and colors! Go crazy!


For the clean up, you’ll take your brush and dip it into remover and use tiny strokes to clean up the tiny bit of red that will be closest to the cuticles. You’ll want to make small strokes working in one direction to avoid smearing the polish around and turning your cuticles pink. Keeping your cuticles hydrated will also make them less likely to “soak up” the color and stain. Use a scrap of paper towel to wipe the brush often to keep the red again getting smeared.

After this, let the splatter dry before topping the whole look with a top coat! Work fast with the top coat and use a large “ball” of top coat over the middle then sides to keep the red from smearing into the white. You can also matte these! Since matte topcoat is slightly gritty, I would seal the look with a traditional top coat first, then add the matte top coat of your choice.


I’ve done this look many times so here is another look. They’ll always be different and always fun! I hope you enjoy trying these out and if you post on Instagram be sure and tag me at @TheRosySnail so I can see!




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