Blogiversary Lesson #7: “Cheap” Vs. Affordable

In the Blogisphere, it’s hard to use the word “cheap”. To me “cheap” can mean two VERY different things. It could mean something that you paid a nominal price for. Meaning, you got it cheaply, therefor making that item cheap…OR it could mean the more slang (for lack of a better word) of that definition of that word meaning that it’s just junk. While sometimes those two meanings can go hand-in-hand, I’ve quickly learned the difference between “Cheap” and Affordable.


One of the more affordable (being cheap in terms of cost, but never quality) is BH Cosmetics. Where high quality doesn’t have to have a high price tag!  If you recall, last year we had a review and giveaway from BH Cosmetics and since using my first palette from them, I’ve been snatching up every sale, deal and discount I can to get my hands on these colorful palettes, easy to use brushes and more!

DSCN9086Most recently, I decided to try one of their brush sets. I’ve heard great things and for the price (normally $24.95 but there is always a discount, currently the price is down 28%) it’s not something you can ignore. This is the 12-pc Berry Brush Set.


Just looking at this set online, there were many things that appealed to me. The color of the long handles, the berry tip of the synthetic hairs, the variety in shapes, sizes and the multitude of uses for each of these brushes, BUT it wasn’t until I received them n the mail that I realized just how stunning they actually were.

DSCN9097Each brush is flawlessly constructed and made with soft, dense hairs. Many times, I’ll find that there will be a few soft brushes in a set, but with these exception of the two brow brushes and one blunt shadow brush (which were all intended to be stiff) ALL these brushes are soft on the skin and a pleasure to use.

DSCN9095I’m a big brush fan, but I was really happy to see a long handles spoolie brush in this set. Each brush is  between 8-9″. I use a spoolie ever day and nothing is more frustrating than digging through your brushes to find your TINY 4″ spoolie to tame your unruly brows.

DSCN9093Each brush is also printed with the BHcosmetics logo. Overall, this brush set it great for beginners, as a gift and even impresses someone like me who has a vast brush collection. I think I’ll pick up a spare for work or just to have in between cleanings. I’ve been using these for about 3 weeks now and washed them 4 times (counting the initial washing) and they just get softer and easier to use.

DSCN9103BH Cosmetics is also known for their eyeshadows. If you’re a fan of the build-your-own palettes, like Stick With It or the Z Palettes, you might be aware of BH for their single shadows. With over 100 colors, you can get a single pan of eyeshadow as low as $.98 (which they are currently selling for with a 50% special on their website). I decided to check out the 15 Color Eyeshadow Pro Palette.


With this 15 Color Palette, you select your colors from their full collection and customize it to fit your needs. Everything arrived individually wrapped and in perfect condition. I decided to go both neutral and bold with my colors and got a wide range of colors.

13991_4430618333240_187804761_nOverall, I couldn’t be happier with the color selection and the overall product. These colors are pigmented, unique and extremely easy to blend.


Each pan is fairly large and pressed with a bh.


While these colors don’t have crazy names, each pan comes labeled with the series and a number. This makes it easy to ID should you need to repurchase your favorite colors.

72615_4430618613247_1152662047_nI’ve been using these colors non-stop so be sure and check out my Instagram for swatches, eye looks and more!

Overall, I could not be happier with both of these items. They performed better than I anticipated and I can’t wait to try more from BH Cosmetics! BH was kind enough to send these products for review, but they’re also offering the same products to one lucky reader! Enter below to win!!

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  1. OnlyAverageMom says:

    My favorite makeup brush is a contouring shadow brush. It was in a set that was a gift from a friend, and I use it pretty much every day. The size is perfect for my eye shape, the bristles are soft, and it applies my shadow flawlessly. Love a good brush!

  2. Erica says:

    I use my real techniques buffing brush almost every day! I also have a super soft sonia kashuk blending brush I couldn’t live without!

  3. Christina says:

    My favorite BH brush is their small smudge brush. I am very new to getting creative with my eyeshadow and this brush helps me experient and achieve different kinds of looks.

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