Blogiversary Lesson #5: All Sippy cups are NOT created Equal!


With two toddlers, our search for the perfect sippy cup was not an easy one. I’ve got two very different toddlers when it comes to their sippy cups needs. I have one who enjoys throwing his cup and another who is a cup-cuddler. BUT either way you slice it, I’ve always been looking for one important trait in a sippy cup- spill proof. It seems that every cup on the market boasts it’s “leak-proof seal” or “spill spoof design” but if you’ve got toddlers drinking from sippy cups, you know that is just NOT true. It wasn’t until I snagged a Facebook freebie for one sippy cup from USA Kids that I discovered a TRUE spill proof cup.

USA-Kids-CupsLike the name suggests, these brightly colored, animal covered hard plastic sippy cups are produced solely in the U.S.A. I know a lot of people who try to use American manufactured products to support businesses in our country and I was never one of them before. After trying these cups, which are made with such high regard to function and longevity, I have to say I get the “Made in the US” pride. These cups are hard plastic making them perfect for even kids who are teething. My kids discovered these cups when my youngest was 18 months and we’ve been hooked since.

These are only three pieces to each up, the cup, lid and the value. The value that keeps the milk/water in your cup is hard plastic like the rest of the cup, easy to clean and fairly large- this is really important to me. With a large value piece, I don’t loose it in the dish washer, it’s easy to clean and easy to re-install into the lid!

We’ve owned several cups in the past that just didn’t work as well as these cups do. I just have less messes to clean when I use USA Kids cups. Aside from being worry free when it comes to spills, these cups are also BPA free and made with recyclable plastics.

Because I was ONLY truly converted to these stellar cups after trying them,USA Kids has agreed to giveaway 10 2-packs to 10 winners! I hope to convert all 10 households to these cups and if you don’t win here, be sure and “like” their Facebook page and keep an eye out for more chances to win there!!

Good Luck & Happy Spill-free Sipping!

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  1. Jennifer frank-lopez says:

    I don’t use sippy cups anymore because my little guy is no longer little 🙁 but I think my sis use the first year brand for my niece & nephew

  2. OnlyAverageMom says:

    I have never heard of this brand before, and I thought I had tried every kind of sippy cup! I will definitely look for these, and winning a set would make that a whole lot easier 🙂 Thanks for the awesome contests!

  3. Dinitchka says:

    I have a fried that uses a brand I cannot remember and it does leak 🙁 I would surprise her with one of these, if I won.

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