Blogiversary Lesson #15: Natural Hair Care is the Way to go.


Since going back to red hair a few months back, I was faced with the same old stresser I always have: How long will my color actually last? Considering I love Volumizing Shampoos and styling products, that answer has always been “not long”. I’ve been a fan of Enjoy Hair Care, but still I used their volumizing collection. I decided to try their Luxury Line and see what it could really do for my color treated hair!

DSCN8476The first thing that stood out to me, aside from how cute these bottles are, is the smell. These two products (like the rest of the Enjoy line) are pH balanced and Sulfate free making them more gentle than anything you might find in a salon yet they smell just as delicious as the stuff I’d pay a hairdresser for! This duo leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and overall cared for. I’ve dealt with a lot of hair problems in the past from oily scalp and dry ends to frizz and of course fast fading colors but these two wonder products helped me tame all of those worries.

Because these are pH balanced, each step is gentle on my hair. I get a clean without having my hair feel striped of natural oils and I get a conditioning without a heavy or greasy feel. It’s the perfect medium.

DSCN8477I tend to use too much heat on my hair on any given day. I blowdry AND flat iron and when you’re doing this daily and back to back of one another, truth is, it’s TERRIBLE on your hair. When I heard about the Enjoy Hair Care Straightener, I admit that I was REALLY skeptical. How could I get perfectly straight, silky hair from a bottle? But, you can! I applied the Straightener to my hair and only needed half the work. I used my blow dryer to get a silky smooth finish. I had to be sure not to use too much or this product can weigh down your hair. This product also helps to smooth away fly aways and lock in moisture throughout the day.

Overall, I really loved this collection and I’ll be repurchasing these when I run out. These bottles are over 10oz each so that will be a little while! Enjoy is also giving away this trio to one lucky reader!! Enter below for your chance to win this Smoothing trio, a $73.92 value!


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  1. Tazeen says:

    I’m always on the lookout for a great, sulfate free shampoo for my thick wavy hair! I would love to try this out!

  2. Deia M says:

    I need hair moisturizer! My hair is so dry. I love enjoy products, but out of my price range – pick me please!

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