Birchbox September 2014 Unboxing

It’s another exciting month from Birchbox! IF you don’t know what Birchbox is, well, it’s a monthly subscription box that is $10 a month (this includes taxes and shipping within the US) and for that price, you get 4-5 deluxe size beauty samples every month! There are a lot of perks to being a member with Birchbox, like earning points for reviewing your items that you can then spend in their shop AND every once in a while there are contests and special events. Recently, you could enter to win a party in a box #BeautyBash sponsored by Birchbox and Benefit Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to be selected! Stay tuned for more information on that! I’m taking this time to relive last years Rosy Girls’ Night In!

Anyhow, on to my box!


This month was especially great for two reasons! First, it was Birchbox’s 4th Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRCHBOX!! I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since Birchbox launched the sensation that is now the beauty subscription! Birchbox is certainly the pioneer of what is now a huge trend! Secondly, Birchbox continued on with their special personalization to their boxes by allowing subscribers to select one of their samples! At first, I didn’t think I would like this option, but last month I got to select a box with two of my favorite items inside and this month, I picked something that is a great fit for me! It never fails that if there is an idea, Birchbox does it first and they hit the mark!


This month’s Theme is fresh paint, hence the adorable geometric box! I’m going to use this box for something, not sure what, but it’s far to pretty to throw out.


Each month, we get a card that details the products a little more (What it is and How to use it) and tells you the price of a full size. I think that is really important so you can know right off the bat if this is something in your price range. Everything in this box looks really reasonably priced for me so I’m excited to dive in knowing it’s okay to fall in love!


We’ll start with the item I chose. There were 4 options (I believe). This is a “starter kit” from Liz Earle that includes the Cleanse & Polsh Hot Cloth Cleanser and one of the muslin cloths. The idea here is that with the two, you get a great exfoliating wash. Funny story is that I recently sunburned my face (and body) very bad and I’ve been letting it heal and doing a few masks here and there. I’ve got a few more days before I am in the clear to exfoliate and you had better believe I’m going to town with this set! So far, people are raving about this and I literally cannot wait…but I will. For the sake of my skin. (EXTRA: Right now, you can get this set for FREE with any Liz Earle purchase on the Birchbox site. I’m planning to test this ASAP because if I love it, I can’t pass that up!) To break down the price, the cloth is a sample value of $3 and the cleanser is a $6.52 value at 1oz. Nice.



I received another HUGE sample. This is a shampoo by a brand called Davines. I’ve never heard of this brand…at all. That isn’t to say I’m not excited. I admit, I’m pretty happy with my hair routine right now but I do enjoy good, natural brands. This product is suppose to add shine, boost volume and improve the overall texture of your hair- these are all things I need in a shampoo. I’m really happy I’ve got over 3oz to see how I like this! This is a sample value of $8.36


As an excellent and well thought bonus, I also received two additional sample packets from the Davines line! I’m always SO happy to see Birchbox sending these little additions. This really seals the deal for me when I’m looking to purchase! I received the Absolute beautifying Conditioner (a $1.51 Value and probably 2 uses for my long hair) and the All in One Milk Multibenefit Beauty Treatment ( a $.80 sample value).  Because these are packets, I can’t comment on their smell but the shampoo has a nice, relaxing herbal smell that I happen to like a lot!


I’m sorry Jouer but this is the only snoozer in my box. This is essentially a tinted moisturizer and while I do like and see the practicality of these types of products, this is something I’ve received in the past (in a different subscription and different, darker shade) and I just never fell for it. This is also a very small sample for something meant to be applied all over the face. I guess I’m a little spoiled by the other products’ sizes this month. This is in the shade golden which is a wonderful shade for my fair skin tone, it just adds a tiny, natural glow to my skin. I’m going to give this another glow (I have a feeling this will make a great primer for a photo shoot.) This is a $3.80 sample value.


I’m with the lot of beauty subscribers when I say I don’t ALWAYS get excited about perfume samples. In my mind, a step up from the little vial samples is one with a spray cap. This sample is an exception to all of that. This could have been a sample packet and I would have been happy. I’ve been obsessing over this perfume at work for weeks. I want it. I need it and now I have a mini I can inhale until I finally make that purchase. This smells SO amazing. It’s sweet and warm and perfect for the fall season. I am just smitten!! This sample value (based on the price of a 1.7oz size) is $2.18


My last product is a full size shea butter lip balm by Pixi. I’ve had my highs and lows with Pixi but was REALLY excited to try this balm. It smells SO good and the color (Ripe Raspberry) is pretty. I think this is a great alternative to chapstick for the upcoming cooler weather. This is a full size balm with a $8 ‘sample’ value. There’s just one problem…


When I rolled up my tube for a clear shot of the color, there was a gnat stuck into the side of my balm. I know this is obviously not intentional, and not Birchbox’s fault, but I’m  going to send an email to Birchbox and I know they’ll take care of me. They are the best!

Overall, this Birchbox was AMAZING! The overall sample value is $34.17, but most of all there are some really useful products, products that are new to me and some really on trend things. I’m always impressed with Birchbox and I’m happy to be a subscriber! If you want to check out Birchbox for yourself, head over to their site HERE!



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