BH Cosmetics at Cosmoprof!

Of all the companies I got the chance to chit-chat with at Cosmoprof this past week, BH Cosmetics really blew me out of the water with everything NEW that they had coming up! While they may be known for their large 120 color palettes, they’ve been producing a lot of smaller specialty palettes in the last few months and for me, they’re proving to be favorites! In keeping with that theme, they are slated to come out with a few more fun, themed palettes! I got the honor of checking them our as well as a far new products from your lips and cheeks!


Introducing the next set of palettes soon to be released by BH Cosmetics. The 60’s Palette, the Take me to Brazil palette and the Galaxy Chic palette. Each of these are fun and flirty in their own way, but I was especially drown to the Galaxy Chic palette! It features 18 baked eyeshadows!! I was lucky enough to take one of these home!


Also slated to be released are these blush duos. How fun are these?! I love the highlighter/blush duo in one convenient compact. Plus, knowing BH, these will have a stellar price tag!


While I get really excited for BH Cosmetics’ powder products, their newest and most anticipated addition to their full collection is their lipsticks! It’s been said that lipsticks were the only thing truly missing from the BH Cosmetics arsenal of cosmetic products so I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see these! Starting off with a range of 12 shades to choose from in nudes to pinks to reds, I cannot wait to see swatches of all these lippies!

DSC_1997While BH is yet to carry polishes, they are getting on the nail art band wagon with some fun Nail wraps! They’re calling these “Nail Trends instant manicure stickers”. I did get one to try out (this cute nude zebra stripe one to the right) but I can’t tell yet if these will be more like polish wraps or more sticker like. Either way, super excited about the options here!

DSC_2339I was so lucky to be able to take home a few goodies to try out! I did receive, originally, a second lipstick color to try out (a beautiful coral color) but once I arrived home, it was no where in sight! I’m sad I won’t be able to share swatches of it with you all, BUT I’m happy to report that the texture of these lipsticks were 100% worth the wait!

DSC_2340As a cute little promo. BH was giving out these adorable buttons! I grabbed one in each pattern available! I can’t wait to sport these! I’m thinking maybe I’ll put them on my brush belt for work OR the strap of my messenger bag 🙂

DSC_2341On to the makeup 🙂 Out of the 6 new Blue Duos, Daisy really spoke to me.

DSC_2343I loved the huge mirror included in each compact!


I love a good coral/pink blush and this highlighter reminds me of the well loved “Mary Lou-manizer” from theBalm. Once I got it home, I swatched and realized this duo is serious business. Each color is pigmented, easily blended and they compliment one another perfectly. It was able to get a rosy glow and a sun kissed sparkle all in one compact.

DSC_2342Overall, I really loved this duo and I cannot wait to try the other 5. I’ll be keeping a look out on the site to see what they’ll be charging for these duos!


I also received one of the new Creme Luxe Lipsticks in the color Forever Nude.

DSC_2351These lippies have already gone live on the BH Cosmetics website and are currently on sale for $3.95. This is a 51% discount from what the price will be later on but even at full price, that is a steal for these lipsticks! The formula is smooth, creamy, pigmented and lasts 3-4 hours on a “normal wear” sort of day. I wasn’t sure how this nude would look on me because it’s hard to know when you’re as pale as I am, but it turned out to be a great nude!

DSC_2352For me, the most exciting this I was able to try was, hands down, the Galaxy Chic palette. I’d avoid the pun, but it’s out of this world!


With 18 baked shades, all named after the planets and parts of our solar system like the Milky Way, a large mirror and a sturdy magnetic closure, this palette has something for everyone!


Just look at the beautiful, baked marbled colors!!


I don’t think there is such a thing as too many pictures this time 😉 Each color is like butter. They blend better than any other BH Csometic eyeshadows I’ve ever owned and in all honesty, I’ve never had any complaints with the ones I owned before. I loved the color range and I’m excited to dig into trying out an orange shade! I don’t currently own any.


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