BeautyFix Summer Kit!

My Summer Beautyfix Kit has arrived! I’m excited!
I wanted to mention that there is a small change in the packaging since last quarter.
My Kit shipped in a smaller box- which is great!
Last quarter it shipped in a larger, unmarked box that had too much space for my selections to move around.
I personally had nothing damaged, but I heard a few people did- oops!

So, if you aren’t familiar with Beautyfix,
please check out my first look at this amazing company with my Spring/Summer Quarter, Here.

For my makeup bag selection this season, I chose the set of two purple & grey bags.
There are adorable! I’m so glad I got them.
As always, super sturdy & these will match the bag I’ve been carrying recently.

One reason I went with this set of bags is because I saw other bloggers mention the lighting is purple.
I love the color purple. These retail for $25.

First thing I got is actually an item that was available last season as well.
This is the Nick Chavez  Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner.
It looks like this is now discontinued!
I’m super bummed about that because this come highly recommended. Retail(ed) for $20

Next was this Eminence Coconut Firming Body Lotion.
Now, I spent about10 minutes sniffing this stuff & I swear- this does not smell like coconut!
It smells like an amazing vanilla cupcake. I’m so confused. Haha.
But it smells amazing and I’m excited to try it. Retails for $36

I’ve grown to really love Nick Chavez products so I was happy to see this Horsetail Lifting Spray.
I have an addiction to root lifting and volumizing spray & this one is certainly a favorite. Retails for $22

Like I mentioned in my Sample Society blog post, I was happy to see this as a new option for Summer,
I loved the sample I got of this in the color Tokyo so I decided to try the Jane Iredale Just Kissed in Milan.
I love this shade. It is the perfect pink for summer.
I remember thinking that my Milan colored sample had a smell & this one does too.
I think it smells just like bubble gum. In the best way. There is no stinging or discomfort with the plumping effect of this lipstick.
I’m a HUGE fan. Retails for $25

I went ahead and swatched this color on my hand.
This is several passes and went I applied it to my lips,
I did a few more passes for an even stronger color.

This is also another item that I grabbed and was available last season.
The 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam. I have heard so many great things about this cleanser
& after just one use I have to agree with them all!
This made my skin feel so clean but still so balanced. Retails for $50

I saw this Nailtiques kit & after having loved my Formula 2 protein treatment from my last kit, I had to have it.
This kit includes a mini (7ml) Formula 2, a mini (7ml) Oil Therapy, a mini (7g) Cuticle & Skin gel
and a regular size of their Nail Moisturizer (1oz size) the minis retail in a kit together for $17.50
& the Nail Moisturizer is sold on it’s own for $13.99.
I thought it was extra special that they put this kit together exclusively for Beautyfix.
You can’t buy this anywhere else. I’m loving Nailtiques so far.

The last thing I got was a set of two full sized Murad products. I’ve been having a blast trying new Murad products lately (more to come soon!) so I jumped at the opportunity to try these two. They included the Skin Perfecting Primer and the Eye Lift Perfecter. I tried both to day as a base for my makeup. I was surprised that they both had a skin tone color to them (somewhat of a medium tone)
but when applied it even matched my light toned skin. I had less creasing with my under eye foundation and I really think my larger pores around my nose looked so smooth. I’ll probably do some with/without photos of these products to make sure it’s not all in my head 🙂 Each of these retails for $35 each, so the set is $70.

So, if you’ve been counting, I am missing one item. I also ordered an exciting new item from Stila, but sadly it was missing from my box. Without this item, the value of my kit is $279.49!!! At first, I was going to wait on my review, but you know what? That is life. Things happen. So, I figured I would take this time to also do a review on their customer service. So far, I e-mailed them and they got back to me in a little over 24-hours asking me my order number (I e-mailed them from an email no associated with my account, so- that’s my bad!) I thought how quickly they e-mailed back was fast considering their new quarter launched 5 days ago & they are likely swamped with mail. I will be sure to keep you all updated!

**Day Three, I didn’t hear anything.**
**Day Four, they sent me an e-mail letting me know that they would be “replacing” my Nick Chavez conditioner (it leaked a little and I let them know just for feedback) and sending me my missing Stila powder. I also got the delivery confirmation that it has shipped.**


  1. kelly says:

    thanks for your review. just ordered my first beautyfix box (!) and am currently going back through all your beauty subscription box reviews to see what you think. I had no idea there was so many!

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