Beauty Box 5 March 2017

It’s the first day of Spring! Can you believe it? I certainly can. Texas has been HOT lately and today was no exception. Speaking on Texas heat, Beauty Box 5 is on fire right now! I’ve been a fan of their beauty box for a long time and this year, they are really stepping up their game! Don’t take my word for it, I have an entire BB5 tab where you can see all of this year’s boxes as well as boxes dating back to 2015. If you don’t know Beauty Box 5, it’s a monthly subscription box with 5 beauty items that costs $12 a month. You can get great discounts by signing up for more than one month at a time. Their best deal is a full year for just $99- I highly recommend this option as it makes your box only $8 and some change! If you love what you see in this month’s box TODAY is the last day to subscribe and still get this box! Check them out HERE.

As has been a theme lately, most of the items in Beauty Box 5 this month are full size and the one in this box that isn’t, is a super generous size. This month seems to be centered around dramatic eyes and lashes. Like last month’s theme, I’m in love with the box as a whole and all the items inside!

First in the box is this full size Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity True Metals Eyeshadow. I saw 5 different colors swatched on the Beauty Box 5 Instagram and this one in 01- Gilded was my top choice!

This gold is so creamy and rich and I cannot wait to use this. It reminds me of a Butter London shadow I’ve been using under my lower lash line a lot for Instagram pictures. This retails for $9.75

Next, is a full size Glitter by Bellapierre Cosmetics. I received the color “Spectra” and this is a true holographic glitter. This is finely milled and looks absolutely stunning.  I recently discovered the magic that is Lit Cosmetics glitter glue, but in the past, I used lash glue spread thin over my eye to use glitters in my looks. This retails for $15

The only “sample” size product this month was this Manna Kadar Lash Extending Primer. This is more than half the size of a full size product and worth $14. I tried this both under a favorite mascara and on its own and I love how soft and never crunchy this formula is. It also has no smell and doesn’t clump. I don’t currently use a lash primer but I’m excited to play with this!

I love getting tools in subscription boxes and I’ve been obsessed with getting items from Sweep Beauty in BB5! This is the Sweep Beauty Lash Helper! This retails for $9.99 and if you don’t have anything like this in your collection, get one! Get this one! It makes applying falsies so much easier!

Speaking of lashes; we got not one, not two but FIVE pairs of lashes. Sweep Beauty just launched these and they aren’t even available for sale yet.

From what I’ve seen, several different styles were sent out and I got one of the more dramatic versions- which I love! I also love that the band is completely clear and these are fairly long strips in case you have big eyes. If not, just give them a trim! I have never had a pair I didn’t need to cut at least a little. This set of 5 retails for $15.

This months box was packed with incredibly fun beauty products and I know I will use all 5 of these. The overall value for this $12 box is $63.74! I think the value is always great for this subscription and  I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for a monthly box to get!


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