Beauty Box 5 March 2015



Beauty Box 5 is here again! I adore this Texas based subscription box. They do a great job of sending affordable and useful products. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything and just thought- Nope, not happening. They really think about what is fun to try and I think their boxes are always really, really balanced! You can also get a 12-month subscription for only $99 making this the most affordable box around! This month was especially impressive because we got THREE full size items!


This month’s theme is Hustle and that could not be more fitting for me! With switching jobs and focusing on my career, I was excited to see this theme. All of these products will go great with a polished, professional look. #Hustle This is probably my favorite box theme ever. Just sayin’!


The first thing I pulled out of my box is this Eslor sampler pack. I’ve received this sampler before in a previous box (though a don’t remember which) and I remember REALLY liking it. I don’t recall what kept me from purchasing a full size. I especially liked their Peeling Gel and and Refining Mask. This 4-piece set is worth $17.04 If you’re apprehensive about trying new skin care, I highly recommend this one. I made a day of it and tried all 4 at once. I’m planning on doing another day just like that!


Next is a body lotion sample. This is from Elite Therapeutics and the scent is Rosemary Eucalyptus. The scent is, as you may have guessed, a bit herbal based. This isn’t a cookie cutter Bath & Body Works scent and I happen to really like it. I have another brand of organic body products that I really love but I’m always interested in trying another. This sample is worth $1.19


This month, Nanacoco was SUPER generous and sent everyone TWO full size products! I was so surprised! I wouldn’t say beauty boxes are really known for sending out full size products! If you recall, I’ve LOVED Nanacoco products in the past and I actually have a hefty collection of their glosses. They sent a full size of their thickening mascara (retails for $4.99) and a full size of their Laugh out Loud Lip Gloss (retails for $3.99).

I have this weird thing about mascara and if it smells like glue, I will NOT use it. So being that this mascara is pretty inexpensive, I’ll admit, I smelled it. It smells great! Just like all my other mascaras. Nothing weird going on there! This mascara is true to its name. It adds thickness (volume) but not a lot of length. I already have long lashes so this is fine for me. If this isn’t the case for you, you might layer it with another mascara.

The lip gloss I got was called ” Call Me Babe” and it’s a metallic, slightly taupe mauve color. I’m kinda addicted! It smells sooooo good and I don’t have enough metallic glosses in my collection.


Lastly, I got a full size eyeliner from Styli-Style in Orchid. This is a great black-based purple. Perfect for a strong smokey eye. This will go great with a Too Faced palette I purchased recently! This retails for $4.99

And…..drum roll, please! This month’s box is worth a whopping $32.20. Even if you’re not excited about skin care (I get it, some people don’t live for new skin products like I do!) you still get 3 full size makeup items and a killer lotion! This box was fabulous! 


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