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Here in Texas, we’re proud of a lot of things that come out of the Lone Star State, but lately, the thing I’ve been raving about is Beauty Box 5! That’s right, BB5 comes out of the proud Texas capital of Austin and I have to say, it’s right up there with Dr. Pepper and Cowboy boots as far as I’m concerned!


I received my July box while I was away at Cosmoprof and have been enjoying it since I’ve been back! Now that I’ve REALLY had a chance to try out and enjoy my 5 new beauty products,  I suppose it’s time I tell you all about them! My review might be a little late but this month I’ve got a lot more to say about these goodies! If you don’t already know how Beauty Box 5 works, it’s a monthly subscription that retails for $12 a month! There is also a quarterly deal that makes it only $10 a month OR you can be super savvy like my editor, Jo and get a whole year of BB5 for only $99! That breaks down to $8.25 a month! There are no hidden fees like taxes or shipping, it really is just that cheap! Let’s dive into what I actually got and you can see how much value you’re really getting!

DSCN0009One special bonus we got in July was a special gift code from! I have secretly always wanted one of these adorable monogram necklaces, BUT my mother gave me silly initials! My maiden name gave me the initials AAH….yeah, like the sigh of relief she let out after giving birth to me. Thanks, mom! So, I might go for a simple first name necklace or ring but I’m certainly going to use this code! It’s not unique so if you’ve been eying these two, be sure and use the code: GIFTBOX to get $10 off your order. (pieces starting at $24.99with free shipping!)

DSCN0013The first real item I pulled out of my box is actually full size and is more of a tool than a beauty product, which I secretly love! My nail and cosmetics tool collection is massive and I like it that way! This is the Foot Smoother by Every Beauty.  If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because they are the creators of the Every Drop Beauty Spatula! I actually have a few and love them for getting every drop of my expensive lotions and foundations. This product is just an innovative in that is scrubs your feet but it’s flexible so you can really get around the curves of your feet! I love that one side is fairly rough and the other is more fine for finishing off your feet. I’ve used this product twice and it’s holding up quite nicely! My card this month said this retails for $8.99 but that is the price of the set which includes a buffer/file for your hands. This product alone retails for $4.99

DSCN0016Next, I received two Jean Pierre Polish Remover wipes. These are non-acetone and work really well. When I pulled out the wipe and started using it, I wasn’t 100% sure I could get all 10 fingers done with one wipe like my card read, BUT it’s true! Even with longer finger nails, you can do all 10 fingers with one of these bad boys. These retail for #3.99 for 10 making this a sample value of $.80


We also received a product from one of my favorite companies, LA Fresh! I’ve adored everything I’ve tried from this line so far and these are no exception! Since we’ve been spending so much time outside, we’ve been going through a lot of hand sanitizer and wipes because they’re easier when my children need to stop for a snack. These smell great and I love how compact they are! This is a full size product, technically, and retails for $1.99


Another familiar brand, but a totally new product! This is by H2O+ and it is their
Oil Free Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.


It’s a blue gel and I admit, at first I thought it smelled quite a bit like aftershave. I was shocked to realize that once it was actually on my skin, the scent vanished immediately and I was left with soft, never greasy skin. I’m about out of this one and will be looking to order more very soon. As someone with oily skin, I really appreciate something that makes my skin feel hydrated from the INSIDE out rather than like something is sitting on top of my skin keeping it “wet”. This has a sample value of $5.72 (1.7oz retails for $36)

Be a bombshellLast, but certainly not least, we received a full size lippie! Please  excuse my Texas Summer face! It’s hot here! How gorgeous is this lip gloss! You may already know I’m not normally a lip gloss girl, but when I saw the color, I had to try it and I’m so, so glad that I did! It’s pigmented, rich, creamy and it lasts about 4 hours on the lips! These lip glosses retail for $14 and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a fun pop of color! This on its own pays for the BB5 box for July!

Overall, the value of my box this month was $27.50! That’s more than double the value if you’re paying month to month and more than triple if you were smart and signed up for a whole year! I loved everything I received this month and I’m happy to report, I’ve used or am using it all! Absolutely nothing went to waste which is an absolute rarity for me when it comes to Beauty Boxes! Be sure and check out Beauty Box 5 if you haven’t already! You won’t regret it!






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