Beauty Box 5 February 2017

I’m not sure if I’m just lip obsessed or if this month’s box is truly fabulous or if it’s a delicious mix of both! You be the judge! If you’re not familiar with Beauty Box 5 (shame on you!), it’s a monthly subscription box that is $12 a month OR you can do what I always highly, highly recommend and get a full year of BB5 for just $99. That makes it the cheapest subscription of it’s kind!!

This month’s these is The Kiss Kit. Inside are 5 items to help you “Put your best Kiss Forward Love, Beauty Box Five” and I think this month’s theme is pout perfection! I’ve noticed quite the increase in full size items lately and this month is no exception. We got 4 out of 5 full size goodies! There are some seriously stunning new brands and some old favorites I discovered in BB5 previously!

Going in order on the information card- up first is this Jean Pierre Cosmetics Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask. This is a one time use lip mask. A set of 5 retails for $5 making this worth $1 and I cannot wait to take off my makeup tonight and try this beauty! I also really, really hope this is amazing because the price point is so perfect! You’ve seen these all over Instagram and I didn’t know Jean Pierre made these. I’ve yet to find something from their brand that didn’t work for me, so I’ve got high hopes!

Next is a bit of a 2-fer! These are TWO full-size lip products from Tint Beauty!! Everyone received a full size Unicorn Lippie which is their ultra-pigmented matte liquid lipsticks plus a matching lip liner! Yes. For real. This is a spanking new brand and oh boy are these good.

There are 4 colors from this new line and I received the most nude of the four called “Maiden“. The liquid lippie retail for $9 and the liner is $7. With the affordable price point, I don’t think you’re ready for how amazing these are…

BAM! I livvvvveeeee.


Now, let’s reel it back in. Up next was another So Susan product. I’ve really been into this brand and this is no exception. This is their Colour Hybrid. This retails for $17.50 and it’s a cream-mousse pigment that is great for either your lips or cheeks.

This is a great light formulation so I can see myself using this on my lips or cheeks. Super excited to use this for a full face!

Lastly this is from Style Essentials. I’ve never heard of this brand before but this is their Lip Glow which is a lip balm with a light tint. This is a sheer nude color called Rose. This lippie smells like red starburst. I can’t get over it. This retails for $4.

This month’s box is worth $38.50, but what’s more than that, I feel like these products are so useful and great! We’ve got lip colors and a balm and mask to keep our your lips soft whenever you’re not rocking a bold lip! Total win in my book!

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