Beauty Box 5 August 2015

It’s been so long since I’ve been blogging, I know! It’s insane that I haven’t been here but I’ve certainly been plugged in! I started the whole FitBit crazy and I’ve felt more connected since upgrading to the iPhone 6 (which I love, by the way). I haven’t stopped hatching plans for fun content here, but for now, I’ll share another great Beauty Box 5 with you all! If you’re not familiar with #BB5, it’s a monthly subscription service, not unlike Ipsy or Birchbox, based out of Austin, TX. One of the big differences is that you can get BB5 monthly or pay $99 for a whole year, making it the most affordable box of its kind. I’ve yet to be disappointed with a Beauty Box 5!



I’m secretly so tickled that I get to be one of the first with this box since they ship from only 45 minutes from my house. As always, the box is the “standard” BB5 box with 5 items. In this box, it’s not uncommon to see full size items and the price points vary quite a bit from luxury to affordable items. There aren’t a lot of “drug store” brands, but there are some affordable, “little known” brands that I’m always excited to hear about! Then sometimes a worldwide brand sneaks in there like Revlon from a few months back! There is always a great mix! I’m always commenting on how well balanced this box is because I typically get a skin care, hair care item and always makeup! Sometimes tools and polish, too! I never get a modge podge of items that don’t make sense. It’s almost always enough for a full pamper session!!

So, two items in here that are not new to me are the ARGAN OIL from Morocco Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. I’ve received this packet sample (I use that term lightly with this one because this packet is about 3-4 treatments on my hair and my hair is my no means short nor thin) in a few boxes and even as a gift from Ulta while I worked there. It’s fabulous. Hands down. I highly recommend this one. This packet is a sample/retail value of $2.39

Also a “repeat” for me is the pur-lisse Hydra-balance Moisturizer. With how hot it is in Texas right now, I do dearly wish this had SPF BUT this months theme was “Primped” and seemed a bit of a nod to Back to School and adding to your already perfected beauty routine so, I get it. It’s just a killer moisturizer. I hoard these samples because Pur-lisse is definitely one I like to turn all my friends onto! This is a hefty, .5oz sample too! This baby has a sample value of $16.18



On to things that were new to me. My box this month was HEAVY and the first item I saw was this adorably large compact. It was a rubberized, silicone shell and the outside says “HOT STUFF”. I thought that was adorable. Inside I found 3 eyeshadows and 3 lipglosses. This is by Jerome Alexander and it’s the Hot Stuff Go Pop Compact. So, this is different from a traditional compact because of the outer shell. It’s great if you’re one to break your favorite travel compact or if you’re going to throw this into a school bag or in with say, your heavy laptop. The eyeshadows swatch frosted, which is SO fun for moving into Fall and while I’m not always a fan of lipgloss in the pan, these are super hydrated and feel good on the lips. They all read clear, with the top shade having a touch of color. Surprisingly, I really liked these applicator. I know most of the time, we throw out the applicators that come in a compact like this, but these made for almost no fall out on the shadows and picked up the color great! I think they’re keepers! This retails for $10.99


Next, I pulled out this nail file and case from Donna Max. I’ve never heard of this brand before so I did a little digging and they make a whole bunch of different beauty tools! I would be happy to see this brand in my box again! How adorable is this vintage inspired file! Plus, um, I love nail files! I file my nails all the time. This retails for $4.99



Last but not least was this Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen in Plum. I have had my ups and downs with Starlooks, but I just can’t hate on this product in any way. It’s freaking genius. Period. I’m darn near speechless! This pen is waterproof  (no joke, I have washed my hands a lot since swatching it. I’m talking 6 times or more and the lines are still there. I’ve scrubbed and it’s going to take a remover wipe for sure!), the color is lovely for moving into Fall and  the applicator is a little on the fat side. That is great because I was get thin or thick lines for the most wear out of this liner pen! Also, I SWEAR it smells like grape. I have not gotten anyone else to smell theirs, but if you’re reading this, LET ME KNOW I’M NOT CRAZY! BB5 reached out directly on Instagram to let me know that no, I can’t eat it. Haha. This liner pan retails for $19.99 and as long as it doesn’t dry out quickly (I’ve had their thin liner pen in black and it lasted a long while) then I’ll be purchasing this again in a few colors! (BB5 SENT OUT DISCOUNT CODES PRONTO!!)

This months box was an insane value! A whopping $54.54. I’m not 100% sure but that might be the highest value box I’ve had to date! Plus, more than the value, I know I will use every single one of these. I loved the products that were new to me and it was a total bonus that those were all full size! I’ve been on the hunt for a purple liner after the newest Stila one didn’t fit the bill for me! Overall, BB5 does it again!



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