Beauty Army: A Lesson Learned

So, as much as this will be a mostly positive review, (I really love the concept behind Beauty Army when it is actually used) this will also be a cautionary tale! Why? Because while Beauty Army is the only subscription that allows you to select your samples, I was NOT able to choose mine thing month. I never received an email that my window was open…I did however receive the email telling me my window was closed and items were selected for me. I was told via Facebook that it was too late at that point and that my box (which was $12 and should have been customized by me) was to be shipped. I was a bit disappointed and my samples are NOT what I would have selected, but I figured I would share anyhow.


I received my Beauty Army box in its standard pink box. These boxes are great to reuse for gifting or organizing.


So, my box felt light, but it wasn’t until I opened it that I saw that HALF of my 6 samples were foil packets :/ I NEVER would have selected more than 1 or 2 of these one use samples so I was pretty disappointed to see this. I also noticed that the type of samples were all over the place. I received body, face, hair, shaving and more when I try to keep only 3-4 categories selected in my profile to narrow down my options. I can tell someone really did just pick whatever they wanted to give me. Boo on that.

DSCN9997Here are my 3 foil packets. While none of these are terrible samples…I wouldn’t have paid $2 (which is what the $12 charge breaks down to per sample) for any one of these. The first packet, the Yes to Blueberries eye cream has a sample value of $4. This sounds good because it is essentially 1/5 of the full size BUT unless you have a spare container, it’s super inconvenient to keep this packet around. Next, I got a tanning gel sample that claims to be 3 applications….um….to where? The tops of my feet? No. The Pida Exfolating Gel is a total mystery to me and I have no idea if it’s for my face or body.


One thing I received that I completely would have selected are these Remington hair ties. These only retail for $2.50 BUT I love these little things and these colors are wonderful for summer.


I also received this Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil. I won’t know if I like this until I try it, but I like the idea behind it! I couldn’t really find the value of this, but you can go to the Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil website and get this same size sampler for only $1.99 shipping and handling. Either way, happy to try it out!

DSCN0002Lastly I received this hair chalk. These are find and all, but I have the full collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills and they are the BEST I have found so far so I wouldn’t have selected this at all. I’m planning to try this out now that I have it and see if it’s any good. Their website is vague in many regards! I can’t find information on whether or not this is eye safe (like the ABH ones are) or the size of the full size product, which retails for $15.

DSCN0003As you can see, this is a VERY large pan and is likely full size or near full size. I might try this as a bright pop of color on my cheeks. What do you think?

DSCN0004Overall, I’m excited to receive the shaving oily and hair ties, but they are definitely not worth $12 to me. I believe not receiving the email was an error on Beauty Army’s part and they should have a better way to deal with these things…maybe just don’t send out boxes if people do not select. Either way, I’ve decide to cancel for the time being to keep this from happening again. I DO plan to get another box next month, it will just have to be on my terms. Sorry, Beauty Army!



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  1. Pixiepower says:

    That happened to me also. I emailed them and told them I never got the email and was sent samples I wouldn’t use. They offered to give me a month free which seemed fair.

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