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DSCN0063Beauty Stop Online is my online go to for all my beauty needs, so when it came to transitioning back into the swing of the school year, I needed a few things to get everyone in the family ready! When I think about all the preparatopns for school there are two that really stand out to me: clothes shopping and school year hair cuts! I knew I had the know how to get my mine and my boys hair ready at home, I’d just need the right tools to do it!

DSCN0066 (3)Since I’m the only girl in the house, Ill be respnsible for maintaining my little men’s hair. For several years now, we’ve got to various salons to get their cuts but it just seemed like a waste. We decided to give the Babyliss Easy Cut a try!

DSCN0069 (3)This rotary cutter is easy to use and because of it’s unique design, it’s easy to convince my toddlers that it will be tons of fun! With this cutter, you simply brush through the hair until you have a desired length (we discovered this can take a bit of time with long, thin hair.) and then you use a circular motion to cut all the hair to an even length.

DSCN0072 (2)Aside from the cutter, the package also includes a comb, charger (yes, 10 points for being rechargable!) and a trimmer for sideburns and touch ups. Plus, a pouch to store it all in! Overall, I thought this was a fun, easy to use product and it was nothing less than what I’ve come to expect from Babyliss! Also, you save $25 by picking up this product from Beauty Stop Online.

DSCN0065 (2)

For my own hair, I decided on two things: maintenance and a good change. (You know, because every girl needs to go darker in the Fall 😉 ) I’ve always heard that you cause the most damage to your hair by brushing it when wet. Of course applying heat to your hair is damaging as well, but there are products on the market for that. I’ve heard almost nothing on the subject of brushing with wet hair. When I think about it, it makes perfect sense. It hurts to brush my hair when wet and I admit I’ve just pulled out pieces of my hair before in a rush! So, I decided to give the Luxor Pro Wet Brush a go! I was not disappointed.

This brush literally goes through my hair through butter! I’ve looked over the brush and I really am not sure how it does such a great job. I’ve had to tell friends and family to put it down because they all seem to want to take it home with them. I’m sure overtime, I’ll see real results in the overall health of my hair. Plus, if you’ve got a little one who fights you in the morning getting ready for school because brushing is unpleasant, this is a real investment. Wet Brush is available in 5 colors (Black,Blue, Purple, Pink and Lime) and Beauty Stop Online has them for only $7.99 🙂


Lastly, I went back red! Everyone has been asking me what I used and how I did it and I’m happy to report that it was REALLY easy!  Even though this color is lighter than my natural dark brown hair, this was a one-step, bleach free process. I used L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Red HiLights (for dark hair only) in Red. I used a 40 Volume Developed (this can be harsh on thin, fine hair so if you don’t have thick/course hair OR a lot of past coloring to penetrate, stick with a 30!) and I applied it to the middle of my hair (with some help of course), then tips, then roots! This color is a lift and deposit so it lightens and dyes all in one application!

It was easy to find everything I needed to get ready for the new season and school year and save money doing it! Be sure and check out Beauty Stop Online for your hair and beauty needs 😉




  1. Michele says:

    You are lucky you know how to cut hair–it will save you a lot of money. I tried dying my own hair once or twice–lets just say I go to a beauty parlor now!!

  2. Adin Blankenship says:

    I learned about Beauty Stop Online and they have some amazing things/products. I have never tried the Babyliss Pro yet and I might want to give it a go one of these days. Your hair is beautiful and you look lovely.

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