$25 Monthly Makeup Challenge- March

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I teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring our readers a fun Monthly “Challenge” (if you will). We’re all building a beauty kit from the group up with only a $25 budget per month. This means, starting from scratch and keeping your overall “kit” in mind. I personally, use a mix of drug store and high end, but the idea of putting together a fundamentally new kit (instead of my good ‘ol anything goes bag of tricks!) was a pretty big challenge for me! The idea here ISN’T to see how far you can stretch $25 but instead to allot myself and the participating bloggers a budget to go out and add a little bit to our kits and share our recommendations with you. This way, hopefully, you guys can get an idea of some fabulous finds under $25!

I’m not planning to do any EXTREME COUPONING because really, I don’t have time for that. Couponing is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not my cup of tea. Instead, I’ll find deals and products that are accessible to you all and hopefully some fabulous products along the way!

DSCN8565I decided to head to Target because I think they have a great selection and they carry a good range in prices. Now, just because I only have $25 to spend each month doesn’t mean I can’t splurge! But the idea is to stay in budget and look fabulous while doing so! This month, I decided to stick to products that I think are the basis of a great face. I picked up 5 things: Liquid Foundation, Setting/Finishing Powder, Cheek Color, A Good Powder Brush and of course, Mascara.

DSCN8568First, I KNEW I had to include this product in my first month. This is the Rimmel Lasting finish 25 Hour Foundation. This is by far my favorite “drug store” foundation. It gives great medium to full coverage that lasts all day. (I’m not sure about 25 hours, but I’m not one to keep my makeup on THAT long). This foundation is a steal at under $7 for a full ounce. I’ll admit that the color selection is a touch limited and being as I’m the lightest shade, it suits me better when I’ve had a touch of sun.


Because all liquid foundations come off a little dewy on me (and because I have a powder problem…) I picked up another favorite of mine, the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Powder. This $4 powder is a life saver. It really does stay Matte and it’s such a steal! This powder has been around for years and while everyone was getting SO excited about $3 powders from ELF I was screaming “HELLO! CHECK OUT RIMMEL!!” But…now you see?!

DSCN8573As fate would have it, my next two products ARE from Elf. This $3 gem of an item is their Contour Blush and Bronzer. I had heard mix reviews on this duo, but I thought the colors were so pretty that I had to at least give it a whirl. I’m happy to report that this blush snob is REALLY impressed. I noticed a lot of fall out and ended up switching to my softest brush to remedy that but overall this is a great color combination for my skin tone and I will be repurchasing this when I run out. I struck discount gold with this one.

DSCN8575Next, was the ELF Powder Brush. This brush is insanely dense for an ELF brush. I opened this in the store (I know I’m BAD but you SHOULD wash your brushes before you use them anyhow!!) and I was shocked, threw it in my cart and we’re been BFF ever since! I love flat top brushes to really get into the contours of my nose or for contouring and at $3, I think I’ll get a few of these to have on hand for whatever tickles my fancy. I’m absolutely thrilled I discovered this brush!

DSCN8571And Lastly, I grabbed a classic. The Maybelline Great Lash. This was my first ever mascara and I have to say, I haven’t tried it since I was 15, but I like it! It’s nice, does it’s job and I got the BIG lashes version in Blackest Black. I really liked the over sized brush and it worked just as well for under $5 as any of the other drug store brands I usually purchase.

My total came in at $20.94 so I’ll carry over $4.06 into next month’s budget! (Exciting!) I didn’t pick up any lip products this month, so I think I’ll splurge on a great lippie for my kit next month.

Macro shot of beautiful  glamour bright red female lips  надутыйSpeaking of which! Several of these products were gambles for me because I had never tried them before, but after having done so, I give them all a Kiss of Approval! I’d repurchase any and all of these. I can’t wait to add to my kit next month but before then, be sure and check out what some of the other ladies are up to and what products they started their $25 Monthly Makeup Challenge with!


  1. Freetail Therapy says:

    Rimmel is on my want list. I don’t know why, but I have never owned any and always kinda wanted to……can’t explain why, I just do, lol. Also, that mascara was my FAVORITE for a LONG time! Then it went from $1 – $4 and I was turned off, LOL. I still love it, though 😛

  2. Nicole says:

    I am forever on the hunt for Drugstore foundation- I will most def. checking out this Rimmel 25 hour! Nice. I like what you did with your $25 this month!

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