$25 Monthly Makeup Challenge- April

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It’s BACK! I had so much fun shopping for last month’s challenge that I jumped on the bandwagon early this month and have actually been enjoying these products since early this month. I’m glad because hopefully this month, I can tell you a bit more about these products than I did last month. Just a quick refresher, last month, I spent about $21 so this month I had $29 to spend 🙂

DSCN9170One thing I decided to do differently this month was take a gamble and add my Ipsy Glame Bag to my budget. This is something I order every month, but I decided to budget it here to show just how much I get for the $10 (free shipping, no tax) in terms of cosmetic items you can add to your kit! These are the 4 items I received this month. I liked them all, (you can read my full review HERE) but there were two makeup items that will be in my “Challenge Kit”.


The first was a full size blush from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics in “Sweet Cheeks”. This retails for $16 but like I mentioned above, it was one of my products in my Ipsy bag. So far, I’m loving this cheek color. It’s not a crazy bright pink but it also doesn’t take too much to get a nice pink glow. I’d call this a really “safe” color if you’re someone who’s scared to go too crazy with pinks.


Next (also from my Ipsy bag) is this Mineral Eyeshadow by Mic Beauty in the color Earth. This color is to die for! It’s a nice neutral with pink undertones an it’s got tons of sparkle! This retails for $14.95. I REALLY got an amazing value by choosing to subscribe to Ipsy. I got two other products and a makeup bag all shipped to me for only $10 so, I think that is a stellar value!

DSCN9326Next, I found two KILLER products in my Clearance section at Sephora. Now, I vowed that I wasn’t going to do clearance items but two weekends ago, I went to TWO Sephora stores and they both had literally HUNDREDS of these on clearance so I think it’s safe to say that these mark downs were/are widely available. I found MOST of these inside Sephora’s in JC Penny’s SO if you’ve got one near you- GO! Now! I snagged this lip gloss for only $10. Buxom Lip glosses are the BEST lipglosses on the market in my opinion. They plump just a bit, last a long time and come in several finishes and dozens of shades.

DSCN9328This is in the shades Jessica and it’s a nice sheer nude. These glosses have a doe foot applicator. These usually retail for $18 so getting this one for $10 was a serious steal!

DSCN9323Also from clearance, I picked up this Kat Von D Lipstick for only $8

DSCN9324This is in the shade Valentine. These are the “Foiled Love Lipsticks” from her line. On Sephora.com these lipsticks are still priced at $19 so again, check your Sephora inside JCP and just check! If you can get them this cheap, I’d grab a few! So worth it!

DSCN9325This is described as a “metallic hot pink with iridescent micro glitter” and it’s STUNNING! Kat Von D really knows lipsticks!

DSCN9330As a BONUS I got this Birthday Gift from Sephora. Now, I won’t go into detail on this because I’m not “technically” including this in my $25 Monthly Makeup Challenge because it’s not everyone’s birthday month, but this is just a quick reminder that you can get this in your Birthday month FREE at Sephora. You don’t have to make a purchase, you just need to sign up for their rewards card. (It’s exactly that just rewards, not a credit card or anything like that) You just walk up to the register and get your gift! Deluxe size samples like these are perfect because I’ll be trying these and seeing if I really like them enough to buy the big sizes! (so far, so good!)

This month, I went OVER budget by $.49 because of taxes on my Buxom lip Gloss and Kat Von D lipstick. I think that $.49 was TOTALLY worth the overage and I’ll just pull that change out of the bottom of my purse and call this one even 😉

Be sure and check out the AMAZING ladies below to see what they snagged for $25 this month!


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