NEW from Yves Rocher

NEW from Yves Rocher

I think I’ve always been aware that Yves Rocher was the #1 Makeup brand in France. I’m not sure why it took me becoming a blogger to really fall in love with the brand, but I’ve quickly learned that everything that comes from this brand is gold. That’s saying a lot considering that Yves Rocher covers a huge range of products from making and fragrance to bath, body and skin care. They even make nail polishes! I recently checked out two new goodies from the brand, also winners!

DSCN9995 (2)

These new products focus of smooth, hydrated skin. Whether you’re gearing up for the colder winter months (when I personally get the WORST dry skin) or you’re still soaking in the sun- getting dehydrated for the sake of fun in the sun, it’s always a good idea to exfoliate and hydrate the skin you’re in!

DSCN9999 (2)

Step One: Exfoliate. Most exfoliating shower gels use tiny pieces of silicone. These silicone spheres actually never dissolve and end up littering the oceans and water plants all over the world. Aside from this, they are often irregular and can actually tear away at your skin. Yves Rocher decided on an all natural alternative- fruit seeds. I got to try the Blackberry scent which contained 100% natural blackberry seeds inside!

DSCN0001 (2)

Suspended in their already amazing shower gel is hundreds of tiny seeds! I found this wash to be both hydrating and obviously, exfoliating! I loved the scent too!

DSCN9997 (2)

Next was this NEW Beautifying Dry Oil. Yves Rocher really turned me onto dry oils last summer and this one is just as good! The smell is amazing- rich and a little nutty and it applies wonderfully on the skin.

DSCN9998 (2)

I love that this came in a spray bottle, last season it was a bottle you just pour and that ended up being a little messy in the long run. I really love this oil for hydration but also for laying in the sun (be careful with this one, it is an oil after all) and for a pre-spray tan treatment. Easy application for quick hydration is always a win!

Overall, I’m always happy with the new releases from Yves Rocher and its a given that my skin is happy too!



NEW Kiss Gel Fantasy

NEW Kiss Gel Fantasy


You might be thinking “Why?”. Press on toes nails? And woman-to-woman, I was right there with you just a few weeks ago! My first thought was “Oooh, glitter!” followed quickly by…”can I actually wear faux toe nails?”. Turns out I can. I will. Most of all, I like it!  Get ready for a true “Ah-hah!” moment with the new Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear gel nails :)


Each package of toenails comes in a box, displaying a full set. Luckily, there are a total of 24 nails so you’re very likely to find the correct sizes for your toes. I wasn’t sure if my “weird toes” would work, but was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I find the right sizes, but I didn’t need to trim in any way. I almost always have to trim fake finger nails.


One of the points I really have to rave about with this particular set of false nails is the options. The kit includes everything you need for the application of your choice. You can apply these with the strong adhesive tabs or with professional strength nail glue for a longer lasting gel pedicure. I am more of a nail glue kinda girl (confession: I do NOT enjoy doing my toes!) but I like that I have options!


Kiss also thought of all the details when making the glue easy to open. No scissors needed.


Also included is a nail file to gently buff the ends of the nails with the tabs attached.  These tabs are especially useful for the tiniest of toe nails! I’m not sure how this would be possible without the tabs!

KissGelFantasyThe moment of truth! Most people couldn’t tell they were fake. Not even my husband! though he did proceed to laugh a little bit when I told him the truth! I made it a point to avoid extra water while I wore these. No extra long baths or pools and they lasted about 9 days before my youngest jumped on my foot just right and popped one off. It didn’t hurt as I’m sure they were ready to come off. I gently peeled the rest. My nails underneath were undamaged and ready for my next pair.

My overall opinion: Invest. Aside from a little cuticle prep before application, these are ZERO work, last a good while and look fantastic! I typically do my own nail art and a pedicure this glitter packed would take hours to dry. No one has time for that. These retail in the $8 range making these a bargain compared to the nail salon price.


Beauty Box 5 July 2014

Beauty Box 5 July 2014


My Beauty Box 5 came in the mail this week and it is PERFECTION! If you’ve not heard of BB5, it’s a monthly subscription box that comes straight from the Heart of Texas (Austin that is!) and is $12 a month! You can save even further on this already low price with a monthly subscription for only $99! You can learn more about their deals and sign up HERE.


This month, everyone got a full size Revlon Bold Lacquer by Grow Luscious Mascara. I’ve not done too much reading on this mascara to know about Grow Luscious, but studied or not, this mascara packs a serious punch! I’m really loving this so far. It’s been too long since I found a great “drug store” mascara. As always, BB5 has you planning ahead with a $1 coupon. You could grab the waterproof version! Fall Weddings are coming! ;) Them gem retails for $7.99


This brand, Anna Naturals, is new to me but I LOVE a good scrub. This one is free of chemicals or fragrance and is all natural and vegan. I’m saving this for a special, leg baring occasion! It smells great though and I can’t wait to see more from this brand. This is a sample value of $2.75 for a 1oz tub!

DSCN0039These last 3 products were probably my favorite. Okay, that’s a lie! Everything this month was pretty much my dream box! I’ve been SO obsessed with hair masks though! This is the Hask Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment.  First off, this is a HUGE packet at 1.75 oz. I will easily get 3-4 uses out of this so I actually put it into a small squeeze bottle :) I absolutely adore this stuff! It smells down right heavenly and leaves my  hair feeling like I just left the salon. This is a budget friendly hair solution, too at only $2.39!

c700x420Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of my own Body Drench Lip Balm BECAUSE the Mister swiped it! I received the Lemon Drop one and I did get a chance to use it (just once!) and it smelled and tasted great. The flavors in this month’s boxes were from the Candy Licious line- delicious!! These retails for $3.99


Last, but not least- another full size product! I received the Starlooks Lip Liner is Tickle Me Pink. I own a lot of Starlooks liners and I admit at first wasn’t that excited. I just didn’t think I needed another liner- then I popped this on. LOVE! This color is amazing and as always Starlooks pigments are spot on. This beauty retails for $12- score!

Overall, this box included absolute must-haves for me! Mascara, lip color, body scrubs, lip balms and hair masks! I don’t know where my beauty routine would be without these! This box had a huge value of $29.12 :)

Birchbox July 2014

Birchbox July 2014


I’m on my 3rd of 4th month back with Birchbox and I have to say, it gets better and better every month. If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, it’s a monthly subscription service that costs $10 a month and for that price you get 4-5 beauty samples. You can check it out HERE if you’re interested in signing up! This month, Birchbox teamed up with Women’s Health magazine! I thought the pair made for a great box!

As a bonus, we got a one year subscription to the magazine, a $9.99 value! I already get Women’s Health so I passed this on to a friend :)


The theme this month was Power Up. Along with the samples we received a little booklet of 12 Bite-sized Challenges. I love the concept and plan to give each one a go over the next few weeks. It’s always good to focus on you in the healthiest way you can. I accept this challenge!

DSCN0023The first thing I pulled out of my box was the Whish Shave Cream in Acai Grapefruit. I understand the benefits of a good shaving cream but I’ve just yet to find one that truly wows me. That being said I’m thrilled to be able to try this one! Maybe I’ll fall in love. This is a perfect example of why I subscribe to boxes like this, something I never think to shop for, but really need! This is a .75 oz sample with a $3 value.

DSCN0022Next was this Reach Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel. I. Love. Peels. I can’t wait to try this, I just did a treatment recently so I’ll give my skin some time to repair itself between treatments. When I squeezed all the air out of this tube, there was barely anything inside. I’m not sure if I got an empty one or what, but I think I can squeeze one application out of it. At .17oz, this has a sample value of $4.70 (Ouch! Hope I don’t love it!)

DSCN0028So, I guess Birchbox was reading my mind this month because aside from being obsessed with peels and masks, I’ve been trying new eye creams! This one is by Balance Me and it’s their Wonder Eye Cream. This is labeled as .2oz, but honestly, I don’t believe it’s that much. Again, when I squeeze the tube it’s really sparse. The full size of this product is .5oz so this sample is worth $15.20

DSCN0030My last sample is this LAQA & Co Lip Lube in Menatour. I absolutely LOVE this product! The color, the texture- its just brilliant! They call this a lip sheer and I agree the formula is sheer feeling and lightweight (not to mention hydrating) but I found it  to be packed with color. The Birchbox website says the full size is .07 oz, which is what this tube is labeled as. This is clearly wrong and I couldn’t find the full size information anywhere.  I can guess (and based on some other reviews of this) that it’s around a $8 value.

DSCN0021As a little bonus this month, we got this 100% Pure Honey Cream Wash in Gingerade. I’m a little on the fence about getting body wash in a TINY packet sample. Meh.

The total sample value (including the magazine subscription) was $40.89- probably the highest value I’ve had yet! $30.90 without the magazine. Very happy with this month’s box :)

Paw Palette 101

Paw Palette 101

In the last week or so, I can’t even believe the number of questions I’ve gotten, both in person and on social media, about this flat, glittering accessory I’ve been sporting! I admit, I’ve been quite amused by the strangers who stop me and are fairly blunt “I have to ask. What on earth is that?”…I thought I would set the record straight with everyone and tell you exactly what my Paw Palette is for!


Several months ago, I was looking at pro kits posted by fellow makeup artists on Instagram when I saw one wearing what looked like a very large, acrylic bracelet. My first reaction was that it looked super cute (I may have a weakness for glitter, it’s not a secret!), so I clicked around for more details. This let me to the Paw Palette Instagram Page and eventually to their Website. I went on to read about this genius invention by Crystal Powder. So what exactly is it?

These glittering beauties are palettes for makeup application. In my work as a freelance makeup artist and as a Beauty Consultant at Ulta, my palette is often my own hand. This works for personal applications (as in, I’m Tim Gunn all the sudden and I “make it work.”) but for makeup on other people, it can be really frowned upon. It’s not really sanitary and it can be really hard to clean off! Especially for waterproof applications. With Paw Palette, they’re easy to sanitize with alcohol (they’re made of acrylic so they hold up great with repeated washings) and it’s raised and off the hand, making my word easy. Plus, if I need to move onto another task and don’t have time to clean and sanitize the Paw Palette, I simply set it down and come back it it. Obviously, that isn’t an option with my own hand!


I received the Lavender Gem Glitter Smooches Paw Palette. The bling on this baby is absolutely perfect! It’s completely opaque and glistens in the sun! Paw Palette offers a range of colors and shapes including lips, hearts, solid colors, glitters and even magnetic palettes for loose panned products!


The strap is completely adjustable and I loved the stud detailing! This makes pulling to tighten the strap easy, the stud acting as a “button” or place holder, and also just adds some extra sass!


This is the proper way to wear your Paw Palette- on your paw! Which is great for makeup applications. When not in use, I did find myself pushing it further up my arm and out-of-the-way. The strap made this easy and definitely has enough give to fit all the way up your arm. You know, if you’re into that!


Another ADORABLE option is the rings! These pint size palettes make the cutest surface for spur of the moment applications or small jobs and honestly, I’d wear this even if I weren’t doing makeup! It’s just beautiful.


The band on the back is adjustable to fit any ring size. It came adjusted just right for me, I wear a size 7.


I wonder how I lived without my Paw Palettes! They really do make my job easier and more sanitary! Not to mention, they’re just cute! You can find Paw Palettes online on Crystal’s online shop HERE (where you can find the BEST deals and special edition palettes like these Bang Bang mini palettes!!)  or you can find them on BeautyLish.

Do you think Paw Palette is the Puurrrfect makeup artists tool?

Makeup Train Case from

Makeup Train Case from

I’ve been asked my fair share of time how on earth I keep all my makeup organized. I’d be lying if I said it was easy! There are so many little tools I need for both my personal use and my pro kit for events and clients. For easily transporting my pro kit for weddings, prom, etc I’m a big fan of makeup train cases. I was at a point where I feel like I had tried them all (and been disappointed by many) when I got an email from that would change things for the better!


The Salon Outlet offers many tools for salon use from hair washing sinks and hot tool holders to waxing supplies and air brush machines. They even offer lighting kits for film and photography! Searching their site made it nearly impossible to pin point what item I’d be adding to my collection. Then I saw this Black Aluminum Train Case and I knew it was the one.


You might think a Train Case is a Train Case…is a Train Case but you’d be wrong. The first thing about this one that caught my eye was the drawer at the bottom! I’m always feeling like my large train cases have too deep a bottom and end up with a piled up mess in the larger compartment (the bottom, if you will)  but with this case,  I have a sleek, locking drawer to store anything I want! This drawer so far has been perfect for brushes, pencils single eyeshadows and even lashes! I like to keep the drawer empty until I know exactly what my client wants, then add the special touches in this drawer, like special brushes and embellishments. I really don’t know how I got along without this drawer. It makes keeping things SO much easier!

Aside from the drawer, this case has TONS of space! I found I really prefer the cases that fold out sideways like this so that you have the extra “lip” of the lid to set things down. The drawer is about 1″ deep and the bottom of the case is a perfect 2″-3″. It’s deep enough to stack powders or lay foundations and skin care items.

I love the sleek aluminum look but whats more, this case just feel super well made. The handle is a sturdy plastic which feels better in my hand than the thin metal ones but doesn’t feel like it would even disconnect. I love all the edging too that adds to making this case look really expensive! As a makeup artist, I always want clients to feel like they are getting the VERY best!

Speaking of expensive….this case really wasn’t! My comparable case by Caboodle (which is made of the same materials BUT has a skinny metal handle that I really dislike carrying long distances. Outdoor weddings anyone?!) was $80! It’s one of the most expensive purchases I’ve made for my job and was NOT an easy decision. One that I’m now wishing I’d waited on! This stunning case from The Salon Outlet will only set you back $49!

I can’t wait to try some more handy products from The Salon Outlet! So far I’m so impressed and happy to report that their prices may be much lower, but the quality is outstanding! Be sure and check them out online for your next kit purchase!

ALSO if you want to see a FULL inside look at what I carry inside my Pro Kit featuring my new case, leave a comment! I’d also be happy to answer questions!

IT Cosmetics #TSV June 21st on QVC

IT Cosmetics #TSV June 21st on QVC

DSCN9995 (2)

If you aren’t a QVC shopper, you might not be aware of all the amazing deals they offer. If you’re an It Cosmetics fan, that is a darn shame! Aside from the deals and steals listed everyday on QVC from the various brands they carry, QVC also does a very special daily deal of sorts that they lovingly call “Today’s Special Value”. These deals are typically kits or sets and give you an INSANE discount on their already wonderful prices, but for one day only this kit will be only $59.96! I got an early look at the TSV scheduled to release this Saturday, June 21st!

DSCN9996 (2)This kit is truly suited for any IT Cosmetics lover. This kit is called “IT’s All About You” and it features 5 customer favorites, two of which are brand new launches. You might be wondering how IT could put two new products in a kit and call them favorites, but trust me, they weren’t wrong. I’ll get to that a little later. As with all IT kits, every product if full size and you’re paying a fraction of the price you would pay purchasing these products on their own. This will launch at Midnight (ET) on Friday night at an amazing price but I’ll break down the prices these pieces each retail for alone.

Let’s take a look!

DSCN9998 (2)

Up first is the most fool-proof brow products I’ve ever told you about! This is the Brow Power and its great for a wide range of hair colors. This universal brown can be applies softly for people with blonde hair or light brown or darker for people with darker brows like my own. The waxy texture holds  easily to the hairs and lasts all day! Unlike other pencils in my collection, there isn’t a need to set this pencil, it holds your hairs all on its own. Multitasking, FTW!

DSCN0009Adding to the all-in-one feel of this product is the built-in spoolie end. I also appreciate that each end is capped adding to the sanitation and on-the-go feel of this brow product. They’ve thought of it all. This product retails for $24.

DSCN0011This kit, in my opinion, could not be called Customer Favorites without the BEST foundation powder in the world! The It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation is a serious game changer. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve converted over to this foundation! It’s tact free, full coverage, long wear, keeps me matte all day without looking dry, it never cakes, feels light weight and THAT is why it was voted Best Foundation (by QVC customers) just last year. If you’ve never tried this powder before, pop into an Ulta and find yourself a Beauty Advisor! You will not regret it! This retails for $35. This kit will include your choice of 5 colors: Fair, Light Medium, Medium Beige, Tan and Deep. I am typically “Fair” but went with Light Medium for my summer shade :)

DSCN0016The first NEW product in the kit is a GREAT twist on a total classic! IT Cosmetics took their amazing Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer and prepped it for the Summer. Making it waterproof! This concealer pairs amazing with the Celebration Foundation above and was voted Best Concealer, not once, but twice. Not only is the coverage flawless and long-lasting, but a little goes a long way, making this concealer a great value- even at full price!

DSCN0017I can’t wait to really test this out for its waterproof claims. Other than that, it promises the same great coverage and smooth finish. This retails for $24.

DSCN0018To apply everything to-the-t, this kit also includes the Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush. This brush looks very similar to the Dual Airbrush Foundation Concealer Brush and in a lot of ways it is. I decided to compare the two :)

DSCN0021You’ll have to excuse my older brush, its been well-loved ;) The first thing I noticed is that this new brush is all together. I feel like it will be easier to buff and blend with the extra length.

DSCN0024The top to the new brush is also a little less rounded and the base is just a hair smaller. The brush feels more densly packed (there appears to be more hairs in a slightly smaller space) and while I didn’t think it was possible, it feels softer. The “older” version of this brush retails for $48.

4Last but CERTAINLY not last is the NEW CC+ Radiance Palette. For me, this palette makes this entire kit a MUST HAVE. No matter ow many of the other favorites you’ve got in your collection, you don’t have this and I’m here to tell you- you need it!!

DSCN0029From the pictures I originally saw of this palette, I expected it to be somewhat small with a combined product weight of maybe one full size, but these sizes are generous at .21oz for the CC+ Brightening Powder in Radiant Light and CC+ Matte Bronzer in Warmth and .24oz for the CC+ Blush Stain in Love.

DSCN0032I love everything about the look and feel of the palette and the colors are super flattering. My only complaint is that the Brightener is a little dark. I’m still currently wearing my winter color so I wonder if lighter skin tones will get a different shade than this one. Since this product is totally new, I don’t know the price :)

DSCN0040Here are all three of the powders in the palette swatched!

imageI tried out all these products together for a great natural, yet glam look :) Love, love, love!

I definitely love this kit and if you break it down, the value is outstanding. For under $60, you get over $130 worth of products not including the value of the CC+ Radiance Palette which I would assume is at least $40 on its own. The value is great, the pieces are all useful, customer favorites and It Cosmetics is good for your skin. There’s no way you won’t win! Plus, the kit comes packaged perfectly for gift giving! If you’ve got a makeup lover in your life that hasn’t tried IT now, it’s time to give her the best gift she’s ever received!



Lorac Alter Ego Lipsticks

Lorac Alter Ego Lipsticks

Sooo… I have been holding onto these beauties for a while, but it’s not for a lack of interest. Honestly, I’ve been so busy wearing them, that I’ve not taken a break to write about them! I racked up some serious Ulta Rewards Points by getting double points in April for my Birthday so I went on a little splurge with my points and snagged 6 of these babies; Free. Be sure and sign up for Ulta Rewards if you haven’t already, it’s fab!

Lorac Cosmetics has really been grabbing my attention lately. I’ve got a few more of their new launches and a limited edition palette to review here shortly, plus I cannot wait to see the PRO Palette 2!


Onto the lipsticks. Out of the 20 shades, it was NEAR impossible to pick just a few. While I completely understand the beauty of a core collection of colors, I also appreciate the huge selection here. They had a few shades that were similar (I noted 3 nudes and 2 corals) but different undertones which means its extremely likely that you’ll find several that are flattering for your skin tone. Of the 6 I chose, only one ended up clashing with my fair skin. I’d say that is a total win.


They packaged these in their classic black with white “flashes” so I assume these are going to be a long-term product for Lorac (yes!!). Prior to this, their ‘Breakthrough Performance Lipsticks” failed to wow me and at $22 (compared to the small $16 price tag on their new lipsticks) I just wasn’t as interested. The previous collection did have SPF, a plus, but fell flat for me at only 6 available shades.


Lorac describes these as “Highly-Pigmented Matte Lipsticks” on their site, but my tubes and packaging describe them as “cream lipstick”. No matter what they wanted to call them, I would absolutely call the finish Matte.
From Left to Right: Pin Up,  Socialite, Show Girl, Vixen, Girl Next Door and Free Spirit.


For $16, I thought these lipsticks were absolutely outstanding. I’m a huge fan of Matte lipsticks but these were beyond Matte lipsticks in my opinion. I can see where the label of “cream” and “matte” got a little muddled because these apply creamy and don’t dry out my lips in the way 99% of my matte lipstick collection does. They keep my lips feeling balanced in that they don’t dry them out of really hydrate them. They feel light and never cakey like traditional matte products do.


Wear time for these is really nice at around 6 hours without eating. They fade mostly in the middle so its easy to touch up throughout the day or after a mean. I would always recommend exfoliation before a matte lipstick and these are no excepting. These apply really creamy so you don’t have to worry about any tugging. I got really clean lines with the lipstick alone so skipped liner all together. The only color I experienced any staining with was Free Spirit, the deepest purple in the collection. I’ve yet to find a purple that didn’t stain, so its to be expected.

Overall, for $16 (I would have easily paid a little more!) these lipsticks can’t be beat. The price is right, the packaging sleek, but the product really stands up on its own. If you haven’t yet, be sure and stop by your local Ulta to swatch and play. You’re bound to find your Alter Ego ;)





Ipsy April 2014

Ipsy April 2014

I got both my bags within one day of each other so I will have my second bag up very shortly. If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, it’s a monthly subscription that costs $10 a month and for that price you receive 4-5 deluxe beauty samples delivered right to your door. Ipsy is one of my top 3 subscriptions and rarely disappoints :) I love it so much, I get two bags, this is the first!

Ipsy 2

My first bag:
-Avene Eau Thermale- a $3.12 sample value. This is a Thermal Spring Water spray in an aerosol can. this is meant to sooth and soften skin. It says its good for sensitive skin…and well, it’s purified spring water.; of course it is. I’ve tried products like these and I just don’t see the value in them. At least not over just misting your own face with good, clean water.-eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask- a $1.80 sample value. Love this stuff. It doesn’t have my favorite smell but its works wonders and it has a reasonable price point for how big the full size is. This is also a stellar sample size, easily 4-5 weekly applications. Try this stuff!!
-Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer- a $6.86 sample value. I own the light/medium “Milk chocolate” version of this bronzer and love it. A lot of people said they were upset that this was the deep version but it’s almost summer and while I’m fair, I still think this will work well for me. This bronzer is matte and it does in face smell like chocolate!
-Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo #1- $3.92 sample value. These are shades from their palettes with 5 shades in each. I happen to have Enlighten Eye Brightening palette and I rarely reach for it (duo #2 shades come from that palette). Turns out I think I would have liked this one better. I specially love the Opal shade.
-Hang Ten Classic Sport Sunscreen- a $2.17 sample value. I like trying new sunscreens. The back of this says its powered by Coola. I have NO clue what that is supposed to mean given that this product line has its own website, etc. It seems like maybe this is Coola’s less stylist, cheaper cousin. Whatever, I’m down.

This month’s bag had the lowest sample value I’ve ever received from an Ipsy bag at $17.87. While I hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon, I’m really happy with all the products I received in this bag so I’m not going to crunch numbers and whine about it. Awesome bag. I know everyone was tired of lip products but I’m hoping they bust out some fun spring or summer lippies next month!



Birchbox May 2014

Birchbox May 2014

Birchbox May 2014

Soooo, I didn’t take too many photos before I tore into my Birchbox this month. I was just way to excited! If you aren’t familiar with Birchbox, it is a monthly subscription where for $10 a month, you receive 5 beauty and lifestyle samples. This is only my second month back with Ipsy and so far, I’m pretty happy. I’m a huge Ipsy fan, so I DO have to point out that Ipsy has typically had more cosmetics items. I’m still loving good ‘ol BB so far, and the moment I’m not- you’ll hear about it ;)

Let’s dive into what I got this month!
-2oz sample of Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion- a $3.75 sample Value. This stuff smells really great and is soaks into the skin nicely. The full size of this is only $15 so I’m thinking I’ll probably pick up the full size.-1oz sample of Number 4 Volumizing Shampoo- a $4 sample value. Haven’t tried this yet, but I’m always looking for a new volumizing shampoo.
-.25oz bonus sample of Number 4 Volumizing Condition- a $1.06 sample value. This was a bonus sample packet to go with the shampoo which I totally appreciate! Can’t wait to try these.
-Marchelle BB Cream Golden Glow sample- a $4.73 sample value. I’ve only swatched this on the back of my hand, but I can already tell this is going to be a great product. I have heard so much about Marcelle’s “regular” BB Cream and the formula in this one is nice and smooth. * I typically have fair skin but have gotten just a bit of sun  recently and this is a perfect color for me. If the color was just a little off, it would still give you a great glow under your ordinary foundation.
-Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Silver mini- a $12 sample value. I’m obsessed. This pencil is SO creamy, so pigmented and I love that I got a really fun, out-of-the-box color like silver. This made my whole box worth it for me! Originally, I really wanted a lip product, but this ended up being perfect for me!
-SmartyPants All-in-one Gummy Vitamins for Adults sample packet- a $.33 sample value. I have already tried these before. Love them, I think they’re great and you can get a 90 day supply for $30 so they aren’t super expensive either for vitamins :)

My box has a total value of $25.87 and I know I’ll use everything in this box, which is a rarity in subscription services! I just happened to get a box that is ideal for me! I’m happy to be back with Birchbox!