Play! by Sephora|March 2016

Hey lovelies! I’m back with another subscription box. You may be surprised to know that this is actually my 3rd Play! by Sephora box. Because Sephora was not opening this subscription up everywhere, I got a lot of questions on social media on how that was working. I made a lot of guesses in replying to everyone based on patterns I was seeing like how it really had to do with where you were located geographically and little to do with how much you had spent with the company. I live about an hour from Austin and was invited in February of this year to finally join. Since I have become a subscriber they have opened this all over the United States and I saw a HUGE wave of people signing up last month! Not all of those people received this box but are for sure in next month’s line up!

This month’s theme is Forces of Nature.


Along with the apparent “opening up” of the areas they are shipping this box too, it also underwent a tiny make over (you can see my past two boxes on my Instagram @TheRosySnail)  and not in comes in a box that you would likely throw out and they now include this cute little bag! Like many subscriptions out there, this beauty is $10 a month. I live in Texas and did pay $.83 in tax as well. For that price you receive 5 deluxe size samples PLUS a perfume every month. You do get points for the purchase and one of my favorite little bonuses of this box is the Play! Pass. You can go in and get a mini makeover and advice on how to use the products in your box (which I’ll likely never do because I feel like a.) no one does my makeup like I do and b.) there is a wonderful amount of information sent with these products and the internet is a beautiful thing) AND you get 50 bonus points with ANY purchase if you take this with you. There is bound to be something you need to get once a month and those point can really add up!


This bag has a cute design (and it has the #SephoraPlay on it, which has been confusing because I also see #PlaybySephora out there and I just need some clarification) but it is also very thin so I don’t know if I’ll be using it for much else aside from storing these goodies as I work them into my beauty routine.


The perfume this month is by Atelier Cologne in the scent “Orange Sanguine“. I know some people HATE getting perfumes in their subscription boxes and I totally understand. I like that the perfume in this box is almost like a bonus or “6th item”. If I really think about it, the perfumes are actually the only thing I’ve used all the way up from these boxes! This smells amazing and has a great orange note and one of my favorites, geranium. If you’ve ever heard the debate on EDT vs EDP, scratch everything you think you know because the Atelier line is actually “cologne absolune” or pure perfume and has the highest percent of oils meaning it lasts the longest and has none of that alcohol smell.  One draw back would be that this is a stopper type lid and not a spray (I received spray bottles the last 2 months) Based on the price of the 1oz bottle, this 3ml sample is worth $7


Probably the item that was the most exciting for those color addicts out there was this Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick mini in “Kimchi“.


If you haven’t heard the buzz about these natural, food grade and amazingly pigmented lipsticks, you’re so missing out. I got to try some of them through Influenster and I’ve purchased 3 more since making this the 7th color in my Amuse Bouche collection (and counting, I’ll want to buy something for those 50 bonus points and these lippies are SO good!) This color is a super, super bright pink and while it might be intimidating, I say go for it! I have a running joke among my friends when they tell me, “I wish I could pull of that color!” because I’m always wearing weird lipsticks. I like to lean in close and tell them that I’ll divulge the secret before I whisper, “Step 1: Put it on.” They don’t always think it’s as funny as I do.
This might not look like a huge sample, but it is actually 1/3 the size of a full tube making this a sample value of $8.67
* I want to make a little PSA that IF you do not love this color PLEASE try it on anyhow and experience the formula! These lippies are so amazing and they have 40 colors to choose from everything from your perfect nude to black.


I’d like to introduce you all to the hardest item to photograph in this box, the Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon in Latergram. This is a wonderful choice to contrast the bold impression left by the last lip product and I’m a sucker for lip products in general so I’m down for getting two every month! This is a great formula when I swatched it, but people have said it doesn’t last long. I’m not sure if those who said that are trying to use this as a lipstick or as a lipliner is intended so I’m going to try this out for myself before jumping to any conclusions! I did note that this is a tiny product at .001oz which is 1/10th the size of the original. This is a sample value of $1.80. I just hope I get to use it more than once. This is a weird “clicky” pencil and once you roll it up, you cannot roll it back down so I’m sad that I won’t know when this sample is nearly out.


I was a little “meh” on this product upon hearing it would be in this months box because well, I guess I just don’t see the need for it? This is the Origins Maskimizer which is essentially a primer to use before doing a face mask. I read about it online and it sounded like it would work best with masks from the Origins line and much to my delight, we did get one time use samples of TWO masks as well!


I won’t lie, I’m most excited about the actual masks than the primer, but I’ll absolutely use the Maskimizer with the masks we got. Because this sample is a bit of a 3-in-1, the sample value is $.54 It’s a small value, but it’s a real experience so I’m hyped!


Another skin care goodie we received is the KORRES Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial. I like the idea behind this and that it’s good for all skin types. I don’t have too much to say on this one until I’ve tried it. I’m mostly looking forward to the softening effect this is suppose to have more than the brightening. Unless brightening means glowing in which case, yes. Just yes. This is a sample value of $12.09 (whoa Mama)


Last, but not least is this Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo. So, I get this brand in a lot of beauty boxes and every time I end up really enjoying the sample and I have NO clue why, but I never end up repurchasing! Maybe it’s because I feel like I have so much hair stuff? I am seriously baffled by myself. I want to make a pledge that IF I like this one, I’m buying it. I love, love conditioning masks and I use them 2-3 times a week so there is no excuse not to get this. You can actually purchase this same size (just in a tub) for $9 at Sephora so, full size? Travel…mini? I dunno, but at least 2 uses for medium/long hair!

This was a total value of $39.10. I really like the items in this box but for those out there who think they’re going to get a better value just because this is made by Sephora, I have to stop you right there. I’ve gotten this value and more out of boxes like Beauty Box 5, Ipsy and Birchbox. Not to bash anything, just putting that out there. I’m not planning on cancelling anytime soon.

#TheAmuseBouche by BITE Voxbox


It has been a whole minute since I had the honor of receiving this Voxbox from Influenster buuuuttt life has been a little hectic and I’ve got a few things you catch you guys up on! First order, of course, is this stunning lipstick range.

IF you aren’t familiar with Influenster and you want to learn how you can get VoxBoxes too, check them out HERE and feel free to comment if you have any questions! I’m happy to answer them for you!

These are from Bite Beauty which has been a long time favorite of mine thanks to their Agave Lip Mask. If you haven’t heard of Bite Beauty, their “claim to fame” if you will is that they use natural ingredients and all their products are food grade. This matters because of the obvious- they go on your lips. You would be shocked if you knew how much makeup you actually ingest in a year (if you wear it, you eat it.). If you don’t gravitate towards natural products (which, I’ll be honest, I don’t always.), you’ll be blown away by this brand simply for the fact that these lippies leave your lips feeling incredible!

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Lilee Box February 2015

Lilee is the first high end, luxury Subscription I’m trying in 2016 and I have to say, the bar is set very high! I first heard about Lilee box from some of the amazing ladies over at Beauty Box 5. Lilee is, like I said, a high end box so the price tag is higher than boxes like BB5 at $49 but comes with much, much more than 5 beauty samples.


Lilee touches on style and home goods while still delivering amazing beauty finds. You can get great deals by selecting a long subscription, saving $21 (a year) with a 4 month plan or get a whopping $89 savings by signing up for a year up front. Lilee also promises $120 PLUS worth of goodies each month. The shipping is free in the US and they ship to Canada too for a $10 shipping fee.

If you’re a little bored with tiny beauty samples or if you’re like me and you can NEVER get enough beauty but enjoy lifestyle goodies too, Lilee is one to check out!

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#CheersVoxBox from Influenster

I am on a little bit of a high BECAUSE I just “attended” another amazing Twitter Party with @InfluensterVoxBox for this particular box and I actually won! I’ve been with Influenster for a while and I’m currently loving their recent revamp. They’ve always worked with brands I was interested in but lately I’m gagging over the stuff they are sending out FOR FREE. If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, they are a sampling service for those who love to give their opinion. You don’t need to be a blogger or be on Youtube, etc. IF you have social media, be it a personal Facebook with your friends and family, and Twitter, Instagram then you have a social media presence and they are sending FREE products to people just like you! There are boxes that fit a theme (Like this one!) and contain multiple brands or sometimes there if a box featuring a new release or collection from just one brand (like the box I received after and before this one). There’s food, kid’s products, home goods, beauty products and the occasional box just for dudes. If you’re interested in signing up, you can check them out HERE.


So, a while back I won a Twitter party and Auto-Qualified for this box. That meant that I would get it automatically. Typically, you do your “Snaps” which are general questions to see if you’re a good fit for the brand or box. They are always looking for different things for each VoxBox so just be you and stay on top of doing your Snaps. Then you’ll get emails like the one above and you take the survey and you wait. It’s fun knowing you’re gonna get it but that’s not usually the case!


A couple weeks later, I got the box and here is what is inside! We got:
Way Better Snacks Sweet Chilli
Suave Moisture Mask*
Dr. Teals Soaking Solution in Lavender
Coupon for FREE Hormel Taco Meat.
Some subscribers also got a code for a workout App, but I didn’t 🙂
*Most Influncers got a shampoo and conditioner by Suave in a few varieties. I don’t know why some got a hair mask, but I really enjoyed this so, score!

This box was a Cheers to the New Years so everything had a little twist on how your could Cheers to a Resolution. Whether it was to work out, relax, take care of your hair, eat better or heck, #TacoTuesday #TacoGoals…which is my only goal in life. Ever.


My absolute favorite item in the box was the Dr. Teals. I’ve been a hoarder of their products for years now from their  soaks to their bubble bath. I put mine in this cute vase with a coffee scoop I no longer use and WIN!

I’ll be doing reviews and posting on social media about all these goodies but I wanted to tell you about Influenster and just give you a bit of look at what’s inside! xoxo

Printed Valentine’s Day Gifts from Knock, Knock + Giveaway


Knock, Knock makes the most clever gifts. They have some cute heartfelt notes, but I admit, I love to laugh just as much as I love to love, so quirky, giggle worthy gifts are my favorite. Nothing is better than laughing freely with the ones you love! I browsed their Valentine’s Day Shop and picked a few favorites (plus a wild card) to share with you guys! Plus, one lucky reader will with this cute set of 4!

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LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle + Giveaway


LELO makes some of my absolute favorite adult toys and accessories and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they really know how to spice things up! From things that power up your play to massage candles to bring the pace back down to earth, LELO makes quality products to every taste. I recently got the chance to try out their Flickering Touch Massage Candle and offer readers the chance to win one in their choice of scent!

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Valentine’s Day Drinks with Glass Dharma + Giveaway

If you’re planning a little bit of a post date visit, be it at his place or yours, cocktails are always a fun idea! If you’re hosting, gather up a few of these goodies for some drinks that are sure to please in taste and appearance! I think it’s important that a drink tastes amazing, but also looks super cute for a special day like Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to go Pinterest on you, it’s easy to pull off!


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Valentine’s Day gifts by Magic Cabin + Giveaway!

I am always looking for adorable, cutesy things to decorate around my house for various holidays, seasons and events throughout the year. I want something that is well made and not typically mass produced. I get a bit of a kick out of being the only one I know with a certain decor piece! I recently heard about the adorable children’s items available at Magic Cabin and fell in love with their Valentine’s Day selection!



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Stick With It Valentine’s Day Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love the Stick With It Palettes. As far as “customizable” palettes go, I think they’re the most versatile housing everything from makeup pans and tools to false lashes, crafting supplies and just about anything small enough to fit inside! A few years ago, I shared a great kit I put together using one of my Stick With It Palettes and I’ve continues to make palettes for different occasions and the best part is you only need to own one of these babies to create a palette that fits your ever changing style and needs!



To celebrate Valentine’s Day- a day where you never want to be unprepared for what the night might bring, I teamed up with Stick With It to give away one of their new colors! They have two new options, Sea Glass, which is my favorite! Or a new limited edition Shimmer Silver! To win, all you have to do is register below and share an image on Instagram of one item you would put in your Valentine’s Day Palette!

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February Elementary Box + Giveaway

Love is in the air and if you’re a mom like me, you’re getting some stunning heart covered art work this week in your kids’ backpacks. Nothing makes me feel more loved than my (almost) 5-year-old’s hearts that truly just look like butts. For those who are teaching my littles about love and how to create this art, mad props! But nothing says “mad props” like a little gift to brighten their day and make their job that much easier. For that, we’ve got Elementary Box. If you recall, we got to dive in to their September Box last year and it was adorable! I gifted it to my son’s teacher and she was hooked! Whether you’re homeschooling or teaching or just hoping to have tools at your home to help enhance what your kids are learning at school, Elementary Box is a fun way to add tools and treats to your arsenal.


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