Beauty Box 5 April 2014

Beauty Box 5 April 2014

I just got my Beauty Box 5 in the mail and I had to rush over and tell you all about it! If you don’t know what BB5 is, well, it’s a monthly subscription service serving up 5 deluxe size beauty samples every month and its based out of Austin, TX! Beauty Box 5 is $12 a month BUT you can subscribe for a whole year for only $99! You save $45 this way (are these people making ANY money?!) and your monthly cost is a mere $8.25- making BB5 the most affordable subscription of its kind!

DSCN0129This month’s theme is “Shades of Beauty”. I took that to mean some color cosmetics so you know I was excited!

DSCN0127Here is everything that came in my super packed box! I love that Beauty Box 5 comes in a box because I’ve yet to have a single broken products from this company and I’ve been with them for several months now (maybe a full year?). It was a smart business move on their part.

DSCN0130Up first is a full size/travel size container from Blum Naturals. This is their All Purpose Cleansing Wipes. I received the Fresh Scent with Peppermint oil. This contains 30 wipes and retails for $2.49. I thought these would have a strong mint smell, but they just smell fresh and leave my skin feeling fresh. I wasn’t sure if these were good around the eyes either but they’re actually super gentle. I’m excited to see if these remove makeup well. So far, I’m really enjoying these.

DSCN0131Another full size product! I was just organizing my makeup and thinking, man, I need more lip pencils! In comes BB5 with a great pink liner from Bonne Bell. I didn’t even know they made lip liners, but this pencil is SO smooth and the color is more pink than the pencil shows making it a great universal pink color for me. This retails for $3.95 and for that price, I plan to pick up a few more!

DSCN0132We also got a 3 pan sample from BH Cosmetics. I already own these three palettes, but I love getting this little trio (I say little, but these pans are the same size as the full size palette!) This will be great for travel and I’ve nearly hit pan on this gold and brown tone so, score! I’m not sure the real value of these because BH always has some great deals going on :)

DSCN0133Another full size! This is the Nicka K New York Hydro Lipstick in Concerto. I’m a big lipstick fan and this lipstick is sooooo nice! The color is flattering, the application is smooth and it leaves my lips feeling hydrated. I am SO excited to have been able to try this and I can’t wait to try out more of the colors! This beauty retails for only $4.99!

DSCN0136Lastly we got a three-day trial of the new Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow. It claims to show results in just 3 days. I’m happy we got the Medium to Tan skin tone version because I’m fair so I should see maximum results with this! I’ve not used this brand of “gradual tan lotion” in several years so I’m excited to revisit this one! This sample is worth $2.10

My box this month was packed with product I can’t wait to use and had a great value of $13.53 plus about $5 for the BH Cosmetics eyeshadows. Great box this month!!

Ipsy April 2014

Ipsy April 2014

It’s here! It’s Ipsy time again! This month, I’ll be doing just one post. I’m still getting two bags each month but this month, both of my bags contained the same goodies! If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, it’s a monthly subscription service that costs just $10 (free shipping and no taxes in the United States) and for that price, you receive 4-5 deluxe size samples and a cute makeup bag! My camera has been a little wonky and didn’t save the photo I took of the bag we got this month, but you can see it on the Ipsy website HERE.

So, as you might have guessed, the 5 items above are the items in my bag(s) this month!


Up first was the Big Sexy Hair Root Plump Mousse. This is a full size (travel size) and retails for $6. I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of these types of products and they always make my hair feel heavy. I do like the Big Sexy line, but I think I’ll pass on this one.


Next was another full size product (seeing a theme?) from Elizabeth Mott. Elizabeth Mott is famous for her lash cards. I happen to be a big fan of those beauties and I’m ALWAYS happy to get them in subscription boxes! I don’t use them for lashes, I use these sides for eyeshadow guards, but whatever! They get that job done! This is their newest release, the Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne. This retails for $12.99.


While I haven’t swatched these (don’t worry, I will!) I did find them to be pressed a little…messily. The packaging is cute and middle of the road as far as sturdy goes. One of my two has a VERY loose hinge. I’ll wait to see how the shadow wears before I make a real decision on if I’ll repurchase (try another color, maybe?) or not.


I also got a little skin care this month. This is the Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant. I was SO, SO excited to get this.


Then I realized there was like NO product in this tube. It claims to be .25oz and there is just no way. I shook all the product to the bottom them squeezed out all the air and this is what I was left with. Had this been a .25oz sample, it would have been worth a whopping $9.75 I guess its good I got two so I can actually try it…


I also got this Mary Kay At Play Lipgloss in Teddy Bare. I think its odd that we received a Mary Kay product in Ipsy at all…Plus, I absolutely loathe most lipglosses. That’s my problem, I know, but I just wish we’d received a different brand. I’ve not tried this but all I keep reading about is how STICKY this is. Sticky is the #1 reason I’m not a lipgloss lover. It’s not a texture I want on my lips. I do appreciate that this is a new lineup from Mary Kay so its exciting that we got to try it first! This retails for $10

DSCN0126Lastly, I received the NEW Urban Decay Black Velvet eye pencil. Believe it or not, EVERY Ipsy subscriber going this pencil this month! Isn’t that insane! From what I’ve seen, Ipsy is the only company that Urban Decay works with and this is the 3rd time I’ve received a brand spanking new product from UD while subscribed! This matte black pencil is .3oz and a full size is .4oz making this a sample value of $15

The overall value of my bag was $53.74 (not including the makeup bag). For a bag I paid a mere $10 for, I’d say that is a steal! I’m still not 100% sure I’ll use all of these but I’ll use the liner and that alone was worth the price!

NEW From Urban Decay

NEW From Urban Decay

A few weeks ago, I did a first look at the newest palette from Urban Decay. The Electric Palette has created quite the buzz and I decided to pick up a few more products from the Spring 2014 line up. (Including their two newest polish shades which you’ll be able to see on soon) I wanted to sum up the last post with a review and show you all what else is hitting the shelves this season from this iconic brand.

DSCN0015The star of all the new releases from Urban Decay is, of course, the Electric Palette. With 10 bright, neon shades, this palette is perfect for summer eyes. While we’re on the subject of eyes- there is a small disclaimer with this palette that 4 of the 10 shades are not safe for the immediate eye area. I want to point out that while the FDA has not approved these shades for use in the eye area, these are listed as safe in Canada and the UK. I’ve used all 10 around my eyes with NO irritation. This warning is mostly so the company is within compliance as one or more of the ingredients they needed to make these shades pop hasn’t been tested thoroughly.

DSCN0090On the flip side, all of these shades are stunning.



Each shade is true to pan and applies smoothly. They last a very long time and actually stain the skin without a proper primer and remover. They blend effortlessly.

Goldmine by Urban DecayI’ve put together several looks since I purchased this palette; from subtle to completely over the top. This one above is the most recent one I wore to work a few days ago. I did a neutral smokey eye and went over it with “Urban” the deepest purple in the palette. It made for a great wearable look!

DSCN0094I was so pleased with the palette (and such a glitter fanatic) that I grabbed a few more products from the new line up.

DSCN0095To go with a few of the new glitters, I snagged the Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive. At $14, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try another “glitter glue” and this tiny whim ended up being a great purchase. This adhesive is not only weightless as described, but it’s never sticky, ever holding, odorless and just divine! I thought I was fairly happy with my current adhesive and boy was I wrong! This stuff is the real deal and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who likes to jazz up a look with glitter!

DSCN0096I picked up 2 of the 6 shades of the Heavy Metal Loose Glitter. These are a spin-off product, of sorts, from the Heavy Metal liners. I love the versatility you have with a loose glitter and with the stellar adhesive to back these babies up, you just can’t go wrong. I chose Pyrotechnics and Goldmine.


DSCN0098At $12 a piece, I think these are an absolute steal, but I wanted to put my hands in this picture to give everyone an idea of the size. When I first saw them online, I thought they would be bigger. That being said, I think these are plenty big given that it takes the tiniest amount to complete a look!



DSCN0104If you’re use to VERY fine glitter, you should be warned, these are a touch on the chunky side!

DSCN0107I love these two and I cannot wait to pick up the other 4! I’m sure it is only a matter of days before I’ve got the full line up!

Urban Decay Electric Palette

For this look, I used gold shadow as a base, blended black into my crease and covered most of the lid with Goldmine. I couldn’t feel the glitter now the adhesive one bit and this is, hands down the most comfortable glitter look I’ve ever sported :)

Now, I’m in LOVE with this palette and the new line up, but what kind of host would I be if I didn’t get YOUR opinion? That’s why one lucky reader is going to win their very own set! The prize will include the new Electric Palette, Bondage Adhesive and the two Heavy Metal Glitters shown above! Enter below for your chance!

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Cate & Chloe VIP Review

Cate & Chloe VIP Review


A few days ago, I got an email about a great new jewelry subscription of sorts from Cate & Chloe. Cate & Chloe is an online retailer that offers stunning jewelry. The recently began either VIP Program where for $39.99 a month, you will receive a piece of their jewelry every 15 days. So, each month you received 2 pieces of jewelry and the pieces are worth at least $200! You literally pay 1/5th the price of the retail. I read some amazing things about their pieces so I was thrilled to check it out myself!

My first piece arrived just days after  my order was placed. I received my “Welcome Package” that included the bonus piece they’re currently sending out to new subscribers! The jewelry box came tucked into a black pillow box and swapped with a sheer white bow but I admit, I tore into that sucker right away! I appreciate that they wrapped it so beautifully but I got a little excited ;)


Being a VIP with Cate & Chloe has a ton of perks, you know, aside from getting their pieces at rock bottom price. You also receive free shipping on anything you order, 20% discount on anything else you’d like to order (including clearance items),  free exchanges, FREE gift your first month of sign up (which is the piece I got today) and they’ll host giveaways for you to get some extra goodies for nothing!


It all sounds good, but lets talk about what’s inside! My pieces arrived in this great black box, tied up with ribbon. I noticed that they recently switched to this box from another style I’ve seen in several previous reviews. I thought all of the packaging was well made, ready for gifting and held the piece I received well.


I received  the Diana “Divine” Necklace. The card says this is a pear shaped 3ct CZ stone on a 18″ sterling silver necklace. You can view this necklace on their site HERE. On the Cate & Chloe site, this necklace retails for $115


The necklace has SO much sparkle that it was difficult to take a photo of. I have to say, this piece is more beautiful in person than in my pictures or even the pictures on the Cate & Chloe site. It’s a true knockout! I would have absolutely picked this out for myself and I’m so happy to add this to my collection. By the way, matching earrings anyone? (HERE) Drool!

If you break it down, with the Cate & Chloe VIP program, you essentially pay $19.99 per piece and that includes shipping. This necklace is a bonus item and not technically included in the 2 items per month. They send out pieces just like this, with a similar price point and of the same great quality all month. If this were one of your items, you’d be getting over 80% off! Plus, you never pay shipping!

I adore this piece and I cannot wait to see what’s up next! Cate & Chloe boxes ship the 1st and 15th of each month so my next piece will ship in just under a week! Cate & Chloe are offering Rosy Snail readers a special discount of an additional 20% off your first month with the code: TheRosySnail20 That will save you a whopping $8!

*Hold the phone! You can head over to the Cate & Chloe Facebook Page, enter your email and save even more ($12!) off your next order. It doesn’t specify whether or not you can use it on the box, but give that a try!*

If you’re not already 100% sold on at least checking out their site and reading more (real talk though, you might be seeing a LOT more of Cate & Chloe on this blog. I’ve got the subscription bug again and this one is calling my name!) then the least you could do is enter below to win one month FREE!
Good luck, Beautiful! xoxo
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Mother’s Day Giveaway Blog Hop Sign Up

Mother’s Day Giveaway Blog Hop Sign Up

Hey Beauties! Myself and the lovely Jodi from Freetail Therapy are getting ready for a little pamper-fest for Mother’s Day and I wanted to put the word out there that we are looking for other fabulous bloggers to join in on a fun Blog Hop! You can sign up below if you’d like to help out in the Mom spoiling!
As for my lovely readers, get ready for a full on LOVE FEST! We cannot wait to give away some stunning Mother’s Day Prizes from some killer sponsors! Hope you see YOU there!

***Form is for BLOGGERS ONLY. Giveaway entry form will go live at a later date***

Julep Maven April 2014 +add ons

Julep Maven April 2014 +add ons

DSCN0037I received my Julep Maven box for April just a few days ago and while I’ve received my box the last several months, I haven’t felt like I had anything to write home about. This month, I really loved several of the items in my box so I wanted to take the time to tell you all about it! If you aren’t familiar with Julep, it’s a monthly subscription box that sends you Julep’s own brand of polish. for $19.99 a month, you receive your choice of box. Most of their boxes contain two polishes and a product. There is also an all product box and an all polish box. If you want to know a little more, you can check out Julep HERE. You can also get your first box free, just pay $2.99 shipping :)

DSCN0046This month, I got “Classic with a Twist” and one add-on.

DSCN0042The non nail polish item this month was a pore minimizing blush. The add-on that I chose was a blush brush to go along with it. They also included some 25% off codes for the brushes and blushes. The kicker, they’re both sold out! I’ll wait patiently to use this soon.

DSCN0047A lot of times Julep includes a little extra and this month we got these cute hard candies. I wish I could tell you they were delicious but my toddlers stole these. It’s the thought that counts!


So, on to the real reason we’re here ;) I love these products. I’ve had my ups and downs with Julep (they make great products, I’m just not always jumping up and down raving about them and trust me, that’s something I like to do when polish is involved.) but these products have me singing on roof tops. Sound of Music Style.

This is the Julep GLOW Pore-Minimizing Blush in “Peach Bellini” and their (slanted) Blush Brush. The blush was included in my $19.99 box, I added on the brush for $16.99- my Julep Maven price at 20% off.

DSCN0049Let’s talk blush. They call this pore-minimzing and while I’ve not seen too much of that, it is illuminating as mentioned with a super refined, soft shimmer. Shimmer alone is known to minimize pores, so I totally see where they are going with that. The color is true to the box and aside from this outer box, they put in a fitter lining too, like the NARS packaging. Great touch to make sure my blush arrived safely.

DSCN0051 Isn’t this packaging SO sleek? Its cute, functions nicely and it has a great weight to it.

DSCN0054 Love the color itself too. I don’t always agree with Julep’s description of their polish colors- it’s probably hard because after so many years, many of their colors are similar, but they did a great job describing this shade.

DSCN0055Now here is, obviously, the bad thing. As I was taking pictures, I turned this over (while open) and the entire pan fell out. I banged up some of the edges which is pretty disappointing. I contacted Julep support a few days ago and I’m waiting on a reply. I do wish they had gotten back to me by now, but I’ll be patient.

DSCN0056The other star product for me was the Blush Brush. I’m. In. Love. It’s soft, the handle is nice and heavy and it applies blush like a DREAM. My only complaint? I didn’t pick up the bronzer brush to go with it!! This was well worth the price I  paid and I cannot wait for these to go back in stock. I need a few more.

julep-maven-april-2014-polishI go so caught up taking pictures of the blush and brush that my camera died before I got the chance to take close-ups of my polishes :) I received these two (I borrowed this photo from, Mariska and Caitlin. I’ve tried both and I really like Caitlin, but Mariska dried a little too quickly for me to get clean lines around my cuticle. I’ll definitely try again in a…less ventilated room.


Urban Decay Electric Palette- First Look!

Urban Decay Electric Palette- First Look!


Because my birthday is in just a few days, I decided to give myself something that I’ve been wanting for a while :) The Electric Palette. Aside from this palette, UD also launched an entire new line of liners (in perversion) including a felt tip liner, a gel and a new series of glitters. It was hard not to snatch it ALL up, but I kept focused and just purchased this palette. (Okay, I snagged my mother one too! Hi, Mom!!) I’ve not swatched this, put together any looks or even had more than a few minutes alone with the palette since this morning BUT I wanted to give you all a first look and hear if this is a Purchase or Pass for you all :)

After you’re done with the photo overload, leave me a comment below telling me what you think! Stay tuned (via Instagram!) for swatches and a look at the newest nail polishes from Urban Decay on The Polish Obsessed!






The palette itself (which looks just like the beautiful box) While the pattern looks random, UD didn’t pull a “Vice 2″ here and make each palettes pattern unique, they’re all just like this :)






Can’t wait to get to working with this!!
What’s your verdict?

Polaris Cosmetics First Look!

Polaris Cosmetics First Look!

I happen to be a huge fan of Social Media. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) Not only because it helps me spread the word to all of you, but also because it helps me find brands that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the pleasure of trying. While searching makeup looks on Instagram, I stumbled upon Polaris Cosmetics. I loved their clean packaging and flawless colors. I was also thrilled to see a multitude of matte eye shadows- something I’ve had a hard time shopping for lately. I contacted the companies and they sent me a few products to try.

DSCN0031I received a wonderfully neutral (mostly matte) palette to work with, plus a tiny pop of color with a pinky nude lip gloss. I don’t know if I could have picked this out better myself.

DSCN0032The first thing that stood out to me about the packaging on their powders was the screw top lids. This makes applying makeup super easy when you’re going event makeup or just trying to get a little station or table set up to get going. This picture shows them topless ;)


These are the three “eyeshadows” I received. I use the word loosely because in fact, all of these can be used on any part of the face. The warm, matte brown shade is “Koko 71″, the toupe with cool grey shimmer is called Helium Haze and the gold toned yellow is “Golden Glow”. Each of these can be used as eyeshadow but Koko 71 would also make a great contour or bronzer and is also a great shade to fill in brows. For medium to deep tones, Golden Glow would make a great highlight or transition color.

DSCN0033I’ve got a big collection of brushes, but I’m always in search of a great contouring brush. What’s more is how extremely unique this one is! This is the Japanese Contour brush. This brush is just beyond flawless. It’s the perfect length and depth and the extra long handle makes it easy for me to get control or hold the handle a little closer for some great blending. The bristles are super soft and I love the angles I can get using this brush. I’ve got a very small nose and I have a hard time contouring the sides of my nose with most brushes but this one fits perfectly the length of my nose without getting too much product where I don’t need it. I absolutely recommend this brush!

DSCN0036I also received this beautiful lipgloss in “Natural Luster.” I will say that this gloss doesn’t look like the swatch on their site- it’s much more stunning. Their swatch looks a touch more mauve and a little darker. This is a shade I gravitate towards. It’s nude with a great pop of pink. This lipgloss has a thicker formula that is long-lasting on the lips. The lipgloss is a little heavy feeling but not sticky at all. I admit, I’m not normally a lip gloss person at all. I’m a lipstick fiend all the way, but this gloss feels good and it goes great over a lipstick. Score one for Polaris!


Swatched, the powders went on smoothly and very true to pan. I wasn’t sure if Koko 71 would swatch as smoothly, it’s hard to find a pigmented matte brown, but it held its own and I cannot wait to get to blending with it! The lipgloss, though not as pigmented as a lip stick has amazing color pay off!  After taking a tissue to my arm to start typing, I realized these powders also have some super staying power.

I’ll be using these today for my makeup look so be sure and follow TheRosySnail on Instagram to see the completed look! You can also follow Polaris Cosmetics to keep up with the latest and greatest from this brand!




Ipsy March 2014

Ipsy March 2014


I’ve been swapping SO much on eDivv that when the iconic pink metallic package showed up in the mail, I thought maybe it was a swap package. After all, us girls reuse any packaging we can! Turns out, I just got my Ipsy bag a little early this month! Score! If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, it’s a monthly subscription that costs a flat $10 (in the USA) and delivers 4-5 beauty items (loads of full size, some sample sizes- NO foil packets!). If you want to check it out for yourself, click HERE.

DSCN0011Each month, with your beauty items, you get a small makeup bag too. This month, Ipsy partnered with a designer to make this special bag. There is a little tag explaining and talking about the opportunity for you to design the next.

DSCN0012Up first is a great lotion by Pacifica. My manager at work has been inhaling this scent since it arrived at our store so I think I’ll pass this one her way. It smells absolutely DIVINE, I’ve just got a hefty collection of lotions, I need to bust those out :) This brand is definitely one of my all time favorites. This is a full (travel) size and retails for $7.

DSCN0014Ipsy has been sending me 5 items for SO long that it was a bit of a shock to get only 4 items this month. That  being said, these 4 were certainly up to par with what I expect from Ipsy.

DSCN0021I also received  a sample size of the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Get Ready. I happen to be a HUGE fan of these lipsticks and I own 5 or so. I do already own this color so I’ll be passing this mini along. The texture of these is creamy, but non-greasy and really long-lasting for such a moisturizing lipstick. (Just typing about it makes me want to go put some on.) These feel great and there is a wonderful color selection. This sample is worth $7.94

DSCN0022Another great brand! Be a Bombshell has been on my radar since I first got one of their products in an Ipsy bag and I’ve ordered twice from them since. I’m SO excited to see what discount we’ll get this month. This was the most exciting of the sneak peeks for me this month. I love their One Stick, Lipgloss, Blushes- everything I’ve tried so more! This is a great mid-cost brand to invest in!

DSCN0025I received their Eyeshadow Quad in Bora Bora. Aren’t these colors amazing?! And they’re all smooth and pigmented. I’m so happy to have received this. Next, I want to try the Quad in Barcelona, it looks AMAZING! This is full size and retails for $16

DSCN0026Last, but not least, I received a full size polish from Nicole by O.P.I.

DSCN0028(Excuse my naked nails!!) This is actually a texture polish (love!) called “On What Grounds?” I’ve not seen this in stores as all and since it’s a pastel, I’m sure it’s pretty new. I’m SO excited to try this product. There are 4 shades in the collection, but it looks like everyone who got this, received this particular shade. These retail for $7-$8, I’m gonna call it $8 since most texture polishes are a touch more expensive :)

The overall value of my bag this month? $38.94 PLUS the prettiest bag I’ve gotten in a while. I really love how different it is this month. The best part is I know I’ll use each of these items and that is always a plus. (Even the ones I’m choosing to gift are useful to me. I love to give gifts for no reason :) ) I’m excited to get my 2nd bag- mostly because I got a Chella eyeliner!!! Stay tuned for that “unbagging”!



Jordan Liberty’s Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Collection

Jordan Liberty’s Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Collection

After a hectic weekend (Congratulations to my Bride and Senior Prom Beauties!) I’m happy to slow it down a bit and take a look at a brand spanking NEW polish collection! As you might know, I’m a HUGE fan of They’ve expanded their monthly boxes to include goodies like intimates and accessories but it all started with a special curated Makeup box. Last September, they invited the fabulous Jordan Liberty to curate and that was the first time I’d heard of the man behind Give Good Face and I’ve been since stalking following him on Youtube and Instagram. Jordan Liberty included his beautifully crafted Lashes (another weakness of mine!) in the September box and caused quite a buzz!

For the month of March, Jordan is at it again. Curating a fun, new batch of boxes for the Wantable Beauty Box. This time, with another exciting addition to his Liberty Republic line up; Nail Lacquers. I was incredibly honored to have a first look at these polishes through Wantable. What’s even more exciting is that this polishes are making their early debut exclusively through this subscription service! More on that in a bit!


The SPELLBOUND Collection features 7 shades ranging from pastels to brights, cremes to shimmers. These seven polishes cover what is in my opinion, the essential range in polishes. I love that Jordan didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here by creating some off the wall polish color or glitter combination. He packed these shades full of color WOW and instead of reinventing nail polish, he improved upon the 7 must-have shades. Kudos.

As much thought as went into the shades that would be included in this release, a lot of thought went into what would be left out as well. The SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquers are 5-free, Vegan friendly and of course not tested of fluffy adorable, animals. I’ve seen this come up multiple times on Jordan Liberty’s YouTube video. This is also a theme throughout all the Wantable boxes I’ve received as well.

Bottle The packaging of these polishes features a square base and top but you can simply pop the top off to grip the slimmer, round textured “handle” inside. This made application much more precise. I love this attention to detail. I also found that like other brands featuring this double lid (not Julep, more like Butter London), you can use the outer lid to tighten and loosen the lid. This is a lifesaver if you have a messy painting session.

While you’ve already seen the stunning manicures I created using these polishes, I wanted to break it down a little more and tell you how it was working with each shade.

BelladonaBelladona is a great neutral pink. This one took 3 thin coats for bottle-like-coverage. All of the shades dried much quicker than your average bottle of polish, which made for absolutely zero bubbles in this multi-layer manicure. As a busy mom and a polish addict, I appreciate nothing more than a quick drying shade. This also comes in handy with clients, no matter the event. Let’s face it, the faster the dry- the better.

I had no problems guiding any of these polishes around my cuticle to get a clean line and only had to touch up around the cuticle area with one shade, but that was a user error when a accidentally bumped the bottle against my pinky.

ElixirLike I mentioned above, Jordan Liberty didn’t reinvent the wheel with these colors but this shade isn’t  something I’ll find anywhere else. Elixer is a violete-y nude that reminds me of my “perfect nude” lipstick. While matching my manicure to my lips is probably one of the most tacky trends I can think of, this polish has me tempted!

This shade is great on SO many skin tones and I can’t think of a single age that could not rock this muted tone.

TalismanUp next was Talisman. I have a confession with this color- I’m not a gold person. I was probably least looking forward to swatching this color. I love gold accents, but a full manicure in gold didn’t really appeal to me. I even considered doing a mash-up for my swatches for this color but wanted to show off the full nail. Turned out, it was for the better.

All of the SPELLBOUND lacquers self level amazingly well to provide a streak free finish, but Talisman took this to a whole other world. I find gold polishes to be streaky and hard to work with. You can generally see EVERY stroke you make with the brush. This polish is the exception to that rule. Once my nails were painted, it reminded me of gold leaf. Smooth, streak free and just fabulous. I had a hard time talking myself into taking this polish off in order to swatch the next.

LovespellLovespell is a seriously LOUD pink, and that is why I love it! This fuchsia is that HOT pink you’re looking for without the chalky texture or streaky application. This and a few other colors from this collection provide full coverage in just one pass (though I’m a two-coat kinda gal). I didn’t have any staining around my fingers from this shade, but I’d recommend a base coat with ALL these colors minus Belladona and Talisman.

OmenWhen I first saw sneak peeks of this collection, I thought Omen would be a standard blue-red but while it’s on the blue side, it’s much more of a vivid cherry than a blue red. This is a great middle of the road red and will look good on SO many skin tones. If you’ve ever been hesitant to pick up a red polish or confused by the whole “blue-red” “true red” conversation, grab this red. It’s fool-proof.

I did two coats of Omen (probably because it was the perfect consistency and glided little silk) but you could easily get away with one.

EnchantedEnchanted is the MOST pigmented color in the collection. This is the only swatch shown with literally one coat. I walked outside and just couldn’t justify adding another layer. I did have a tiny bit of staining (the kind you can easily scrub away with some soap and a nail brush) so be sure and base coat this color.

This polish is also the thickest in the collection and for that reason, the hardest to work with. It wasn’t too hard to use, just be sure and wipe the excess off your brush and pop off that square cap to get better control. This polish also dried the fastest so I’d call this my go-to for a last-minute manicure.


Last, but certainly not least, is Hex. Like Talisman, Hex takes on a liquid metal look easily and provides surprisingly little streaking for a polish with almost no effort. Because this is the darkest shade in the collection, I will warn that it will stain like NO other so be careful with removal and application. My first layer of Hex seemed very sheer and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this polish, turns out it needed that thin first later to act as glue for ALL that sparkle because I got bottle-like coverage in just two coats.

This blue is unique in that it layers turquoise shimmer over a deep, royal blue base. If you’re a fan of blues, this is a must-have.

Overall, these colors packed a big punch for me in a lot of ways. Across the board, the consistency was smooth and application was really easy. I’m excited to see what Wantable subscribers say as I think these would make stunning “beginner” polishes!

Want to get your hands on these polishes? For starters, you could give Wantable a go. Their monthly boxes are super affordable at $36 for 4-6 prestige cosmetic items. To get one of these in your box, you would just let them know in your profile that you’re a polish lover. OR you can purchase an exclusive box with all 7 shades HERE. Each bottle of polish retails for $14 on its own, but you can save a whopping $28 by picking them up all together. For the time being you can ONLY get these polishes through Wantable!

Which Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND nail Lacquer is your favorite?