CND Vinylux Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection

Happy Memorial Day! Whether you’re planning a BBQ out by the lake or you’re avoiding flooded areas in Central and Northern Texas like I am, I’m always down for a long lasting, chip free manicure. CND is best known for their amazing Shellac polish, but they also carry what they claim is a “Weekly polish”. The line is called Vinylux (Which, let’s admit is an awesome name for a polish line!) and it goes on just like regular polish, required no curing light and lasts a week or more. This weekend, I got to try out their newest collection, Garden Muse. This fun mix of jewel tones and soft, creamy pastels is perfectly on trend and I couldn’t wait to dig in!


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Mother’s Day with Hallmark #LoveHallmark #PutYourHearttoPaper

If you don’t think of cards when you hear the word Hallmark, I would have to assume you’ve been living under a rock. Not only are the two synonymous, but Hallmark does cards like nobody else, in a variety no one can top. This Mother’s Day, I had the chance to team up with Hallmark for #PutYourHearttoPaper and help share the love to all the special Moms out there! We got to check out a variety of stunning Mother’s Day cards and I can’t wait until the lucky ladies in my life get them in the mail!


The variety here is amazing! Some big, some small, stunning colors, GLITTER and even some cards that come with gifts! These 10 cards really showcase all the different ways you can show love with just a card. I was also blown away with the quality of these cards! I love looking through all the cards at Hallmark and I can always find a card that is perfect for the ones I love.

Below, check out all the fun cards I received! Then head over to The Rosy Snail on Facebook and enter our FLASH GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will with their own pack of 5 cards! Giveaway ends at 5pm (Central time) Saturday May 2nd. (That way, the winner will have plenty of time to receive and mail out her cards!)

  • If you've got littles, congratulate your Mom on the serious promotion she got!
    If you’ve got littles, congratulate your Mom on the serious promotion she got!
  • Funny cards are a default for me, I admit!
    Funny cards are a default for me, I admit!
  • This punch line!!
    This punch line!!
  • For my Spanish speaking loves!
    For my Spanish speaking loves!
  • This boho chic cards is beautiful and super sweet!
    This boho chic cards is beautiful and super sweet!
  • I loved sending this to one of my regnant friends! This will be her first baby!
    I loved sending this to one of my regnant friends! This will be her first baby!
  • Glitter! Pink Glitter!
    Glitter! Pink Glitter!
  • This one made me laugh!
    This one made me laugh!
  • Proud to say, I'm one of THESE moms!
    Proud to say, I’m one of THESE moms!
  • This one could not be more perfect for the coffee lovers! It comes with a coffee sleeve!
    This one could not be more perfect for the coffee lovers! It comes with a coffee sleeve!
  • And an adorable message!
    And an adorable message!
  • This one also comes with a gift! A laser cut wooden necklace. So beautiful!
    This one also comes with a gift! A laser cut wooden necklace. So beautiful!

Birchbox April 2015


It’s true! I’m giving Birchbox another go. I couldn’t really say why I took a break from Birchbox other than I was spending a lot of money in their shop! With their point system, you earn $5 (or more) worth of points when you post reviews on the items you go in your box. You can redeem these points in $10 increments. Often, I use the $10 and spend another $20-30 on the order. Don’t get me wrong, this point system is amazing! I’ve just got a shopping problem! So, Birchbox is only $10 a month and for the price, you receive 5 beauty samples. Much like my beloved BB5 or Ipsy. The big difference? Often, Birchbox will send small samples, one-time use samples and packets. Womp Womp.

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SoleMates, saving lives this Prom Season!

It’s Prom and Wedding Season here in Texas and aside from gorgeous dresses and makeup that will blow your mind, I think of shoes. I had the most amazing shoes for my prom. Bright pink, strappy pointed heels. They hurt my feet in the best way! After hours of dancing, they were killing my feet! I kept them on through that until disaster struck! Post Prom “Breakfast” at Denny’s and my clumsy self steps into a flower bed and nearly bit the dust! At this point, my heels are covered in mud and I take them off. Had this happened earlier in the evening, I imagine I would have been scrubbing the satin heel of my shoe in a bathroom sink. You know, keeping it really classy. Now, I know should I need to bust out my heels for say, an outdoor wedding, I’ve got SoleMates and I’ll never relive this tragedy.IMG_0621

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NEW blendSMART rotating Makeup Brush System


I just got a really exciting email from my inside woman at QVC and I can’t wait to share more about this product! We all know buffing makeup into the skin properly can be the most time consuming part of any makeup routine. Blending is a must! What if I told you there was a new innovative product that does all the grunt work for you? We have rotating face brushes in the world of skin care, not it’s time to step up our makeup application fame in a similar way! Below is a little more about this beauty innovation! You can expect a full review very soon! This will hit QVC tomorrow so don’t wait if you’re as curious as I am!!

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Love With Food Deluxe April 2015 RANT

I normally try to “space out” my subscription boxes a little bit, but I just got my Love With Food box. This is a brand new subscription for me and I thought this would be a fun change of pace  from my beauty boxes. Unfortunately, this one is a bit of a rant. If you’re not familiar with Love With Food, this is a monthly box that is $10 a month + $2 shipping for their “tasting box” (which is 8-10 snacks) or $19.95 per month for their Deluxe box. Shipping is included and is suppose to be 16-20 snacks. There are discounts available when you purchase more than one month at a time and those options are a 6 month plan and a year plan. They have a very small point system, you get 10 points per month with a tasting box and 20 points with the Deluxe box. As I learned today, you can’t use any of your points until you have enough to cover an item completely or $10….each point equals 1 cent. So, basically, this is useless. It looks like you can also earn 10 points for a review, that would be an extra 100 points for this box. Still nowhere near the 1000 points needed to begin spending. At that rate, it would take 10 months. Forever.

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Ipsy April 2015

It’s Ipsy time! Ipsy is a monthly subscription that is just $10 per month. I’ve been with Ipsy since their second month (circa 2012) and I adore this subscription. For the price, you’ll receive a cute makeup bag and 4-5 beauty items. They range from makeup and tools to skincare and hair care. Typically, there is a little bit of everything. Mostly, you’ll receive deluxe sizes but every once in a while, there is a full size product sprinkled in! No matter, the value is always more than the $10. Shipping is also free in the US and there is no tax. Just $10 a month, period.

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Manic Panic’s New Lipstick Shades!

You probably know Manic Panic for their brightly hued, peroxide free hair dyes. I admit that as a mom, it’s been a few years since I’ve purchased dyes from this companies. It’s certainly not because I don’t believe they make the best dyes around, but I tend to add color in other places. Like my nails and my clothes, I also love adding bold shades to my lips! It’s an addiction of mine! They recently sent me an email about the new shades to their lipstick lines and let me pick 3 to try out! I picked a good mix of finishes and colors!

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We LOVE Zoku!

My boys are always down to help Mommy with a little bit of product testing. Kids are honest and I can always count of them to tell it likes it is. Needless to say when I heard about a product that makes frozen treats, we were interested, when they told me Zoku could freeze our treats in a mere 7-9 minutes, my mind was blown!


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It’s that time of year and we just planted everything under the sun! We love keeping a garden and had great success with herbs last year so this year we branched out to fruits and veggies as well! I even planted new flower bulbs in a new bed in the front yard! We spent the better part of 2 Saturdays slaving away. I don’t know about you, but after a long afternoon of yard work, my body is tired! I recently reached out to and they sent me two items to help make that work easier and less stress on my body!

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