FlipStir #ShakeStirLove

FlipStir #ShakeStirLove


Every once in a while, our family just needs to unplug. I love social media and the blogashere, I could never deny that, but sometimes low tech really piques my interest. I recently heard about an exciting new way to unplug and relax. These fun, encapsulated puzzles are by FlipStir.

Essentially, the puzzle is self contained and you use the stir stick inside to place the pieces in the proper order. Your only tool is a long rod with a small foot on the end.


In the Flip Stir line, there are Level 1 and Level 2 puzzles. These “levels” essentially tell you how hard these puzzles with be. I noticed that the shapes of the puzzles were either straight or wavy. This one above is a Level 1 and it is a photo of the rainbow displayed with colored pencils. I thought it was especially funny that they placed the images on the bottom. If you need to look again for a reference, you risk mixing the pieces up!


My favorite puzzle was this Statue of Liberty puzzle. This is a Level 2 and as you can see there are waxy edges on each piece. I thought this puzzle was fun and challenging, much of Lady Liberty’s skirt looked the same and I’m sure I thought I was done at least twice before I was actually successful.


It took me about 20 minutes to complete this puzzle.
Overall, I thought these were REALLY fun and I love the idea of being able to do puzzles on the go! I’ve done this puzzle a few times since it arrived at the doorstep and it’s a fun, calming activity!

If you want to learn more about FlipStir, check them out HERE!

Luminess Air Giveaway!

Luminess Air Giveaway!


I am EXTREMELY excited to write my entire review on my experience with Luminess Air this weekend and I have to tell you, it’s been nothing short of stellar! I realized you guys might not want to wait that long so, I’m going to let this slip a little early! One lucky reader will get their very own Luminess Air Beauty System featuring the air compressor and stylus, 4 foundation shades, a moisturizing primer, blush & highlight! Enter below to win!

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#Gleamalicious with Gleam by Melanie Mills

#Gleamalicious with Gleam by Melanie Mills

Okay, it’s true I absolutely GUSH every time I talk about Melanie Mills. Every. Single. Time. Why? Because Melanie Mills has made a career out of making people gleam! I got into esthetics to make women feel good about themselves and when I discovered makeup artistry, I really learned how to make someone really sparkle. I fell hard for glitter and highlighting products right around the time when I had the opportunity to meet Melanie herself and hear about how she was kicking up her gleam game even more!

So, first off, if you haven’t heard the name Melanie Mills before, I guarantee you’ve seen her work! Melanie Mills created Gleam by Melanie Mills which is a body cosmetic created while she was working on the set of Dancing with the Starts! Yeah, that beautiful tan and glow all the dancers have? You can blame that on Melanie Mills! She took this product and created an entire Gleam line!

I’ve been using Gleam products in my personal routine but also my bridal jobs and it’s gotten rave reviews. Recently, Gleam started carrying some great trial/mini kits so I wanted to tell you how you can try all of the colors for a great deal!



Recently I received a selection of  stunning products to try out! I received their Body Radiance, Radiant Dust and Lip Radiance!


It all started with Body Radiance. This is a liquid cosmetic, moisturizer and glowing highlight all in one. You simply apply Body Radiance all over the skin and work it in for a wonderful color and glow.


Body Radiance is available in 4 shades: Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold and Deep Gold. Shown above is Deep Gold and Rose Gold. Rose Gold is their signature color (and the original shade). These colors work for all skin tones. With Rose Gold, you get a beautiful golden shade with pink undertones. On fair skin, Deep Gold can be used to create a tan all by itself, just be sure and work it well into the skin.

Body Radiance is  transfer resistant, doesn’t stain and is streak free. Honestly, applying this product is absolutely fool proof. You can also achieve different tones with different colors on different skin tones and you can even mix the colors for a custom color. I personally love wearing Rose Gold, but recently discovered mixing Deep & Rose gold for a deeper, pink toned gold! Generally, Body Radiance is $15 per ounce, $30 for a 2oz bottle. Right now, you can get a Pro Pack featuring a 1oz bottle of each of the 4 shades for only $40. (The sizes above are the 1oz bottle)


They also just released a sampler of the Radiant Dust. After the success of Body Radiance, Melanie Mills worked to create a powder version of her much loved radiance shades. The power version opens up a whole new world of possibility. I prefer to use these on the face (especially for oilier skin types) and they work great for cheeks, lips and eyes. These are great for contouring the bust or collar bones as well as the face. The new sampler is $25 for a .3oz size (shown above) of each of the 4 shades!


Here is a comparison of the full size (which I own in Rose Gold) and the smaller sample sizes. The full size of the Radiance dust. As you can see, the original size is HUGE. I use this product all the time and you can barely tell I’ve used any of it at all!




Here are some swatches: Light Gold, Bronze Gold & Rose Gold.


Lastly, I received two Lip Radiance lip glosses. These lip glosses are ultra pigmented, hydrating and last forever on the lips! Think liquid lipstick but without that flat, drying feeling. These stay glossy and bold! These retail for $24 and come in 7 couture shades.


I received Naked, which has been a staple in my kit for a long time. I’ve repurchased this color at least twice. I’m in love! And Up Against the Wall. I had never tried this one, but I’ve fallen in love!


When I first swatched this I spent a few minutes studying it trying to decide how I would describe this to you guys. It’s a red, but it’s not a blue red or a red based red. It’s not quite a brick…then it hit me, like a brick. This is a lovely Marsala shade! Which happens to be the Pantone color of the year! I adore this gloss and can’t wait to do a night out look featuring this lip color!

If you haven’t already, be sure and check out Gleam by Melanie Mills online HERE or keep up with them on Facebook!
Gleam by Melanie Mills hands down makes the most fabulous body cosmetics I’ve ever tried but if that isn’t enough to sell you on them, you should know all the products are formulated:
• NO animal testing or products • NO sulfates • NO parabens • NO harsh ingredients • NO phthalates • NO GMOs • NO petroleum products and are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA



Bloominous! DIY Flowers for your BIG day!

Bloominous! DIY Flowers for your BIG day!
Bloominous! DIY Flowers for your BIG day!

I have a new obsession and I cannot wait to tell you guys about this fun company! I got a package a few days ago from Bloominous. Bloominous is a floral delivery company but it’s unlike any other flower delivery I’ve ever received! Bloominous sends everything you need for flower arrangements for your big day. Take your wedding for instance. If you’re married or planning a wedding, you’ve probably seen a few jaw dropping price tags! I’ve seen bridal bouquets priced over $600. I’m sorry, but that is insane!! I think flowers are so important, espeically to the bride, but they last only a week or so. Bloominous cuts the price and sends you everything you’ll need for the essential pieces like bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and more.


To try out their service, Bloominous sent me the Centerpiece from their Vintage Cottage Collection. You can pick from several current collections, but they also do custom work!

IMG_0258 (1)

Inside, I found gorgeous flowers, greens and accents plus a beautiful vase.


As soon as I opened the box, I found the first set of instructions. They left nothing to chance and they cover every inch in this how-to! Since the flowers have been through so much getting to my house, the first step is to prep them and let them have a nice break hydrating in some water. My one and only negative through this entire experience was that they left out the plant food in my delivery. My centerpiece is on day 4 and still looking great so I don’t think the lack of food effected my flowers too much.


I thought maybe, I would make a huge mess taking on the prepping of flowers. I took a 6-week course on floral design in high school and I remember the whole area being a huge mess. I peeled off the outer layer of petals of the roses, pulled off all the leaves that would fall below the waterline and cut about an inch off each flower/stem. I ended up with a small pile of waste. It was honestly fun! I think any of the Bloominous kits would be perfect to turn into a party for your Bride’s maids! Get some wine and you’re ready for a fun girl’s night in!


My flowers resting a bit :) I have to tell you guys, these roses are HUGE! They were the size of my palm on day one, before they had even opened at all! I was completely blown away with how huge these were!!



After the rest (I let my flowers hydrate overnight), I moved on to the assembly! They sent a handy guide to which flowers are which…



and the other side tells you how to put the flowers together! I had a BLAST doing this! It was so fun to make this piece exactly how I wanted it!



Here is my finished centerpiece! Isn’t it beautiful?!

Remember how I said the roses were huge?! I felt like there were almost too many flowers in my vase so I ended up taking a small rose vase and making this mini centerpiece for my living room! I included one blush rose, one white rose and some baby’s breath. I loved that they really went wild with the flowers. Having too many is always a good problem to have!

You might be wondering how much something like this could run you. After all, they sent premium quality flowers plus the vase and expert (all their florists have over 10 years experience!) instructions on recreating a beautiful piece! This beautiful kit is only $50. Plus, you get free shipping on any order over $99. Plus, the stunning bouquet from this same collection is only $60!

Not only is this a cost effective alternative to spending thousands on a florists, but I think this would make a fun get together with those closest to you who are helping to make your big day special! Though I’m already married, I definitely see myself ordering centerpieces  from Bloominous in the future! Be sure and check out the other collections HERE and keep up with Bloominous on Facebook!


PediPed FLEX

PediPed FLEX


As my boys get bigger, I’m realizing that there are some things that are more important than they were when they were little. Parker has always been a fan of getting new shoes but now that he’s an active 5-year-old, it’s more important than ever to put him in the right shoes. We recently had the chance to try a pair of shoes from PediPed and let’s just say, they’re a hit!


PediPed does more than make stylish looking shoes. They believe in comfort, quality and style (in the order) and each shoes is engineered to promote healthy foot development. Their award-winning shoes come in over 130 styles from newborn to size 4.5 youth. While your child is growing, the last thing you’d want is ill fitting, non-supportive shoes. I want the best for my kids and I think we’ve found it in PediPed. They sent Parker a pair from their FLEX line, for sizes 6-13.5 (toddler sizes)


Parker received the Flex Jake in Navy. Not only do these shoes look cool, but they have some great features! These shoes are made of leather and feature a breathable leather lining and a flexible rubber sole. For Parker, these are his “nice” shoes. We won’t go running in puddles in these beauties! The faux laces give these a “big boy” feel, but my little guy can easily put these on by himself with the velcro closure. Parker was due to size up after wearing a size 12 shoe for some time and the size 29 (12.5-13 in US sizing) fit him great with a little room to grow!



Speaking of room to grow, each pair of PediPed’s come with a thin  2mm Memory Foam Technology insert. This adds 2mm to the inside of the shoe, insuring a snug fit and also adding a bit more support to the foot. When your child’s foot grows bigger, you can remove the insert. I like this idea for a more custom fit to your child’s foot.


Parker gave these shoes a HUGE thumbs up! He likes the way they fit and he says they make him “super fast”. If you want to check out PediPed for yourself feel free to browse their website HERE. You can also interact with them on Facebook & Instagram!



Beauty Box 5 March 2015

Beauty Box 5 March 2015



Beauty Box 5 is here again! I adore this Texas based subscription box. They do a great job of sending affordable and useful products. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything and just thought- Nope, not happening. They really think about what is fun to try and I think their boxes are always really, really balanced! You can also get a 12-month subscription for only $99 making this the most affordable box around! This month was especially impressive because we got THREE full size items!


This month’s theme is Hustle and that could not be more fitting for me! With switching jobs and focusing on my career, I was excited to see this theme. All of these products will go great with a polished, professional look. #Hustle This is probably my favorite box theme ever. Just sayin’!


The first thing I pulled out of my box is this Eslor sampler pack. I’ve received this sampler before in a previous box (though a don’t remember which) and I remember REALLY liking it. I don’t recall what kept me from purchasing a full size. I especially liked their Peeling Gel and and Refining Mask. This 4-piece set is worth $17.04 If you’re apprehensive about trying new skin care, I highly recommend this one. I made a day of it and tried all 4 at once. I’m planning on doing another day just like that!


Next is a body lotion sample. This is from Elite Therapeutics and the scent is Rosemary Eucalyptus. The scent is, as you may have guessed, a bit herbal based. This isn’t a cookie cutter Bath & Body Works scent and I happen to really like it. I have another brand of organic body products that I really love but I’m always interested in trying another. This sample is worth $1.19


This month, Nanacoco was SUPER generous and sent everyone TWO full size products! I was so surprised! I wouldn’t say beauty boxes are really known for sending out full size products! If you recall, I’ve LOVED Nanacoco products in the past and I actually have a hefty collection of their glosses. They sent a full size of their thickening mascara (retails for $4.99) and a full size of their Laugh out Loud Lip Gloss (retails for $3.99).

I have this weird thing about mascara and if it smells like glue, I will NOT use it. So being that this mascara is pretty inexpensive, I’ll admit, I smelled it. It smells great! Just like all my other mascaras. Nothing weird going on there! This mascara is true to its name. It adds thickness (volume) but not a lot of length. I already have long lashes so this is fine for me. If this isn’t the case for you, you might layer it with another mascara.

The lip gloss I got was called ” Call Me Babe” and it’s a metallic, slightly taupe mauve color. I’m kinda addicted! It smells sooooo good and I don’t have enough metallic glosses in my collection.


Lastly, I got a full size eyeliner from Styli-Style in Orchid. This is a great black-based purple. Perfect for a strong smokey eye. This will go great with a Too Faced palette I purchased recently! This retails for $4.99

And…..drum roll, please! This month’s box is worth a whopping $32.20. Even if you’re not excited about skin care (I get it, some people don’t live for new skin products like I do!) you still get 3 full size makeup items and a killer lotion! This box was fabulous! 


Whish Shave Cream + GWP

Whish Shave Cream + GWP

I wanted to get this blog post out STAT for two reasons. One, I really excited about this product and the fact that it just hit Ulta stores! It’s a huge deal when a brand finally gets shelf space in a brick and mortar store, let alone space at my beloved Ulta! And two, there is a KILLER deal and GWP going on at Ulta and today is the first day so if you’re interested in snagging the deal, get on it!!

I first heard of Whish last July when I received a .75oz sample of their shave cream in my Birchbox. To quote myself, “The first thing I pulled out of my box was the Whish Shave Cream in Acai Grapefruit. I understand the benefits of a good shaving cream but I’ve just yet to find one that truly wows me. That being said I’m thrilled to be able to try this one! Maybe I’ll fall in love. This is a perfect example of why I subscribe to boxes like this, something I never think to shop for, but really need!” As you can tell, I had yet to try the shave cream but the foreshadowing is pretty heavy. I did fall in love but I hated paying shipping for a product that was already priced for luxury! Now, I can just pop into my local Ulta for their full range! (THAT is my kind of luxury!)



So right now, you can walk into Ulta and get all of this for $16 (plus the sales tax in your area). This 4 piece, deluxe sample GWP is yours with any $20 purchase. Their amazing shave cream is $20 BUT you can use the 20% off coupon and get it for only $16!

I have to highly recommend this shaving cream for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I’ve never once cut myself using it. I wouldn’t say I cut my self shaving often but with two littles who know nothing about privacy, I can’t remember the last time I took an uninterrupted shower. A 4-year-old throwing the shower curtain open because his brother spilled his cereal can make anyone jump. Also, this shaving cream is super hydrating!

Another reason I really love that these are now in stores at Ulta is you get to SMELL them! I can generally guess which fragrances I would like and which would be iffy but not always. I have no clue what “Blue Agave” would smell like….is it Hawaiian? Like…what does Agave smell like? Sugar? Is it sweet? Why is it Blue? WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES BLUE SMELL LIKE?! Well, now I know. It’s kinda musky. I like it. I went with Pomegranate this go around but I’m already planning my next Coconut scented purchase.


Whish Shave Cream might seem a little expensive to some, but I assure you, it’s worth the money. Not to mention, the packaging is anything but cheap! It comes with a heavy-duty pump and super thick, sturdy packaging. Also, I think it looks really cute in my shower!


On to the juicy part- what you get for FREE. This 4-piece set has some excellent size “minis”. Here’s what’s inside:
-2.5ox Body Butter in Lavender (online, Ulta says you will receive 1 of 3 available scents, but my Ulta just has the one scent in at this time!) This is 1/2 the full size product and worth $12!
-.75oz Self Tanner in Coconut Milk. This smells awesome and I’m VERY interested to see if this works. It is a white cream and is described as a body butter with self tanner and natural firming ingredients. Worth $4.50
– 4x Deodorant Swipes with hair inhibitor. This product sounds awesome! Worth $2.67
-.2oz Post wax & shave serum. Not sure if this is something I need, but I plan to try it and see. Worth $4.09

All of the Whish products are between $18 and $38 so I do think of them as a special treat. It’s even more of a special treat to get a great deal on them and I LOVE the idea of being able to try all these amazing products.

I hope if you’re interested in this GWP, you’re able to stop by your local Ulta soon and see if they have it in stock! If you get one, leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you thought and what scent of Body Butter you got your hands on!! Happy Shopping!

Ipsy March 2015

Ipsy March 2015

It feels like it’s bee forever since I posted a beauty box! You may not know but I’ve been with Ipsy since 2012. I got their 2nd bag in 2012 and I’ve been booked since. I’ve been with Ipsy since they were MyGlam. I loved Ipsy bags so much that I actually began getting two. I took a break from this more recently but I just started getting two, again, this month! I’m feeling a little leukewarm about this months bags so we’ll see how long this last!



I got both of my bags on the same day, which I love!

This month’s theme was Flower Power! I’ll be honest, I adored the bag, but other than that I really didn’t feel like the overall theme translated into my products. When I think of Flower Power, I obviously think of the 70’s and a fresh faced, braided hair, lettin’ it all hang out vibe.


This water color inspired print on the bag is definitely cute!


My first bag feels really complete on first glance! This is a great mix of skin care and makeup with no hair care. I’m all hair care’d out at the moment so I was happy to see this. All of these products make me happy (in theory) and I can imagine some great looks with this makeup!

Let’s break these down!


Dr. Brant’s anti-aging mattifying lotion. I use MAC’s mattifying lotion my daily skin care routine and it can be a little pricy. Because of that, I wasn’t too shocked to see that this lotion came with a $60 price tag (but for a fairly large bottle at 1.7oz). I haven’t tried it under makeup but from swatching it on my hand, I can already tell I’m going to like this product! At .25oz, this a $8.83 sample value. I will easily get a week or two’s use out of this, plenty of time to see if it works well with my skin!


Next, I got a pretty large size sample of Boo Boo Cover Up. I’ve reviewed and given away Boo Boo Cover Up and I happen to think it’s great stuff! The coverage is nice, it stays put and it layers nicely under makeup. I do have one complaint though. On my Ipsy profile, I listen my skin tone as fair and Boo Boo Cover Up is obviously too dark for my winter skin tone. I see this all the time with Ipsy and I don’t see why they ask my skin tone if you’re going to completely ignore my answer. Since I do makeup, I can use this in my kit and it will be my shade once I get a tan. This is a .13oz sample with a value of $7.65 (P.S. Boo Boo Cover Up just released a light and dark so maybe I’ll review those soon for you guys!



I got a NYX Butter Lipstick in each of my Ipsy bags this month. This shade is Hunk.




Of the two colors I received, this one was the most streaky. I do enjoy the formula of these and I’m always appreciative of the HUGE color range NYX offers. I think for $6 these are a beauty on a budget score.


I have been really excited to try new face washes lately. I have a review for one I picked up today coming shortly. So, I’m really excited to try this Pur-lisse Pur-delicare Gently Soy Milk Cleanser. This is a pretty large sample size at 1oz and I know I have other Pur-lisse minis laying around I can try with this! I love milk cleansers because they are gently and they also do a fabulous job at removing makeup and dirt. This sample is worth $6.43


Last in this bag was the Vintage by Jessica Lieveskind Illuminating Face Highlighter. I’ve never heard of this brand and I’m still undecided on what to think of this overall. This product is about 1″ square (the pan itself) and it’s really pigmented but this isn’t part of their regular line and their Ipsy Exclusive they listed on their site says it’s $26. I don’t see who would pay $26 for something this size. Becaues they don’t list the sizes on their site, I can’t say how big the regular size is. I’m going to say this is a 1/3 size and value it at $8.67. (Which I think is generous)

By my calculations, the sample value for my first bag is $37.58. That’s a huge value for a $10 subscription. If you haven’t checked out Ipsy yet, you can click HERE to subscribe. It’s just $10 a month. No shipping fees or taxes (in the USA)

Check back tomorrow for my other bag! Comment below what you got in your bag and what you loved or really disliked! I’m always interested to see what you guys get, too!!




New things to come!

New things to come!

It has bee nearly 6 months since I’ve blogged! It’s been hard to be away from my fantastic readers but life has been so busy! Most notably, I started a fabulous job working as a stylist for Stitch Fix! You might have heard of them if you’re a regular blog reader, but if not, I’ll fill you in on this amazing personalized shopping company soon! (Expect a lot of updates!) In the same month, both my boys started Pre-K.  I never realized that my kids being in school would actually take up more time! I laugh looking back because I thought I would be getting a break! After two years as a Prestige Consultant with Ulta, I made the decision to focus on my family and the amazing opportunity I have with Stitch Fix. I’m honestly so sad to leave such a fun job and the great ladies I work with! It will be quite the transition!

Now that you’re caught up, what’s new? Well, you can expect the same great reviews, giveaways and information as always but you’ll be seeing more of me! Haha. Expect more fashion, my on daily life and just MORE! I’ve got some great things coming your way over the next few weeks so be sure you’re plugged in on Instagram and Facebook!  I love following you guys back so be sure and comment so I see you!


For now, I’ll leave you with this silly Starbuck’s Webcam selfie ;) Happy Friday!!

Huggies NEW Little Snugglers Diapers

Huggies NEW Little Snugglers Diapers

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies & Target. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

I vividly remember when my son was born 5 weeks early and the thought crossed my mind, there isn’t a diaper small enough for his tiny back side. My mind quickly raced to think of a diaper that would be “good enough” for my tiny, 4lb baby. It had to offer the best protection and it had to be comfortable. After all, he would go on to spend 8 days in the NICU with tubes, wires and IV’s all around, he deserved comfort.

Luckily, my mother had thought ahead. She took me to Target where I registered for the things we’d truly need. You can register online or you can go into any Target store, register on their kiosk and be given a scanner to add items to your list. I admit, this was my favorite part of making the registry! My mom joked as we scanned a box of diapers, “You might want to scan a few more. You’re going to need them!”. How right she would be! Target’s registry made it easy for me to tell friends and family that we were a Huggies family, thanks to my Mom’s recommendation, and we received enough diapers to get us through the first few months.

We’ve since used Huggies diapers for our second child, gifted them to all our expectant friends and we’ll use Huggies again, should we get the chance! I recently heard they had a new diaper in town and we got the chance to check them out!


We dropped by our local Target and finally laid eyes on the newest Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers. (Is anyone else a sucker for the adorable little babies on these boxes?!) As you can see, Target is always fully stocked on Huggies!


I thought my “old” Huggies were superior, but these truly take the cake! The new Huggies Little Snugglers feel amazingly soft! Your hug is the first thing your baby feels. Make sure the second hug feels just as good! The soft, pillow like feel is  enough to have me jumping for joy, knowing what I already know about their amazing leak protection, but it does get better. The new GentleAbsorb* Liner for a cushiony layer of protection with hundreds of tiny absorbent pillows to help draw mess away from your baby’s delicate newborn skin.


Plus, they’ve thought of all the little things, so you don’t have to:
-Cottony-soft inside and out to help keep new baby comfy
-Wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time to change
-Umbilical cord cut-out to help protect sensitive belly buttons.
-Flexible, pocketed back waistband to help keep in mess
-Unique stretchy SnugFit* Waistband provides a gentle, secure fit

As if there wasn’t already enough to love about Huggies products, the brand is offering a beautiful giveaway. Each month, one lucky Mom-to-be has the chance to have her wish filled by Huggies Register Your Wish. All you do is add Huggies Diapers & Wipes to your registry and submit your wish.

Whether you’re a first time mom or a seasoned pro, Huggies is the way to go. Give your baby unbeatable skin care with NEW! Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers. If you’ve got a busy schedule, it’s easy to keep Huggie’s at hand. NEW! Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers are in grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide, like Target! Available in five sizes, from Preemie (up to 6 lbs) through Size 3 (16-28 lbsSuggested retail price of $11.99 for a Jumbo Pack and $22.99 for a Big Pack (diaper count varies based on diaper size).