Printed Valentine’s Day Gifts from Knock, Knock + Giveaway


Knock, Knock makes the most clever gifts. They have some cute heartfelt notes, but I admit, I love to laugh just as much as I love to love, so quirky, giggle worthy gifts are my favorite. Nothing is better than laughing freely with the ones you love! I browsed their Valentine’s Day Shop and picked a few favorites (plus a wild card) to share with you guys! Plus, one lucky reader will with this cute set of 4!

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LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle + Giveaway


LELO makes some of my absolute favorite adult toys and accessories and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they really know how to spice things up! From things that power up your play to massage candles to bring the pace back down to earth, LELO makes quality products to every taste. I recently got the chance to try out their Flickering Touch Massage Candle and offer readers the chance to win one in their choice of scent!

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Valentine’s Day Drinks with Glass Dharma + Giveaway

If you’re planning a little bit of a post date visit, be it at his place or yours, cocktails are always a fun idea! If you’re hosting, gather up a few of these goodies for some drinks that are sure to please in taste and appearance! I think it’s important that a drink tastes amazing, but also looks super cute for a special day like Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to go Pinterest on you, it’s easy to pull off!


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Valentine’s Day gifts by Magic Cabin + Giveaway!

I am always looking for adorable, cutesy things to decorate around my house for various holidays, seasons and events throughout the year. I want something that is well made and not typically mass produced. I get a bit of a kick out of being the only one I know with a certain decor piece! I recently heard about the adorable children’s items available at Magic Cabin and fell in love with their Valentine’s Day selection!



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Stick With It Valentine’s Day Giveaway

It’s no secret that I love the Stick With It Palettes. As far as “customizable” palettes go, I think they’re the most versatile housing everything from makeup pans and tools to false lashes, crafting supplies and just about anything small enough to fit inside! A few years ago, I shared a great kit I put together using one of my Stick With It Palettes and I’ve continues to make palettes for different occasions and the best part is you only need to own one of these babies to create a palette that fits your ever changing style and needs!



To celebrate Valentine’s Day- a day where you never want to be unprepared for what the night might bring, I teamed up with Stick With It to give away one of their new colors! They have two new options, Sea Glass, which is my favorite! Or a new limited edition Shimmer Silver! To win, all you have to do is register below and share an image on Instagram of one item you would put in your Valentine’s Day Palette!

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February Elementary Box + Giveaway

Love is in the air and if you’re a mom like me, you’re getting some stunning heart covered art work this week in your kids’ backpacks. Nothing makes me feel more loved than my (almost) 5-year-old’s hearts that truly just look like butts. For those who are teaching my littles about love and how to create this art, mad props! But nothing says “mad props” like a little gift to brighten their day and make their job that much easier. For that, we’ve got Elementary Box. If you recall, we got to dive in to their September Box last year and it was adorable! I gifted it to my son’s teacher and she was hooked! Whether you’re homeschooling or teaching or just hoping to have tools at your home to help enhance what your kids are learning at school, Elementary Box is a fun way to add tools and treats to your arsenal.


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Get Naked With Zoya

Hey guys! Welcome to day one of Valentine’s Day with Things We Love! I’m so thrilled to share some Valentine’s Day products, reviews, giveaways and even a few DIY tutorials with you all over the next few weeks!  If you aren’t already, I would highly recommend subscribing via email and checking out The Rosy Snail on social media so you don’t miss out on anything in this event! You can find the email subscription on the right hand side bar near the top and follow social media at these links: Facebook Twitter Instagram To help spread the love, I’ll be following everyone back on Instagram this week! I love seeing what you guys are up to and what products you’re into at the moment!

The first product I’m really loving that I’m excited to share is from Zoya. I’m always doing my best to keep up with the latest nail trends, which you might notice if you’re even on TheRosySnail instagram. From stamping and water marbles to french tips and gel manicures, my nails take a beating! All in the name of art! For the most part, it’s harmless and I keep a pretty good routine of rehydrating and caring for my nails. That doesn’t mean I’m immune to dry nails (especially after a week with gels on) or the ever annoying yellowing nails.

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Mishibox December 2015 + GIVEAWAY


I’m sorry if anyone is bored by seeing two NEW subscription boxes back to back, but if that is how you feel then a.) Stop reading now and b.) We can’t be friends because subscriptions are bae. k.bye. For everyone else, I’m so, so stupid excited about this box! Mishibox is a box that focuses on Korean Beauty brands. Not to bring up a stereotype but I always hear that Asian brands know skincare. I used to think, once upon a moon, that it was just that Asian women had amazing skin and it was a completely unattainable standard but no. They make amazing skin care and said Asian women buy and use before mentioned skin care and BAM. Baby butt skin. I’m in.

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ThermaPearl #StockingStuffers


The older my boys get, the more holiday prep takes it’s tole. From decorating and wrapping to the shopping and cooking, it’s a lot to do as a parents. The good thing is that none of us are alone in this stress. It’s just how it is as a parent. I find myself asking for a “break” when it comes to my Christmas wishlist. I want to sleep in, pee by myself, take a bubble bath that isn’t filled with hot wheels and I want to look like I’ve gotten twice as much sleep as I really get. Like most people, I can’t get everything I want, but since this ThermaPearl Eye Mask is in my stocking, I’ll get some of it.

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