#FallIntoABetterRoutine with Acure Organics #TheBasics

You might see on Instagram that I am an Acure Organics junkie. It’s not really a secret and they make some of my favorite products, hands down! With the weather changing it’s the perfect time to step back and reevalutate your current skin care routine. As it gets colder, your skin has different needs. For most of us, that means more moisture, more exfoliation and less cleaning. While SPF is always a good idea, if you’re going to be bundled up indoors, it’s not as critical over the next few months! I got an amazing care package from Acure a few weeks ago and now I wanted to sure some of my Fall must-haves for the basics: cleansing and moisturizing!


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Queen of Hearts featuring CameraReadyCosmetics.com


Happy October (which is really a month long celebration of Halloween, if you didn’t already know!) I’ve got another tutorial for you guys today! I had my friend Caitlin sit down and we worked on our take on the Queen of Hearts. There have been so many different variations on this villianous Queen over the years and it’s so fun to play around with the heart shape when dressing up! We mashed a little Disney (taking the overdone blue eyeshadow featured on Helena Bonham Carter in the most recent Alice in Wonderland rendition) and adding a touch of avant garde with an odd face shape! Most of the products we used can be found at CamerReadyCosmetics.com!

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WaterWeek Kids by Reduce Brands| Halloween Edition!

With all the hustle and bustle of this Halloween, one of our top priorities is being fully prepared for out litles. Today is actually the first “cool” day in Central Texas (and by cool, I mean 81 degrees) so Fall is slow to drop the temperature where we are. Running around in a full costume can really work up a sweat so between trick-or-treating, Fall Festivals and jumping into giant leaf piles, we need to stay hydrated.


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Glossybox September 2015

This past week, I got an email from Glossybox that my box had shipped. I was a little surprised because I haven’t been a Glossybox subscriber for some time now. I honestly couldn’t tell you why I unsubscribed and I even went back to past reviews I posted while I was a subscriber and there were a few great boxes and some so-so boxes. The thing that rings true with Glossybox is you will get high end brands that other boxes aren’t working with from time to time. Other than that, I find that the sample sizes are about the same as Ipsy or Beauty Box 5 and for a box that is more than double the price, I sometimes wonder what I’m paying extra for. That being said, I thought we could put it to a vote! Check out what came in this box below and comment if you think I should re-subscribe or not! If “yes” wins over, I’ll subscribe for at least 3 months.


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Camera Ready Cosmetics HAUL


Hello Everyone! So, I don’t normally do “haul” posts but I’ve been shopping a lot lately with Halloween coming up and I wanted to share my second order from CameraReadyCosmetics.com and this time go over some of the pricing with you guys! I’ve done a lot of digging around online and fact is, you’re not going to find better prices on these products! That combined with how quick my free shipping has been has me totally addicted to this website! Above is everything I got in this shipment. I’m sure you know how expensive makeup can be, especially SFX items. This order came to $158.04 for 22 full size items. Let’s get into what I ordered!

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A Look Inside: The Perfect Z Palette for Halloween

You’ve probably heard that a makeup artist is only as good as her tools and I wholeheartedly believe that! You need the best tools for the job when it comes to creating any look! One tool that fits into any and every look is a Z Palette (or 3). This magnetic palette is perfect to customize for your look in the blink of an eye.


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Broken Doll with Mirenesse Cosmetics


Hey guys! This weekend I got an amazing package of goodies from Mirenesse Cosmetics and I dipped into those to create this super fun, broken/shattered doll look for Halloween! If you aren’t familiar with Mirenesse, they are a high end, Australlian cosmetics brand. I love Mirenesse because their products are so incredibly pigmented and on trend but more than that, they have some serious staying power! I always hear that it’s hot and humid in Australia and maybe that’s why the products I own from Mirenesse stand up so well to the ever changing, mostly hot climate in Texas! If you’re looking for innovation, bright colors and makeup that won’t budge, be sure and check them out!

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HUM #BeautyStartsFromWithin


Next to liquid lipsticks, my favorite beauty trend is treating and caring for your skin from the inside out! I learned pretty quickly that it’s important to eat healthy in order to keep your skin clear (I attribute my acne free complexion to my love of water, for sure!) because everything you put into your body effects you in one way or another. So, when companies began branding supplements and vitamins to improve your skin, hair and nails, I was all over it! Recently, I was approached by HUM Nutrition to try their Runway Ready formula and I’m a few weeks in and ready to give you a little info!

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Crystal Katana Giveaway!


Hey guys! If you haven’t been keeping up with me on Instagram, you might not have seen the posts I’ve made over the last week about my new Crystal Katana. I happen to be a bling junkie. I’ve attached rhinestones and crystals to a lot of things including some of my favorite MAC lippies, makeup brushes and phone cases. It’s time consuming but truly addicting! In the past, I’ve tried so many pick up tools! Tweezers take forever, sticky “jewel pickers” quickly stop picking up and some pickers even leave nasty residue on your glittering jewels! It had been an ongoing struggle until I found the Crystal Katana.

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